9 Things That Weigh Around 300 Kilograms

Objects that weigh 300 kilograms are not a walk-over and can be heavy to carry.

This makes them very evident wherever they are only that people barely know what their weight is exactly but they know they are heavy. In this article, we will be going through a list of things that weigh 300 kilograms. 

1. 100 Bowling Balls 

thirteen Bowling Balls 200 lbs

Bowling is a very famous recreational event that is enjoyed by most people. Bowling requires bowling balls that are round in shape and can be of different sizes and colors.

The weight of a bowling ball is very important to the performance of the player, especially new players. On average, a bowling ball weighs 6 lbs or 3 kilograms, so putting 100 of them together will leave us with 300 kilograms.

2. 100 Gallons of Kerosene

Kerosene is a light fuel oil Liquid materials are measured in liters but it becomes possible to determine their weight when they are in other objects.

A single gallon of kerosene weighs 6.8 lbs multiplying that by a hundred will leave us with approximately 660 pounds which when converted to kilograms is 300 kilograms.

3. Grizzly Bear


The grizzly bear is a member of the bear family and it’s arguably the most popular. From a distance, the animal looks big and dangerous and this is because they are.

Grizzly bears are physically built with heavy and muscular arms with sharp claws. The male grizzly bear often weighs around 660-700 pounds. This weight gives the grizzly bear an edge during its predatory activities. 

4. Mountain Zebras


The mountain zebra is an animal that belongs to the zebra family and can be mostly found in African countries such as Namibia, South Africa, and Angola.

There are a couple of differences between mountain zebras and extant zebras but they have so much in common. Mountain Zebras also have black and white stripes which don’t extend to the middle of their bellies. Generally, mountain Zebras weigh 300 kilograms. 

5. Bongo

Untitled design 4

There are two types of Bongos namely the lowland bongo and the mountain bongo. Bongos are a variant of the normal antelope only that they have more distinguishing features.

Their skin is usually a darkish brown with white stripes. Another striking feature of the bongo is its lengthy horns which are present in both sexes. Most male bongos weigh 300 kilograms. 

6. Kiang

Untitled design 5

The kiang can be easily mistaken for a donkey because they share striking similarities. However, Kiangs are different, especially in terms of physical appearance.

Kiang is the largest ass with a weight of around 300 kilograms. Their heads are very large and waste but their manes are short. Like other asses, Kiangs are herbivores feeding on grasses. They are native to Asian countries like China and Japan. 

7. caribbean Manatee

Untitled design 6

This is also commonly known as the sea cow and it’s an acoustic animal that is native to North America. The Caribbean Manatee is one of the largest mammals in the ocean and it weighs a little over 300 kilograms.

One thing that is extraordinary about the manatee is its communicative ability. Manatees have communicative organs that are as advanced as that of humans and there are scientific speculations that they just might be able to speak human languages.

8. Musk Ox

Untitled design 7

The musk ox is another animal that weighs around 300 kilograms. The musk ox is native to the arctic and it shares similarities with bulls and buffalo.

The musk ox is popular for its very thick skin hair which emits a strong and unpleasant odor. This is how the animal got its name in that the odor it emits is known as musky odor. The musk ox is also known as musk-ox or muskox.

9. Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin

The bottlenose dolphin is one of the variants of dolphins in the world. Pacific bottlenose dolphins can be found in countries like India, Australia, and China.

These types of dolphins are usually black and grey and sometimes are a mixture of the two colors. Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins weigh 300 kilograms with tall and strong bodies. 

This marks the end of the list and the article. There are a lot of other things and animals that weigh around 300 kilograms. You should check them out when you can.

Originally posted on September 17, 2021 @ 9:47 am

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