8 Things That Weigh Around 6 Kilograms (kg)

There are so many intrinsic ideas that cross our minds when we look at many items around us. A common one is curiosity. It is needless to say that curiosity has facilitated lots of amazing discoveries in the world we live in today. Well, curiosity about the weight of things around us is also one to not displace and treat with levity.

Looking for items that weigh 6 kilograms around you? Then, this piece of ours which treats items that accurately weigh 6 kilograms is the right one for you.

There are numerous metrics of measurement in the world currently. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to mention that 6 kilograms is equivalent to 13 pounds and 0.007 ton. Now let us find out more about items that can boast of this weight!

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless vacuum cleaner-7-Pounds

Proper interior designs add that extra spark your home needs to stand out amongst the crowd. Making the right choices involves getting expert help and paying attention to preference. Rugs come in very handy in this aspect to add that extra fascinating and comfy environment even with the popular use of tiles. 

However, cleaning rugs can prove difficult which makes Vacuum cleaners very necessary. Vacuum cleaners weigh 6kg and have enough depth to suck dirt out of a rug. An easy tool for a sparkling clean rug!

2. Six Pineapples


Fruits are great sources of vitamins to the body and there are lots of them. They vary in size, shape, types(Citric or non-citric), and essentially in weight.

The Pineapple stands here as a fruit of interest because it has peculiar benefits like fighting inflammations and diseases, boosting immunity, speeding up recoveries, and aiding digestion.

The pineapple achieves a lot of these functions with the nutrients, helpful compounds, antioxidants, and compounds packed in it. A pineapple weighs 1 kilogram on average and gathering six of these together account for a weight of 6 kilograms.

3. 750 Dollar Coins

Dollar Coins 6 kg

Money is a valid consideration for items and services across various countries of the world. Each country has its currency and the popular ones are British Pounds, United States Dollar, Euro, New Zealand Dollar, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, and so on.

Nevertheless, the dollar is still highly used by citizens of many countries due to its stability for many years. In the United States, the dollar coin which is often called the golden dollar is valid. Surprisingly, getting 750 of these dollar coins accounts for a weight of exactly 6 kilograms. 

4. A gallon of Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint 1 gallon 6 kg

Paints play an important role in the construction as well as the development of homes. There are different kinds and types of paints including general classifications such as oil-based and water-based.

Oil-based paints are usually lighter than water-based paints with a weight of gallons spanning 3 kilograms. Acrylic paints are used in art as well as craft projects without leaving out nail polishing.

However, our concern here is water-based paints like acrylic paints. A gallon of acrylic paint that covers about 250 sq ft weighs 6 kilograms. If you need smaller measurements, units in ounces are made available. 

5. Mini Refrigerator


Refrigerators play a great role in the preservation of perishables as well as making your water and drinks chilled. There are various sizes and models of refrigerators. The sizes of these refrigerators greatly influence their overall weight per cubic foot capacity. 

Mini refrigerators are the smallest kind of refrigerators and have a smaller containing capacity. However, they still account for a weight of 6 kilograms per cubic foot. 

6. Monarch Brick

Monarch Brick 6 kg

The basic needs of humans begin with clothes, food, and shelter. Over the years, we’ve witnessed fantastic architectural evolutions in the design of buildings.

Materials used in building determine the durability of a house built and bricks have proven to serve this function efficiently. There are various kinds of bricks used in buildings such as modular, standard, jumbo modular, modular standard,  queen, roman, norman, quad, and so on.

However, our concern here is the monarch which has dimensions 92mm x 92 mm x 397 mm. 

Approximately, the monarch brick weighs 6 kilograms which provides a great density for building.

7. Three 16 inches Macbook Pro 2020

3x macbook pro

Apple has distinguished itself in the production of gadgets for decades. This excellent production spans through phones, tablets, and laptops.

There are two variations of the MacBook which are the pro and air. Lots of people go for the MacBook for exceptional performance and increased productivity facilitated by its long-lasting battery. Moreover, the touch bar and sleek design provide you with a pc that can be easily taken along to anywhere you wish to be. 

All these features and the exceptional design of the MacBook pro account for a weight of 2 kilograms. Hence, stacking together three MacBook pros 16 inches together amounts to 6 kilograms.

8. Bowling Ball


Recreation is a great way to relax and everyone has a different approach to this. Bowling is one of the fun options available! All you have to do is hit all pins with a single bowling ball roll. Is this feasible?

Yes, not only does the bowling ball have the right diameter to hit all pins, but it also weighs 6 kilograms. These features make it easy to knock down all pins. 

There are so many more items that weigh 6 kilograms in the world. This piece has given you a thrilling boost of what things have this weight. Keep making discoveries at your leisure by comparing closely related items to the things discussed above!

Originally posted on September 24, 2021 @ 9:15 am

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