9 Things That Weigh Around 350 Kilograms (kg)

As you can imagine, things that weigh 350 kilograms are not small. Here we are talking about over 770 pounds of weight on one item or a group.

In our research to compile this list of things that weigh 350 kg, we found many living things around that weight range and a few inanimate objects.

If the weight of things fascinates you as it does us, strap on as we look at these nine items with around 350 kilograms on them.

1. Polar Bear


Polar bears, also known as maritime bears are native to the Arctic Circle, so you will only find them in areas like Alaska and Kaktovik. They are the largest bear species and also the largest land carnivore.

An adult male bear, also known as a boar, weighs around 350 to 700 kilograms, while an adult female weighs about half of that.

Although most polar bears are born on land and can survive on land, they spend most of their time on the sea ice, hence the name maritime bears.

2. Musk Ox


Speaking of the Arctic Circle, the musk ox is another animal within the 350kg weight range living in these cold areas. As the name suggests, this hoofed mammal emits a strong odor during the mating season to attract females.

Its native name Mathi-mos loosely translates to ugly moose because it’s a wildly bearded and ugly animal. The thick coat protects the ox from the cold but people often use it for other purposes.

3. Pig


Did you know pigs are seen as symbols of wealth and fortune in Chinese culture? It’s said that people born in the year of the pig have incredible willpower, patience and optimism.

While the largest pig to ever exist weighed around 1,157 kg, the average domestic pig weighs around 100 to 350 kg. The size and weight of a pig depend on how well they are fed and of course, the species, with omnivore pigs being wildly huge.

4. Touring Motorcycle

Touring Motorcycle 350 kg

Riders want to know the weight of a motorcycle for different reasons. Some use the figure as a determinant of quality, while some just want to know if they can load it up in their truck.

Whatever the reason may be, the average weight of a motorcycle is around 275 kilograms. Some types are heavier than this, and others are lighter.

For example, touring bikes weigh between 350 and 400 kg. As the holy grail of motorbikes, a touring bike has loads of storage, radio, heated grips and a vast windscreen.

5. Grand Piano


The biggest piano was made by a schoolboy from New Zealand and weighed 1.4 tons. Today’s grand pianos are however much smaller than that, with the biggest weighing less than 500kg.

You will find that most upright pianos are 90 to 400 kg, depending on the size. That said, a piano is always a massive piece of furniture unless you buy a keyboard.

6. Black Caiman

Black Caiman 350 kg

If crocodiles scare you, then you should never go near a black caiman. This carnivorous reptile of the crocodilian species grows to at least 5 meters and can weigh up to 400 kg.

The black caiman is the fourth largest reptile behind the American crocodile, American alligator and Orinoco crocodile.

Although the animal almost came to extinction a few decades ago, conservation efforts have ensured its population is now well and safe, with over 30,000 still alive.

7. V8 Car Engine

V8 Car Engine 350 kg

How much do you think the engine in your car weighs? If you have a small car, you can expect it to weigh around 150 kg at most. However, people driving big trucks and SUVs have large V8 diesel engines that weigh over 350 kg.

That said, the engine size does not determine the speed or power. For example, Formula 1 cars have extremely light engines of 100-200 kg, while a luxury car like Bugatti Veyron has a 400kg engine.

8. Bale of Hay


Hay bales come in a range of different sizes and types of grass. You can get anything from a small square bale to a huge round bale weighing over a ton.

A typical two-string hay bale weighs around 34 kg, so you need 10 of them to get to 350kg. Round bales tend to be bigger and heavier, from 160 to 900kg. The challenge with these is transportation because you need a flatbed for that.

9. 7 Sacks of Sugar


Granulated sugar is packed in different sizes, from 1kg to 50 kg. While the large population of households will buy in 1 or 2kg packs, big retailers buy sugar in sacks so they can package it for themselves.

The size of the sack is usually 78 x 55 x 11 cm and holds 50kg of sugar. If you buy 7 of those, you have yourself 350kg, which will make 35 packs of sugar to sell.

Originally posted on September 17, 2021 @ 10:22 am

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