7 Things That Weigh Around 50 Kilograms (kg)

Every day, humans keep making new intriguing discoveries across various fields of life. Many of these discoveries help improve the lifestyle of humans generally and equally gaining lots of insightful knowledge.

Weight is a recurring topic in many discoveries and research projects with discoveries spanning through the various metric units of measurement.

Popular amongst these units are Kilograms, grams, tons, pounds, and ounces. Each of these has an area where they are preferred even though conversions can be easily made. For instance, the pound is often used in the measurement of automobiles, weight lifting, and human weight. 

Have you been searching for items that weigh 50 kilograms? Well, this piece not only walks you through things that weigh 50 kilograms but provides you fascinating details you need to know about them. Let’s commence our journey through things in the world that weigh 50 kilograms!

1. North Pacific Giant Octopus

North Pacific Giant Octopus 200 lbs

The Octopus has a peculiar body structure which consists of its soft body and eight mollusks. There are many types of Octopus and they usually have a mouth at the center of the eight mollusks. Interestingly, Octopuses can alter the shape of their soft body to easily pass through very small gaps.

Octopuses stay in different parts of the ocean such as pelagic waters, seabed, coral reefs. The North Pacific Giant Octopus as the name implies can be found in the North Pacific ocean. An octopus weighs as low as 10 kilograms depending on the stage of growth,  but a giant North Pacific Octopus comfortably weighs 50 kilograms. 

2. 10 Domestic Cats


In the classification of animals, the cat family is renowned for its members like the lion, tiger, leopard, lynxes, jaguar, cougar, caracal, cheetah, ocelot, and so on. While most of these cat family members mainly remain in the wild, the domestic cats have proven themselves as great pet options.

In recent times, we have lots of people keeping domestic cats as pets in their homes. In most cases, domestic cat lovers tend to keep more than one cat or wait for reproduction. 

Domestic cats are easy to feed and one of these weighs 5 kilograms. Hence, ten of these domestic cats weigh a total of 50 kilograms.

3. One Piece Toilet

Round Front Sitting Flush Toilets 200 lbs

The facilities used by humans over time in the excretion of waste from the body have been developed over time. Water Closets have been around for many decades but more durable and appealing versions of these toilets are produced yearly.

Prominent amongst these are the two-piece and one-piece toilets. However, our concern here tilts towards the one-piece toilet. The one-piece toilet does not have a separate flush tank and is called a single piece because the bowl and tank are built together. 

Also, the one-piece toilet has a very durable ceramic body that makes it easily contain the weight of persons who sit on it. All these features wouldn’t be complete without a great density. The one-piece toilet weighs 50 kilograms. 

4. Five European Badgers

European Badger

The badger belongs to the Mustelidae family and there are so many species of this amazing animal. These species span the lengths of Europe with subspecies too.

The badger has a peculiar body with its small head, small eyes, and short tail. It has different colors such as white, brown, black and grey.  Interestingly, badgers are nocturnal and sleep during the day instead. 

The European Badger which is our major concern here weighs 10 kilograms which is just the right body weight to carry out its daily burrowing. Hence, five European badgers together weigh 50 kilograms. 

5. Origin Pro Dumbbells

Weightlifters have lots of exercises for their arms, chest, stomach, and so on. Dumbbells are specifically useful in light workouts and weigh less than the standard weight.

While some dumbbells have a static weight, some can be stacked using different plates like 5 kilograms and 10 kilograms. Origin Pro makes dumbbells between 1 kilogram to 70 kilograms available to users. Hence, if your target weight is 50 kilograms, the Origin Pro dumbbell has got you covered. 

6. Bullmastiff


Dogs are constantly referred to as the best friend of man. Lots of reasons account for this notion such as the loyalty and security they provide to their owners. There are numerous breeds of dogs to pick from and our concern here is the bullmastiff. 

The bullmastiff has a remarkable body build with a height of 27 inches and a weight of 50 kilograms. With this bodyweight, adult male bullmastiffs can attack with full pressure.  This density coupled with the intelligence, alertness, and confidence of the bullmastiff contributes to its reputation as an outstanding protector. 

7. Bag of Cement

40 bags of Cement 4000 lbs

In a bid to meet one of the most basic needs of man which is shelter, the need for buildings became imperative. Over time, there has been a geometric progression in the production of improved building materials. However, the cement remains relevant in many aspects of building such as plastering, tiling, Mansory, laying floors, roofs, and so on. 

Cement is usually packaged in bags and a standard bag of cement weighs 50 kilograms. This is expected as the cement plays the role of an adhesive for concrete buildings. 

There are still so many thrilling discoveries to be made about items that weigh 50 kilograms. Putting in the research required helps. Also, remember to stay glued for more content about the weight of different things as we constantly provide you with the best content.

Originally posted on September 24, 2021 @ 10:47 am

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