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4 Things That Weigh About 60000 Pounds (lbs)

Have you ever wondered what things weigh? How much does a textbook, teacup, and school bag weigh? In upgrading curiosity, how about a piece of luggage, a washing machine, and your car?

Pretty much still on normal stuff, aren’t they? How about ridiculously heavy, weighing a ton on things you know are heavy but have never bothered to check out just how heavy it might be? I know it is easy to think “I won’t ever lift this, so why bother?” 

Well, these are about to blow your mind. Things you are well aware of its existence but its weight is on a different scale of obese? 

1. Tower

A Tower should weigh a lot, right? It is after all a big and large building, however, a group of giraffes is also known as a Tower. Usually made of 10 to 20 giraffes, bearing in mind that an average giraffe weighs 3000 pounds for males and 1500 for females! As the world’s tallest animals, it is undoubted that they have special features. 

Their feet, for example, are about 6ft, taller than many humans; giving the hardship of their necks being too short to reach the ground especially to drink water. Their feet also contribute to them spending most of their lives standing. To the myth of giraffes inability to make sounds, giraffes do make sounds. 

They snort, hiss, bellow, and make flute-like noises. Next time at the zoo, a wildlife conservative center or simply seeing a picture of a Tower, bear in mind that it is 60000 pounds of awesome being seen. 

2. Pod 

An iPod? Noooo! A pod is a group of whales, usually 2 to 30 whales together. This makes me curious about how wide an ocean is, holding whales (though endangered) and not drying up? 

The weight of an average whale is 3000 pounds while alarming, a blue whale (it is the biggest whale) is 333000 pounds! That being said, two blue whales weigh more than 60000 pounds, which average whales have to collectively own. It gets more fascinating, the weight of a whale’s tongue is 5,400 pounds. Did Pinocchio glide through or surf across, it really should be researched. 

3. Bulldozers


Powered by large amounts of diesel fuel and a great producer of CO2, 20th century Benjamin Holt’s invention falls to the class of a weight scale breaker.  Holt’s bulldozer reached modern inventory, now having small, medium, and large sizes of the heavy equipment. 

Usually, a small bulldozer weighs 20000 pounds, medium weighs 20000 to 60000 pounds, and the large, 60000 to 150000 pounds. Usually, a farm has more than 1 of this equipment in Its field, laying around on commercial farms are tons of 60000 pounds, used to easy production methods. It is surprising that farm normality equipment, like the bulldozer, weighs that much and has been underestimated. 

The usefulness of the bulldozer is not limited to the farm, it has been adapted into the military. The bulldozer is used to bulldoze buildings, obstacles, and fortifications, sweep off enemies’ mines as well as booby traps. These military bulldozers are known as Armoured bulldozers, most modern and widely used is often Caterpillar D7 and D9; also popular with construction companies. 

The bulldozer’s multipurpose functionality proves very handy many times.  A fun fact about the bulldozer is its largest, having an 1150- horse engine. Komatsu D575A and Komatsu D575-3D, known as ” Super dozer”.

4. A Parade 


A herd of elephants weigh a lot more than expected, big animals should but it is usually not guessed around 60000 pounds! The family group of mother elephants and their babies are usually between six to twelve members in the family and weigh just about that. 

The largest male elephants are not excluded and weigh up to 15000 pounds and baby elephants are 200 pounds at birth. 

As one of the largest animals in the Animal Kingdom, this is hardly surprising. There are different species of elephants and can be told apart through their ears. African elephant ears are usually much larger than Asian. Fascinating facts about their calves is the ability to stand 20 minutes after birth, and walk an hour later. 

For 200 pounds of weight added to the herd, this is hardly a slow down in their feeding and migration.  While an elephant herd weighs that much, it excludes the male elephants which leave the herd at about the age of 7 to 12 years.  

Final Notes

These things are widely known and have been seen by a large population of people but no one had the best of 60000 pounds of weight. In collections, objects and animals have a lot of mass that is hardly noticed. There are more items and things that weigh a ton that have not been paid attention to. Hopefully, curiosity is not buried here … and like a cat, this was satisfying to inquire more about.  

I hope this has helped in noticing the matter of things around us, in our environment and also items we use in job and social activities.