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7 Things That Weigh Around 3500 lbs (pounds)

Knowing the weight of things can come in handy. Ever thought about how many things weigh 3500 lbs? Well, it can be quite tricky to guess what something weighs, especially if its an animal or the thing has loads of internal parts.

In our list of things that weigh about 3500 pounds or 1588 kgs shown below, you will find everything from cars to animals and a few combined items whose total weight is equal to or equivalent to 3500 pounds.

1. The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu – 3589lbs (1627kgs)

The curb weight of this mid size sedan is 3589 lbs. Curb weight refers to the weight of the car only and doesn’t include any passengers, cargo, etc.

The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu comes with a 4-cylinder engine giving you about 197 horsepower, which is quite adequate for everyday driving.

The 5-seater car comes in the following trims: LS, LT, LTZ, and Eco. Except for the Eco, all of the models come with a 2.5-liter, 6-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

2. A full-grown male giraffe – 3000lbs-4254lbs (1361kgs-1930kgs)


Giraffes are the tallest mammals globally, with long legs that enable them to reach 35 miles per hour.

Males also referred to as bulls, can weigh anywhere between 3000 – 4254 lbs, while females, also known as cows, can grow up to 14 feet and weigh anywhere between 1500 – 2600 lbs.

Bulls can grow as tall as 18 feet, meaning they can easily look into a second-story window.

3. A 2000 gallon propane tank – 3400lbs (1542kgs)

Propane tanks are steel cylinders used to transport propane gas, often in liquid form. The gas is chilled under pressure until it turns into a liquid that’s then stored in the tanks.

These tanks come in various sizes, all dependent on the manufacturer. However, a 2000 gallon propane tank weighs about 3400lbs and can hold 6000 liters of propane.

4. A black rhino – 1760-3080 lbs (798-1397 kgs)


The black rhino is the smaller of two African rhino species, the other being the white rhino.

Black rhinos have 2 horns, a hooked lip, and a thick, hairless gray hide. What distinguishes them from white rhinos is the latter has a square lip while black rhinos have a pointed lip.

Black rhinos can grow up to 5.2ft and weigh anywhere between 1760 – 3080 lbs. The heaviest rhino alive is the greater one-horned or Indian rhino. A fully grown one can weigh anywhere between 4000 – 6000lbs.

5. Two 6×12 Uhaul Cargo Trailers – 1920 lbs (870kgs) each

This 6×12 cargo trailer weighs 1920 lbs (870kgs) and can carry a maximum load of up to 2480 lbs. The cargo trailer is a favorite for cross country moves as it has enough space to carry everything you need.

It can also double us as a motorcycle trailer, ensuring your ride isn’t damaged by the elements as you travel. The trailer is enclosed and equipped with a low deck, padded rub rails, and automatic hydraulic surge brakes to protect your items during the journey.

6. Two male Kodiak bears – up to 1800 lbs (816kgs) each


Kodiak bears, also known as Kodiak brown bears, are native to the Kodiak Archipelago islands in southwest Alaska. They are one of the two largest bear species alive today, aside from the polar bear, and are the largest brown bear in existence.

The male Kodiak bear can weigh anywhere between 1500-1800lbs and grow up to 10 feet tall; that’s just 8 feet shy of a male giraffe. Female Kodiak bears, on the other hand, tend to be 20 to 30% smaller than their male counterparts. Captive Kodiak bears have been known to attain weights greater than their wild counterparts.

The largest recorded wild Kodiak bear weighed 1656 lbs, while a captive one weighed 2130lbs.

7. Three male saltwater crocodiles – up to 1150 lbs (522kgs) each


Crocodiles are large reptiles often found in the tropics such as Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Australia. They belong to the order Crocodilia and are related to caimans, gharials, and alligators. The saltwater crocodile, native to saltwater habitats and wetlands, is the largest living reptile alive today.

Averagely adult males can weigh anywhere between 900 – 1150 lbs and grow between 14 to 16ft. However, the size of these reptiles is largely dependent on their location, habitat, and human interactions. For instance, some males have been known to grow up to 19ft and weigh over 2200lbs.