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7 Things That Weigh About 70000 Pounds (lbs)

Regardless of where you are in the world, 70, 000 pounds is a lot of weight. It is impossible to not notice objects that weigh as much as this. While most people know that heavy-weight objects like that exist, all they do is guess without being able to tell precisely. 

We don’t think guessing is good enough so we have gone a step further to compile in this article, a list of objects that weighs as much as 70,000 pounds. 

1. Mobile Homes


Mobile homes, which are commonly known as park homes, caravans, and trailer homes often weigh 50 lbs per square foot which is approximately 70,000 pounds. They are pre-constructed structures that can pass for a house temporarily. 

They can also be used as a house permanently and are movable from one place to another. Mobile homes are built to feel like a normal home, they can be powered by electricity and regular home activity such as cooking can be done inside. Mobile houses are common in suburban areas and the countryside. 

2. Construction Trucks

Heavy machinery as industry experts call them is vehicles that are used at construction sites. Construction trucks are a must-have in all construction projects and they have been important for ages as their history dates as far back as the ancient Roman civilization. 

There are different types of construction vehicles that are designed to perform different functions. This difference in the types of construction trucks can also be seen in their shapes and weight. Although, 70,000 pounds is the average weight of most construction vehicles.

3. Seven Hippopotamus


The hippopotamus is the largest mammal in the world. There are two types or species of hippopotamuses namely; the common river hippopotamus and the pygmy.

Usually, the male adult hippopotamus weighs as much as 10 pounds. If you put seven of these together, that will give us 70,000 pounds. As a scientific fact, hippopotamuses do not leave in isolation and walk together in groups of 5-7.

4. Seven Southern Elephant Seals


There are different variants of the seal and all of them vary in size. The southern elephant seal is the largest of them all and some of the male southern elephant seals weigh as much as 10, 000 pounds.

By simple multiplication, one can see that putting seven southern elephant seals together will make 70,000 pounds. With that enormous weight, the southern elephant seal can eat a shark and other big aquatic animals. 

5. Seven Elephants


Elephants are some of the most popular species of animals and they are one of the largest land animals. There are three variants of the elephants namely; the Asian elephants, African bush elephants, and African forest elephants. 

The elephant has very distinctive features some of them include; the tusk, trunk, and floppy ears that are used in controlling and maintaining body temperature.

Elephants can be found in groups as they have a frisson-fusion society consisting of nuclear families.  A group of seven elephants collectively weigh 70,000 pounds. 

6. Empty Railroad Boxcar

An empty railroad boxcar made of steel can weigh 30 tons which is approximately 70,000 pounds. The railroad boxcar is also known as the railroad car and it is used primarily for the transportation of goods via the rails.

Although this medium of transportation is gradually being abandoned, it is quite popular in Northern America. 

Railroad boxcars are designed to carry a wide range of things, some of which include; grains, stones, sand, etc. The double-door railroad boxcar and hi-cube boxcar are the two variants of the railroad boxcar 

7. Car Crusher

Car crusher aka the maker of car scraps is machinery that is used to compress and fold cars. This is usually done after all the useful parts of the car have been removed.

Car crushers seem useful because compressing them makes it easy for them to be transported from one place to another and for their parts to be recycled.

Car crushers, despite their name, can also be used to crush metallic objects that are not cars such as home appliances. A car crusher can be portable and stationary, the stationary car crusher is the most popular and it weighs around 70,000 pounds. 

That brings us to the end of the list.