9 Things That Weigh Around 125 Kilograms (kg)

One-hundred-and-twenty-five kilogram is a lot of weight, and objects that weigh this amount are easily noticeable as well as difficult to carry about.

The Olympics also uses the weight in weight lifting competitions. In this article, we will be discussing living and things that weigh 125 kilograms. 

1. Ostrich


The ostrich is the largest bird alive, and it can be found in open fields and countries in Africa. The ostrich is flightless and commutes majorly on its feet.

The animal is also one of the fastest birds on it, and this is quite surprising considering the bird’s weight. The ostrich’s weight can vary depending on where it lived, but more commonly, it weighs 125 kilograms. 

2. Guanaco

Guanaco 250 kg

The guanaco can be easily mistaken for a Llama because they both have similar physical features, but they are different.

Guanacos are native to South America, one being the largest terrestrial mammals living in the region, and they often weigh 125 kilograms. 

3. Ram


The ram is an animal closely related to goats and other quadrupedal animals. A mature ram weighs around 125 kilograms. This means that they are about the size of an average football player.

This makes it easy to visualize them as football players when they lock horns in a fight. Rams are spread in different parts of the world, and they are more common in the mountains.

Rams are a great option for livestock farmers and ranchers as they serve a wide range of purposes in this regard. 

4. South African Fur Seal 


The South African fur seal is one of the variants of the seal, and as its name implies, it can be found in southern African countries such as Namibia and the Republic of Southern Africa.

They are one of the largest seals in the world, and they weigh around 125 kilograms. 

5. Giant Panda


Pandas are one of the most popular animals on the entire planet. One of the reasons they are so popular is their skin color, which is a beautiful mix of black and white.

Another reason why pandas are so popular is because of their ”cute” weight. Male pandas, especially the ones native to the wild in China, weigh 125 kilograms. It’s a folivorous animal that feeds on just bamboo, which answers for its weight. 

6. Black Wildebeest

Wildebeest 250 kg

The black wildebeest, which is also known as the white-tailed gnu, is an animal that weighs 125 kilograms.

The animal earned its name due to some of its most prominent physical features, some of which include; facial tufts, beards, usually curved horns, and a pronounced tail.

Despite being herbivores, the black wildebeest can be so dangerous. 

7. Eld’s Deer 

Elds Deer 250 kg

The eld’s deer is an animal that shares a resemblance with the deer, and it is native to countries in  South Asia. Eld’s seeds are sometimes called brown-antlered deers or the thamin.

They weigh between 125 kilograms to 170 kilograms, but the latter is a more common bodyweight for these animals and usually the least they can weigh.

They are currently classified as an endangered species of animals requiring deliberation actions to preserve and protect them. 

8. Small Brown Bear


The brown bear has a pretty contradictory body system. The animal has a large stomach and great appetite, it can eat up to ninety pounds of food, but its entire body weight is not equal to two times of this amount.

A small brown bear weighs around 125 kilogram which adds to its cuteness and summarizes the popularity of the animal. Brown bears are recognized as state and national animals in a lot of countries in Europe.

9. Female Wild Boars


The female wild boar’s actual name is the sog, and they are not so much different from their male counterparts.

One significant difference between them is that the female wild boar weighs around 125 kilograms while the male wild boar weighs much more.

The female boar is as dangerous as the male and has sharp canine teeth as well as a long mouth for digging. 


So there you have it, our list of animals that weigh around 125 kilograms. There are indeed more animals that are of this size, and it’s always a great idea to research them.

Originally posted on September 3, 2021 @ 10:16 am

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