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9 Things That Weigh Around 600 Pounds (lbs)

Everything you could possibly think about has a weight range; from the objects in your home, to animals, to appliances in your office, to every item in the grocery shop; the list is quite endless.

But the interesting thing is that, although the weight for every item differs, having an idea about the exact weight of a lot of items will give you an idea of the weight of items you would ordinarily not know what they weigh. 

In furtherance of this knowledge, this piece seeks to bring you a comprehensive list of items that weigh around 600 pounds and interesting facts you should know about them. 

1. A Vending Machine

A vending machine offers items for sale to consumers such as snacks, beverages, cigarettes, and lottery tickets after cash, a credit card, or a specially designed card is inserted. In the early 1880s, vending machines dispensed postcards in England for the very first time. 

Many countries have vending machine operations and, in recent times, specialized vending machines have been developed that provide items that are less common than those of traditional machines.

Vending machines weigh anywhere between 400 lbs to 900 lbs,  when empty – that is when they are not stocked with items. . However, the  V21 Trade Stack Vendor weighs around 600 pounds specifically.

2. Average V8 engine

The weight of a car is largely dependent on the weight of the engine amongst other things. A V8 engine can weigh anything between 400-700lb. The factors that will determine its weight include; the material used to build the engine, engine displacement, and the year the engine was built. 

On the issue of materials used during the production of an engine; cast-iron engines will ordinarily be heavier than ones made of aluminum. And a clear instance is The Mercedes V8 Single overhead cam (SOHC) cast-iron block which weighs 600 lbs while its Aluminum counterpart is 100 lbs lighter at 500lbs. 

3. Baby Grand Piano

Pianos are beautiful musical instruments that produce melodious tunes when played properly.

They have an enormous range of sizes and different weights, and the key to finding out how much your piano weighs starts by figuring out exactly the type of piano you own. If you know the exact model, you can always look up that information to get the exact weight.

The average baby grand piano can weigh anywhere from 500-600 lbs which is why it is on this list.

4. Medium Grand piano

While some people do not recognize the medium grand piano while categorizing grand pianos, a grand piano that measures about 5’8″ or 1m 70cm in length which in most cases, is considered the most popular household grand size is called the medium grand piano.

It is small enough to conveniently fit into any environment and at the same time large enough to deliver a substantial depth of tone.  

When shopping for a grand piano, you will notice that there is often a significant leap in prices from baby grand to medium grand.

That’s because some consider the baby grand an ‘entry-level’ piano while the medium grand size is the smallest of the ‘full-sized grand. Simply put, this means that the string length in medium grand pianos is longer than the ones in baby grand.    In terms of weight, a medium grand piano weighs around 600 pounds.

5. Blacksmiths Anvil

A blacksmith’s anvil is typically an iron block on which metal is placed to be shaped, with a hammer. The blacksmith’s anvil is mostly made of iron or cast iron in certain cases, coupled with a smooth working surface made of hardened steel.

Blacksmith anvils usually weigh around 75 to 600 pounds, but on the extreme, they can be as light as 8 ounces and as heavy as 1,000 pounds, but these types are not common. 

6. Hadin panther Electronic motorcycle

On average an electric motorcycle weighs 450 pounds, while cruisers weigh 750 pounds.

The Hadin Panther motorcycle 2020 was manufactured by the Hadin company and follows the company’s series of motorcycles of different displacements. It has an engine power of 60.4 hp (44.1 kW) with an electric engine with an electric starter. It was designed in mostly blue and custom colors. It has an empty weight of approximately 600 pounds.

7. BMW R 1250 Gs adventure

The BMW R 1250 Gs Adventure was specifically built for adverse road conditions. It comes with a comfortable ergonomics and seating position which allows for outstanding vision and lets you control the bike without hassles.

Also, the handlebars can be raised by up to 30 mm, and it helps you ride comfortably and confidently even as a tall rider or standing up while off-road, and it weighed 600 pounds

8. Grizzly Bears


Grizzly bears only reside in North America and are a subspecies of brown bears. In the last few decades, many different kinds of grizzly bears have appeared, such as Kodiak bears and Peninsular grizzlies. They are generally categorized based on what they feed on and where they live. 

There is a significant difference between female grizzlies and male grizzlies’ in terms of weight.  While Female grizzlies weigh around 290 to 400 pounds, male grizzlies weigh between 400 to 800 pounds. However, the average weight of a male grizzly is 600 pounds. 

9. Mountain zebras


Mountain Zebras are native to Namibia and South Africa and they live on mountain slopes, open grasslands, and woodlands. 

They are usually 7 feet to 8 feet 6 inches long, with a tail as long as two feet.  Mountain Zebras can weigh from 450 to 820 pounds with an average weight of around 600 pounds.