7 Things That Weigh Around 4 Grams

Objects that weigh as little as four grams are so many and easily transferable. It’s understandable if you barely notice them because they can even be blown away with the breath from your mouth. We have compiled a list of things like these that weigh just 4 grams and we will be sharing them below. 

1. 4 paper clips


Topping our list of objects that weigh four grams is a combination of four paper clips. One paper clip is approximately 1 gram and putting four of it together will leave one with 4 grams. 

Paper clips are little devices that are used to arrange, connect or hold pieces of paper together. Paper clips are made of different materials that range from plastic, steel, or even wire. They are flexible to an extent and their small weight is mostly because they are used to hold paper together and shouldn’t add to the weight. 

2. Four US Bills

Dollar bill

A single US bill which is a piece of the American currency weighs 1 gram regardless of the value of the currency.  When four of these bills are put together, they weigh four grams altogether.

The US bill is one of the most popular currencies in the world and it is sometimes referred to as the American dollar, US dollar, or just the dollar. It is in use in a lot of countries and institutions as a medium of exchange. 

3. 8 Pieces Of Micro SD 

Untitled design 15

Micro SD is becoming unpopular because people are using them less but they are still very much relevant. Micro SD is the smallest type of SD flash memory card, they are mostly used for mobile phones and other mobile devices. They measure 15 mm x 11 x 1mm in size and eight of them put together weigh 4 grams. 

4. Nickel


The nickel is the name of the United States five-cent coin. It was created first in 1866 and made of nickel and copper, when the nickel weighs between 4 to 5 grams.

The person whose face is imprinted on the nickel is the ex-president of the president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. His face was imprinted on the coin in 1938. The United States nickel can afford a limited amount of goods and services and it’s often used as extra change after the purchase of items in stores. 

5. Four Raisins

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Raisins are grapes that have been dried up under the sun or other types of food dehydrators. Raisins can be of different colors either yellow or purple and brown.

They are often used as add-ons for most delicious meals such as bread, muffins, and cookies. Some people also add them to oatmeal because of how sweet they are. Raisins are not only tasty but are beneficial to human health. They contribute iron to the body, helping to strengthen your bones and help you to digest food better.

Usually, one raisin weighs 1 gram, and putting four raisins together will amount to four grams. 

6. Four Birthday Candles

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Even though the origin of placing candles on birthday cakes cannot be pinpointed and history attaches special meaning to birthday candles, they are mostly used for decorative purposes.

Often, we are always focused on the cake and forget about the candles after blowing them out. On your next birthday, you should take out time to check the weight of a single birthday candle. Birthday candles as tiny as they look weigh up to one gram each and four of them put together are 4 grams. 

7. A4 Sheet

Untitled design 18

A4 sheets are the standardized paper size used in most institutions across the globe. They weigh as little as 4 grams and can be used for numerous purposes.

Even with the world becoming more digital at a fast pace, A4 sheets are still very relevant as they are used in letter correspondence and in keeping files. Kids can equally scribble, paint and draw on A4 sheets as they provide a clear direction. 

In conclusion, we hope this article has helped educate you about items that weigh 4 grams. We’ll like to hear the items you find in the comment section. 

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