7 Things That Weigh Around 85 Kilograms (Kg)

Our world today is filled with so many intriguing things. Have you recently picked up interest in the weight of things that weigh 85 kilograms? 

Well, here’s the article for you! Not only will you learn about things that weigh 85 kilograms, there are so many fun facts to know about these things. Stay tuned to learn a lot more!

1. Baby Elephant


At birth, a newborn elephant can weigh between 85 and 100 kg and stand around 3 feet tall. This is because elephants have a longer gestation period than most mammals, with a pregnancy lasting about 22 months (nearly two years), providing the calf adequate time to grow because, unlike humans, they must begin walking right after birth.

Every 2 to 4 years, female elephants, usually known as cows, can give birth to a calf. Elephant milk is extremely nutritious, and it is what the calves consume for the first four months of their lives. They may drink up to 20 pints of milk every day, which enables them to grow roughly 30 pounds per week.

2. Mountain Lion

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With a length of 2.4m from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail, this is one of the world’s largest cats. It’s also known as the mountain lion, cougar, puma, or ghost cat. Mountain lions live for 8 to 13 years in the wild.

They have a weak sense of smell because they are carnivores, but they have exceptional vision and hearing. These creatures can be found throughout the southern United States and North America. Every feature of an animal, including its weight, may pique the interest of an animal enthusiast. Mountain Lions can reach 120 kilograms in weight, but males must weigh at least 85 kilograms.

3. Two Water Closets

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The water closet is a toilet that is made of ceramic sanitary ware. This type of toilet is more sanitary and simple to clean. Water closets are toilets that are made to be sat in. The water closet’s sitting height is usually 400 mm (16 inches) off the ground. This sitting height of 400 mm (16 inches) will not always be the same, but it is a normal height to consider when creating a toilet with a water closet.

The waste will be flushed through a tank connected to the water closet. Ceramic or plastic materials can be used to construct the tank. The water closets will most likely be attached to the plastic seat and cover. A European water closet is another name for a toilet. When employing polypropylene or polyurethane toilet covers or seats, the seat cover’s minimum life will be roughly 10,000 uses. To achieve this durability, these water closets are built with a dense weight of 85 kilograms.

4. Keg of Beer


A keg is a sealed metal container that holds beer in a stable environment while also allowing it to be served through the tap. The keg is divided into two chambers, one on top filled with CO2 and the other below with beer. The gas drives it out of the line and into your glass when you turn on the tap.

The price of a keg of beer is determined by its size and brand. A half keg of Dos Equis Amber, for example, costs $158 plus deposit, whereas a half keg of Stieglitz Grapefruit costs $220 plus deposit. The deposit for a keg is usually minor, at $15.

If you keep your beer keg cool in a CO2-powered kegerator, it should last six to eight weeks before it begins to taste flat. Pasteurized beer stored in the refrigerator will last up to six months. Unpasteurized beer has a two-month shelf life. Also, keep in mind that a keg of beer weighs at least 85kg.

5. Four and a quarter Elephant Hearts


The weight of an adult elephant’s heart varies depending on whatever section of the world we’re talking about. It usually weighs around 20 kg. Even on its own, the oddly shaped heart of the world’s largest land-living creatures, which may weigh anywhere from 12 to 21 kilograms, is impressive.

Given the size of all three elephant species, the African bush elephant, African forest elephant, and Asian elephant, it’s no wonder that an adult elephant’s heart weighs on average 20 kg. Four mature elephant hearts with an extra quarter of one of them added amounts to a weight of 85 kilograms.

6. Washing Machine

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The washing machine is another large yet typical appliance. A typical washing machine, like a refrigerator, weighs around 85 kilograms. This can be more in certain instances. However, it’s another item that you shouldn’t have to move all that much.

The washing machine’s weight ensures that it does not topple over during a wash cycle. This will keep your garments where they need to be for a thorough clean, as well as preserve the floor around them. You’ll be fine as long as you keep the washing machine near the home’s hookups.

7. Hourglass Dolphin

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The hourglass dolphin is one of the amazing dolphins that exist. It lives in the Antarctic and is the only cetacean species that has been widely recognized as a species solely based on witness testimony. Males are typically smaller than females, and they can live anywhere from 27 to 46 years.

Hourglass dolphins get their name from the hourglass-like markings on the sides of their bodies. Whalers have nicknamed them “sea cows” because of the white patches on their bodies. 

This dolphin can weigh between 80 and 120 kilograms and feeds primarily on squid, crabs, and fish. However, the predominant median weight for these dolphins is 85 kilograms.

Originally posted on October 29, 2021 @ 9:41 am

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