8 Things that Weigh Around 25 Kilograms (kg)

They say ‘information is power. Therefore, finding out how much things weigh is always a good idea.

Who knows, you might need to think fast when comparing weight and transportation or equating your weight loss/gain to something tangible.

In the list below, you will gain insight into the things that weigh 25 kilograms. It could be a single item or more than one item grouped to achieve 25 kg in total.

These items can range from household appliances, drinks, or tech equipment. Keep reading to discover how heavy 25 kg is in comparison to tangible things.

1. Two Gold Bars

2 gold bars 25 kg

Gold is an excellent investment; the value appreciates, and it’s a tangible asset. Moreover, gold never goes out of style, which offers financial security in tough economic times.

You can also shower friends and family with gold as personalized gifts, such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.

On average, a single gold bar weighs about 12.5 kg. That means two gold bars add up to 25 kg. You can sell these gold bars at approximately $58,963 per kg. How much would you earn with 25 kg? Nearly $1.5 million!

Gold is profitable, right?

2. A Male British Bulldog

Most people love dogs. They make excellent family pets, offer security, and are indeed man’s best friend.

These sentiments apply to British bulldogs as well. These dogs are gentle, loyal, and alert.

These bulldogs make great family pets and are always wary of strangers.

Generally, male British bulldogs are heavier than female dogs. Male bulldogs weigh between 23 kg and 25 kg, depending on their physique. These dogs are also 14 to 16 inches tall, which means they can easily scare away strangers.

3. A 50-Inch TV

50 inch tv 25 kg

Nowadays, most, if not all households own a flat-screen TV. But have you ever wondered how much your TV weighs? Some TVs, like the 50-inch flat-screen, are very heavy. Even mounting it on the wall will require extra muscle.

Well, that’s because a 50-inch flat-screen TV weighs 25 kg. However, the weight may vary between 20-25 kg, depending on the brand.

4. Ralph the Rabbit

For a long time, Ralph was Britain’s fattest rabbit. It was from the continental giant breed and lived with its owner in Sussex.

In 2010, the rabbit scored a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for weighing an astounding 25 kg. Ralph was very popular; he ended up on several magazines and TV shows.

However, little is known of this famous rabbit celebrity in 2021.

5. 25 kg Dumbbell

25 kg dumbell

Dumbbells are a perfect addition to your workouts. They stimulate muscle growth and help improve your flexibility. However, 25 kg dumbbells are not suitable for beginners.

Experts recommend women begin with 0-5 kg, and men can use 10-20 kg dumbbells. The weight can change over time as you continue to strengthen your muscles and adapt to heavier weights.

You can try out the 25 kg dumbbell next time you’re in the gym, and bring us your honest feedback.

6. Five 5-Litre Water Bottles

Five-liter water bottles are light and easy to carry around. But can you lift five of them in one go? Well, the weight of these five bottles adds up to 25 liters.

Having several bottles of water in the house saves you money and time as they can last two weeks or more, depending on your intake.

Remember, only filled bottles of water will add up to 25 kg.  Typically, a liter of water will weigh 5 kg, meaning five bottles of 5 liters of water weighs 25 kg.

7. Three Full-Size Watermelons

3 watermelons 25 kg

Watermelon is excellent for improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. In short, regular watermelon intake helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it’s a delicious fruit.

On average, a regular watermelon weighs about 7- 9 kg. Therefore, when you group three watermelons, they will weigh around 25 kg.

Watermelon is a heavy fruit, and the weight can go higher. But that is the average weight of a standard watermelon.

8. Five Gallons of Paint

If you’re building or redecorating rooms in your home, you know paint is an essential ingredient. It adds color, vibrance and makes a room more appealing.

But just like all other building materials, you need to know how much paint is necessary for your project. Well, to complete a project, you will need several gallons of paint.

In case you’re wondering how many gallons add up to 25 kilograms, here’s an approximation.

25 kg is equivalent to five gallons of paint. One gallon weighs 5 kg.

So, the next time you need 25 kg of paint, you’ll have a clear picture of the gallons required. You can also use your math skills to determine more gallons, depending on the kg.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things that weigh 25 kg. You can look around your home for more ideas by grouping items together or identifying single items. Happy searching!

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