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14 Things That Weigh Around 350 lbs (pounds)

It’s difficult to find things that weigh exactly 350 pounds, but plenty of stuff weigh a little bit more or less that weight. Three hundred and fifty pounds is approximately 158 kilograms and the exact weight of a 6-foot sofa. 

In our list of things that weigh around 350 pounds, we have included common household stuff and animals that you wouldn’t expect to weigh that much.

While not everything will weigh exactly 350 pounds, most things will come close. So, some of the items that weigh 350 pounds are:

1. Sports Motorcycle

Source: Wikipedia

An average motorcycle weighs between 300 and 600 pounds, while the heaviest can go up to 1000 pounds.

However, a sports bike like the Honda CBR weighs between 300 and 400 pounds because of its heavy engine and high-quality metal construction.

2. Drum of oil

The weight of a 42-gallon drum of oil ranges between 304 and 350 pounds, while a 55-gallon barrel weighs 379 to 440 pounds.

This weight is determined by many factors, including the heaviness of the oil, heavy crude oil being the heaviest, the weight of the drum itself, and the tankers’ age.

3. A Piano

A piano is one of the largest musical instruments in the world and hence the heaviest.

While grand pianos can weigh up to 1000 pounds, your average upright piano weighs between 300 and 400 pounds.

The type of wood used, the metal materials, and the hammers all determine how heavy the piano is.

4. A Refrigerator

This may be something you have never thought about, but your refrigerator can weigh around 350 pounds.

The weight can vary depending on the maker and the size, but most French door refrigerators with two doors weigh 300-350 pounds when empty.

5. 4-seater sofa

The 6-foot sofa, like the one you find in Ikea can weigh between 300 and 350 pounds.

The weight depends on how heavy the wood is and, of course, the cushions. Keep in mind that this is just one four-seater sofa and not two 2-seater sofas because those can be heavier.

6. Pool table

We bet you did not expect a pool table to weigh the same as a refrigerator and a couch, but it does.

A low-mid pool table weighs around 300 to 350 pounds depending on the material used and the table frame. The idea here is to use MDF instead of a slate, so it doesn’t become too heavy.

7. Single-size bed

A single-size bed is the smallest of all beds, but it can weigh over 300 pounds.

Depending on the material used, the frame alone can weigh 200 pounds if it’s made of solid wood like oak. Add to that a regular spring mattress at 100 pounds, a headboard, and a canopy, and you have gone well past 350 pounds.

8. Baby elephant


A baby elephant weighs more than 300 pounds at birth. This is no surprise as it is the largest animal on planet earth.

As a newborn calf, an elephant is already 3ft tall and can learn how to stand and walk on the same day they are born. In case you are wondering, an adult elephant goes well beyond 7 tonnes.

9. Adult sheep

Did you know there are over 200 sheep breeds in the world? The average adult sheep weighs 300 to 350 pounds, regardless of the breed.

This weight only covers the sheep’s body and not their wool which can reach 11 pounds. However, some rams from large sheep breeds such as Columbia and Hampshire can weigh more than that.

10. Bluefin Tuna

An adult Southern Bluefin Tuna weighs around 350 pounds for wild and aquaculture tunas.

If well fed, they can go up to 600 pounds which will not be healthy. Southern Bluefin tuna can easily regulate its body temperature, allowing it to migrate from cool to warm waters for food.

Shockingly, that weight is only half of what their cousin, the Atlantic Bluefin tuna weighs.

11. Dolphins


Dolphins are the loveliest and most famous of sea mammals. While the name dolphin refers to 40 different species of sea mammals, including a giant killer whale, we are talking about the beautiful dolphins you play with in the ocean.

The average weight of an adult dolphin is around 330 to 440 pounds. This depends on whether the dolphin is male or female because males are usually larger and heavier.

12. Gorilla

Another shocking animal that weighs 350 pounds is the gorilla because of how huge they look.

As the largest of the non-human primates, it’s surprising that an adult one isn’t even 400 pounds heavy.

However, due to human negligence, some obese primates have reached 600 pounds which is quite unhealthy and can lead to death.

13. Bear


The weight of a bear is pretty subjective and depends on the species, sex, age, and other factors.

For example, a sun bear can weigh 95 pounds, while a polar bear weighs over 1000 pounds. While most male bears are heavy, your typical female bear is only 350 pounds or less unless they are pregnant.

You thought they were as heavy as elephants, didn’t you?

14. Tiger


Tigers are the largest of the Asian big cats, so you can expect them to be heavy.

An adult tiger ranges from six to ten feet long and weighs around 300 pounds. However, male tigers of the larger subspecies, the continental tigers, can weigh up to 660 pounds.

The smaller subspecies, also known as the Sunda tiger, weigh 310-350 pounds. Like most animals, the male is larger and heavier than the female tiger.


Some of the stuff that weigh 350 pounds are surprising, especially the gorilla and the bear. Next time you see these animals or items, at least you will know how much they weigh.