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11 Things That Weigh Around 6 Grams (g)

Have you ever thought of how much things around your house weigh? 6 grams can feel like nothing when held or placed on your hands. So, which things weigh around 6 grams? Here are some that you interact with daily.

1. A Pencil


The weight of a standard unsharpened pencil ranges from 6 to 7 grams. For the pencil to weigh approximately this weight, the eraser should not be new. However, a classic pencil that is unused, measuring 7.5inches or 19cm in length, weighs approximately 7 grams.

2. Pair of cufflinks

The weight of a modern pair of cufflinks depends on the material it’s made from and the size. The average size of these accessories is 0.5 in by 0.5 and can weigh 4 to 15 grams. If these accessories are made from precious metals like gold, they are heavier than stainless steel. On the other hand, silver cufflinks are much lighter compared to stainless steel.

3. 6 Cigarettes

What affects the weight of cigarettes is the length and the amount of tobacco used during manufacture. The length of a cigarette measures 70mm and is much lighter compared to the king-size versions that measure 84mm long. One cigarette weighs around 1g and has 60-80% tobacco content. So, with six regular cigarettes measuring 70 mm, the total weight will be 6 grams.

4. Regular Postcard

Regular postcards measure 210mm by 14mm for A5 and 148mm by 105mm for A6. A standard A5 postcard weighs around 6grams to 12 grams, whereas an A6 weighs 7-13grams. They are in the same class as the small letters and charges to send them are the same.

5. A slice of lemon

There are three different sizes of lemons. They are tiny, medium and large, and cut to add to different kinds of drinks and dishes. For example, with small lemons around 60g depending on the size of the lemon and a diameter of 1.5 inches, you can make slices that weigh approximately 6 grams. Note to get this weight, and the slice should be an eighth of the small lemon size.

6. Plastic Tweezer

Most tweezers are either made from plastic or stainless steel. However, others are made from ceramics and other materials. The average weight ranges from 6-25g, while a stainless one’s 7-20g.

7. 6 dollar bills

A dollar bill is an American currency. The American dollar bill weighs a gram, so you get approximately six grams with six of these.

8. A pack of small size sewing needles

Repairing clothes can be easy, and you can do it at home. However, not everyone is familiar with using these tiny objects. For instance, ever thought about how much a pack weighs? The pack comes with 12-24 pieces or even bigger packs. These needle packs can weigh from 4g to 8 g. And they are worthy if you wish to fix a button or holes on your clothes.

9. Two standard pens

You use pens daily whether it is in the office or at school. But have you ever measured how much it weighs? If not, here is how much a single standard pen with a cap weighs around three grams, so you have six grams with two of them.

10. Two sheets of paper


 If you have a pencil, you probably need some paper to write on. Paper comes in different sizes and shapes, ranging from sticky notes to legal paper. However, this dramatically affects how much the paper. So if the sheets are larger, the weight will increase. However, two average-sized sheets of paper weigh precisely 6 grams.

11. Two garlic cloves

Cloves of Garlic have several benefits. They have both nutritional and health benefits. However, they are also used in cooking to make food tastier. A standard garlic clove weighs about 3 grams, so two cloves weigh 6 grams.

The weight of six grams seems so tiny. If you put it on your hands, you wouldn’t feel the weight. However, the weight can help measure things at home. As you have learned, the things that measure approximately this weight are around homes. Some might exceed slightly or less by a gram. So you know what to use in case you need to measure something that weighs 6 grams.