15 Things That Weigh Around 150 Kilograms (Kg)

One hundred and fifty kilograms is a mouthful, and honestly, it looks like a lot. It is a lot but not quite a lot. It is heavy, but there happen to be things heavier than it. For instance, a mini-golf cart weighs more than 150kg. For those who love the imperial measuring system, converting 150 kg to lbs is 330.69 pounds.

You might wonder what kind of things weigh up to 150 kg? Do not fret. It’s easy, and this piece will show you a lot of them. 

1. A Panda


It’s not a surprise that pandas weigh this much, have you seen a panda? They are huge. However, you would think they weigh less than that for something that eats just bamboo trees daily. It turns out that they have to eat a lot. 

2. A Piano

Piano 350 lbs

There are small pianos that don’t weigh a lot, but we’re not talking about them. A grand piano can weigh much more than a hundred and fifty kilograms. An average upright piano weighs about 150kg. 

3. A Sumo Wrestler

A sumo wrestler eats about 7,000 calories daily. They can weigh up to 150kg. It is two to three times as much as the average healthy human. 

4. A Car Engine Without the Transmission


 Some cars are weighty. And for a good number of cars, the engines make up a reasonable percentage of their entire weight. That is why it made it to the list.

So, it’s not surprising that a car engine without a transmission can weigh 150kg or even more. 

5. A Blacksmith Swage

 Do you know what a blacksmith swage is? It is a metal iron block used for casting. It comes with a lot of holes in it. It supports and holds a hot bar of iron for further shaping. A blacksmith swage can weigh as much as 150 kg depending on the metal used for it. 


6. A Single bed withM and Headboard

Single size bed 350 lbs

 This is very specific, I know. But haven’t you wondered how much your single-sized bed weighs? Well, it made the list, so you got your answer. 

7. Cast Iron Bathtub 

Namnlos design 23

We all just use our bathtubs, but nobody wonders how much it weighs. A cast iron tub is heavy but not quite. How do you think it carries the weight of more than one person? I know you haven’t thought of how much these pretty things can weigh, but you have your answer. The bathtubs that are made from cast iron can weigh 150kg or sometimes more. The acrylic bathtub weighs more minor, but the cast iron bathtub is durable and withstands heat better.  

8. A Female Red Deer

Namnlos design 8

 A red deer is the fourth largest species of deer after the moose and elk. Sometimes, the male known as the stag tends to rival an elk deer. The female red deer, also known as a hind, is more miniature to the make and weighs an average of 150kg. 

9. A Deep Freezer

 A deep freezer sounds heavy, and you might think it’s not supposed to be on this list. But if you’ve ever wondered how much it weighs, it might interest you to know that some deep freezer models can weigh up to 150kg, but on average, they tend to weigh less than that. 

10. A Female Striped Dolphin

A striped dolphin is one of the most abundant dolphin types. They move in groups and are often in tropical areas. On average, a female striped dolphin weighs up to 150kg.

11. A Drum of Oil

Namnlos design 24

 I’ve never wondered how much a drum of oil weighs in kilograms. However, since you see it on this list, I think you can tell that a full drum of oil weighs up to 150 kilograms. 

12. An RV Propane Generator with a Half-Full Tank

An RV propane on its own weighs about 131 kg. It consumes about 18-22 gallons of propane for its tank to be packed. When it is half full, it weighs up to 150 kg. 

13. Two Beer Kegs

Namnlos design 25

 Two kegs of beer are equal to 150 kg. That is a whole lot of beer if you ask me, except it’s a party, then I’m down. 

14. A Baby African Male Elephant

Namnlos design 26

 We know the elephants are enormous. But have you ever wondered how much a baby elephant weighs at birth? An African baby elephant weighs about 150 kilograms and sometimes more. 

15. A Side by Side Refrigerator

 I know you must have thought about it. Well, it’s on the list now. So, yes, a side-by-side refrigerator can weigh up to 150 kg. 

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