14 Things That Weigh Around 180 kg (kilogram)

A kilogram is a unit of measuring mass in the metric system. It is often referred to as ‘kilo’ in everyday speech. It is represented by the unit symbol ‘kg.’

For a better understanding of what a kilogram is, it is interesting that a liter of water is precisely 1 Kilogram. So you see that 180 kilograms is a lot heavier than it sounds. The average weight of an adult human, globally, is 62 kg, 180 kg is almost thrice that! 

There are a lot of things around us that weigh about 180 kg. Do you want to find out? This list is quite exciting, so stick around till the end.

1. A Sport Bike

sportbike motorcycle 180 kg

This speed monster weighs precisely 180 kg. This makes carrying and lifting quite a hefty task.

Sportbikes are motorcycles that have been enhanced for better speed, acceleration, and an excellent braking system.

They are also great at cornering on paved roads. However, they are not the most comfortable motorcycle because they have an aggressive riding position.

2. An empty cast iron clawfoot tub

clawfoot tub 180 kg

Clawfoot tubs are freestanding bathtubs that rest on four feet. They are elegant, stylish, and timeless. Traditional clawfoot tubs are made of cast iron and are finished with porcelain.

An empty cast iron clawfoot tub weighs 181.44 kg. That’s relatively heavy, and it gets even heavier when you put water in it.

3. Aluminum Fishing Boat

Aluminum Fishing Boat 180 kg

Small aluminum fishing boats typically weigh around 181.437 kg. As the name implies, these boats are meant for fishing, so they are usually lightweight. Because it is light, it is easy to tow it with a truck safely.

4. A blue whale’s heart

Yes, a heart is making the list. The blue whale’s heart is one of the biggest on the planet, and it weighs about 181.437 kg (i.e., 400 pounds). I know, that’s huge! Its heartbeat is so loud, you can hear it from almost 2 miles away. 

5. A Car Engine


 You will agree with me that a car cannot function without an engine. Engines help convert power into motion that makes cars movable. Although the weight of car engines varies, the average car engine weighs close to 180 kg.

6. An Adult Male African Lion


 It is no news that the king of the jungle grows into a huge animal. In Africa, fully grown male lions weigh about 190kg (420 pounds). This is interesting because newborn lion cubs weigh approximately 0.9 to 1.8 kg. 

7. A Tractor Tire

tractor tire 180 kg

Tractors are huge heavy-duty vehicles used to pull agricultural and construction equipment. These vehicles are so huge that one of their tires could weigh 181 kg! 

8. A Male Gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla 150 KG

Gorillas are the largest primates. An adult wild male gorilla weighs up to 180 kg, some of them even reaching 195 kg.

9. Pygmy hippo


A hippo made it to the list! Although the pygmy hippo is only half as tall as the hippopotamus and is ten times lighter than normal-sized hippos, a mature pygmy hippo weighs up to 180kg, which can increase to 275 kg. Pygmy hippos are heavy cuties.

10. Gun Cabinet

gun cabinett 180 kg

Gun safes are heavy and not easy to move around the house. An average entry-level gun safe weighs around 400 pounds that equals 181.437 kg.

11. A Small Jet Ski

jet ski 180 kg

Jet skis are fun to ride, especially if you love water. But did you know that the lightest jet ski weighs 181 kg (400 pounds)? The larger models can weigh as much as 498 kg.

12. Adult Male Reindeer


When they are not pulling Santa’s sled, reindeers are pretty chill animals that enjoy each other’s company. These unique deers are the only type of deer in which both the male and female grow antlers.

An adult male reindeer weighs between 160 kg to 180 kg. They are larger than their female counterparts, which grow up to 120 kg.

13. Refrigerator


Refrigerators are the cornerstone of modern-day living. They keep our food fresh and cool. What would we do without them? But did you know that the average refrigerator can weigh up to 400 pounds (181 kg)? Now you know!

14. And fun fact, 18 million dollars ($18,000,000) in $100 bills weigh 180 kg!

Originally posted on September 3, 2021 @ 9:59 am

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