7 Things That Weigh About 7500 Pounds (lbs)

Many items make up the surface of the earth and many means of creating more like procreation, building, inventions, and so many other factors exist.

There are lots of areas of differences such as size, height, color, skin type, eating habits, and weight which is of utmost importance to us here. 

The weight of things is influenced by several factors and it’s possible to guess from a glance. However, you can never get the desired accuracy necessary just by looking at a thing.

This is what this piece addresses specifically things that weigh around 7500 pounds. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn a lot more about these things!

1. Titan II GLV Launch Vehicle

The Titan II GLV was one of the most instrumental launch vehicles in the early years of space travel. It was nicknamed the Gemini Titan II and was used as early as April 8, 1964.

The United States of America used this expendable system to launch around twelve Gemini missions for NASA for two years. This was between 1964 to 1966 after the Titan II was manufactured by Martin. 

The Titan II has a great mass which is evident in its payload capacity, the height of 109 ft and 10 ft diameter. Its strong build all adds up to a weight of  7500 pounds. Martin got it right on this one!

2. Seven and a half butter sculptures

2016 Butter Sculpture Unveiling 24208926676

Ever come across butter sculptures? I am sure you have a lot of questions. Well, let’s take a look at this amazing invention. The butter sculptures originated from Pennsylvania. They make annual meetings called farm shows to make massive sculptures with butter. 

There is unrestricted Liberty to carve the sculptures into any image possible. Nevertheless, there are certain kinds of sculpture images that are considered acceptable.

The winning sculpture in this competition is turned to fuel by combining it with cow manure. One butter sculpture weighs 1000 pounds. Hence, seven and a half butter sculptures account for a weight of 7500 pounds.

3. Asian Elephant


Elephants are one of the largest mammals to walk the face of the earth and they maintain this reputation across several continents. The African elephant weighs the most with a gross weight of 14500 pounds. 

Our concern here is the Asian elephant. They live in dry or wet forest and grassland areas of the 13 countries that span South and Southeast Asia.

For many years, they have maintained a sociable relationship by moving in groups of six to seven and spending most of the day grazing. By choosing the best habitat to foster their growth, these elephants rapidly develop. An Asian elephant averagely weighs 7500 pounds.

4. Flatbed Truck


Averagely, most vehicles weigh around 3000 to 4000 pounds. However, considering that some vehicles are needed for heavy tasks like mass payload carriage, towing, and lots of other functions. All these necessitate a very dense weight to efficiently perform these functions. 

A flatbed truck has a large open-air bed for transporting both cargo and goods that don’t require cargo at all like cars, electric poles, and so on. Hence, a flatbed truck weighs at least 7500 pounds. Depending on the purpose for which it is required, some can weigh as high as 48000 pounds.

5. Male Dolphin Orca


Dolphins are very distinct from other aquatic animals. There are different sizes of dolphins with distinct weight and behavioral patterns. The male dolphin Orca occupies utmost interest here with an average of 20 – 26 feet and 17 years life expectancy.

These amazing mammals have a peculiar feeding preference. They eat as much as 220 kilograms of fish daily and also hunt squids, penguins, and seals.

With a ferocious appetite like this, it’s no surprise that the male orca has a very massive weight. A Male Orca averagely weighs 7500 pounds. In some cases, it spans up to 28000 pounds.

6. Ericson 28.5 boat

Boats are a very portable and swift means of transport through the seas and there are several types of boats. These include aluminum fishing boats, bowriders, cabin cruisers, cuddy cabins, deck boats, Fiberglass fishing boats, Pontoon boats, Sailboats, Skiffs, and wake boats. All these have different functions and weights to facilitate efficiency. 

Our concern here is the Ericson 28.5 boat which was built in the United States of America during the 18th century. It has a 28.5 feet length and 10.5 feet beam. All these features account for just the perfect weight of exactly 7500 pounds to carry out its usual activities. 

7. Southern Elephant Seals


Seals remain very special amongst aquatic mammals. They are sometimes hunted for their meat due to the great body mass they accumulate in most instances. Southern seals which are our concern here often dive as deep as 1,400 meters into the sea in search of prey for up to two hours. They are renowned as the largest carnivorous seals. 

Male Southern Elephant Seals are usually five to six times bigger than the female seals. In most instances, a male seal weighs around 7500 pounds. This can span to 8000 pounds and above in peculiar cases. 


After going through this list of things that weigh 7500 pounds, I am sure you are making guesses already on similar items that should have a matching weight. Well, keep making these guesses and learn more. Check back for outstanding content on the weight of other things and you surely won’t be disappointed!

Originally posted on October 15, 2021 @ 9:29 am

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