14 Things That Weigh Around 2 Grams (g)

A gram is a unit of weight equal to 1/1000th of a kilogram. A gram is the approximate weight of a cubic centimeter of water. From that definition, you’ll agree that when something is said to weigh a gram or 2 then it’s not so much. 

The question then comes to mind; is there anything around us that weighs just 2 grams? The answer lies in this piece and you just have to follow through to find out. 

1. A Dime

a dime 2 grams

Over time a dime has been used to describe a small amount of money; “ I don’t have a dime” is a term we hear almost every day. But in the real sense, a dime is a ten-cent coin and all U.S. dimes minted since 1965 weigh 2.268 grams. 

2. An Etruscan shrew

Etruscan shrew 2 grams

Who would think any animal could weigh 2 grams? Well, the Etruscan shrew is that animal. Also known as the Etruscan pygmy, the is the smallest known mammal by mass it weighs 2 grams. 

3. An average cashew Kernel

The yummy kidney-shaped kernel of cashew fruit that is edible when roasted, is not only delicious but weighs about 2 grams too. 

4. The British sixpence

British sixpence 2 grams

The British sixpence, specifically the ones minted from 1953- 1967, is another object to make it to the list of the things that weigh 2 grams. Although it’s not commonly used these days, it has a weight of 2.83 grams. 

5. A penny

All Lincoln pennies minted since 1983 weigh 2.5grams and they’re majorly made of zinc and a little bit of copper. 

6. Resealable Sandwich bags

Resealable Sandwich bag 2 grams

 Everyone loves a tasty sandwich but most people are so into the sandwich that they rarely take notice of the bag it comes in.

Well interestingly, the bag is finally getting the notice it deserves as it makes it to the list of things that weighs 2 grams because it actually does. 

7. A coke bottle cap

 Next time you get a bottle of chilled coke before you throw the cap away in a hurry to take the coke all in, remember the cap weighs 2.22 grams, adding it to the long list of overlooked items that are surprisingly on this list. 

8. Half A teaspoon of granulated sugar

Using the US teaspoon standard, half teaspoon of granulated sugar weighs 2.08 grams. So next time you’re trying to bake and you need to measure the amount of sugar to use, this will surely come in handy. 

9. Washer

Washer 2 grams

A washer is a thin plate, with a tiny hole that is traditionally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener and it is most commonly used for a bolt or a nut. A typical washer weighs 2 grams.

10. A teaspoon of vanilla

Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid plant and almost everyone’s favorite flavor. There’s a vanilla flavor for almost everything we love; cakes, ice creams, and the likes. A teaspoon of vanilla weighs about 2 grams.

11. A tablespoon of saffron

tablespoon of saffron 2 grams

Saffron is primarily used as seasoning and coloring for food. Interestingly, it is popularly regarded as the world’s most expensive spice by weight.

This is because it is not only scarce but its health benefits are endless. A tablespoon of Saffron weighs 2.1 grams. 

12. A condom

A condom is a protective device used during sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancies or any sexually transmitted infections. Ever wondered about the weight of a condom? No need to do that anymore, by virtue of being on this list, you should already know a condom weighs 2 grams. 

13. A plastic spoon

plastic spoon 2 grams

Everyone has probably used a plastic spoon for a quick fix before and disposed of it right after.

Unlike the very popular silver spoons, disposable plastic spoons are quite light and they weigh around 2 grams, making them a good choice for fast foods and the likes. 

14. Business cards

Although there’s no particular standard size for business cards, most business cards, however, weigh around 2 to 2.5 grams because anything more would amount to a waste of paper.

In most cases, the weight depends on the length and the thickness of the paper used in the production of the card.

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