10 Things That Weigh About 6 Pounds (lbs)

Knowing the weight of items and objects around us somehow helps us to have a better knowledge of our environment. By taking a quick look at our immediate environment, we are bound to see several items that weigh about 6 pounds.

First off, how heavy or light is 6 pounds? 6 pounds is about 2.7 kilograms, which is not quite heavy — could be the weight of a newborn baby.

There are so many common objects that weigh 6 pounds, and they will do you so much good. Though it is widely believed that knowledge is power, the knowledge of objects weighing 6 pounds might not be enough power. But you can hurl a 6-pound object at someone you’re in a fight with.

Just kidding! Knowing the weights of things can also help you make a good purchase at the grocery store because many items are sold according to their weight.

Some objects in the 6 pounds category are:

1. Indoor Plants

indoor plants

These days, it’s not strange to find a Plant Parent. Almost everyone has a small plant somewhere in their living room that they consciously look after.

You must know that your indoor plants weigh just about 6 pounds. Of course, not all indoor plants weigh the same thing, but plants in small pots that are made of light materials usually weigh about 6 pounds. 

2. Wall Mirrors

wall mirror

Those cute small mirrors people put up on their bedroom walls that also act as a backdrop are one of the things weighing 6 pounds. Of course, this mostly depends on the materials used to make the mirror.

3. Half a Gallon of Paint


A gallon of paint weighs about 10 pounds and might seem heavy to move around. But if you share that gallon of paint in two containers, it would be much easier to move around. That’s because half a gallon of paint is about 6 pounds.

4. A Bowling Ball

thirteen Bowling Balls 200 lbs

Though bowling balls come in various sizes, the most common size of ball bowlers use weighs about 15 lbs. A regular bowling ball is about two-fifths as heavy (or light) as 6 pounds.

In other words, 6 pounds is 0.4 times the weight of a Bowling Ball, and the weight of a Bowling Ball is 2.5 times that amount.

5. A Liter of Water


The weight of the common bottles of water we buy and drink is 75 centiliters, which is half a liter. So, if you have two bottles of water, you have a liter of water. However, 2 liters of water with 75 centiliters of water weighs 6 pounds. That means 6 pounds is 2.5 times as heavy as a liter of water.

6. Table Lamps

table lamp

When people are picking out home decors and items used to decorate their spaces, they usually go for objects that are easy to move around.

A table lamp is one of those objects, and several studies reveal that a large percentage of people check how heavy a table lamp is before buying it. Most table Lamps do not go past 7 pounds in their weight, so this is one item that is about 7 pounds around us.

7. Fish Tanks

Fish Tank 7 pounds1

Where do you put your pet goldfish? In a fish tank that weighs more than 6 pounds? No, that’s completely wrong.

While many people think that the weight of a fish tank should not matter that much, a light fish tank helps your goldfish, tadpoles and other sea animals breathe well, and experience a warm and favorable habitat. Fish tanks that weigh above 6 pounds should be referred to as ponds anyway. So, a 6-pound item around you is your fish tank!

8. Steam Irons

steam iron

There are so many steam irons found on online stores that weigh just around 6 pounds.

Steam irons are more useful when they are not heavy, because you do not want to put water in them, and they become too heavy to use. When most steam irons aren’t full of water, they weigh 6 pounds.

9. Footballs


Footballs are something most people have lying around their homes, whether there’s a kid in the house that plays the game or you like to bust it out at parties for fun.

One football weighs about 1.5 pounds, which means that 4 footballs would weigh 6 pounds. Get 4 footballs and put them on a scale, you’d be sure to get just 6 pounds!

10. The Human Brain


I know we can not see how our brains look, but I think it will be fun to know the place where all our thoughts are processed, and where we store all-out information.

The average weight of an adult human is 3 pounds, which means that 2 human brains weigh 6 pounds. So, if your head feels heavy sometimes and you aren’t sure why, remember that half of 6 pounds is in your head!

Originally posted on October 8, 2021 @ 8:27 am

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