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14 Things That Weigh Around 7 Grams (g)

Precisely how can you estimate 7 grams? Short of carrying around a weighing scale, it can be hard to say with certainty that something weighs 7 grams. However, some things that you encounter in day-to-day life fall in this weight range. It is worth noting that there will be some variations in the weight of these things across different manufacturers.

1. Seven cigarettes

A regular cigarette of around 70mm in length weighs around one gram. It usually has a 60 to 80 % tobacco content. So it follows that seven such cigarettes will weigh seven grams.

2. A brand new pencil


An unused pencil about 19 cm or seven and a half inches in length weighs around six to seven grams. The pencil should be unsharpened, and the eraser should be relatively unused.

3. Seven paper clips


A regular paper clip weighs in at around a gram, so seven paper clips are seven grams. The paper clip should not be decorative or jumbo-sized as this will only add to the weight.

4. 7 dollar bills

A US dollar bill is around one gram, so seven bills will be seven grams. These bills should be relatively crisp and clean to meet this requirement.

5. Seven pen caps

The pen cap of a Bic biro pen with the hole at the end that you probably played within your younger years is roughly one gram, so seven such biro caps will be seven grams.

6. Two pennies (Sterling)

The older pennies made out of an alloy of bronze, zinc, copper, and tin were relatively light at 0.9 grams, but the newer version is heavier. These new one-penny coins are made of copper-plated steel and weigh approximately 3.5 grams. Two of these new pennies weigh around 7 grams.

7. 7 Chinese yuan coins

A Chinese yuan coin weighs exactly one gram, so seven yuan worth of coins will be roughly seven grams. 7 Chinese yuan is worth just over an American dollar, but these coins can make good keepsakes.

8. Three teaspoons of flour

For those who might like to whip up some magic in the kitchen, you should know that three teaspoons of flour weigh around 7.23 grams. So instead of reaching for the weighing scale, you can use this measure to estimate the flour needed, of course, as you follow your baking recipe.

9. Seven thumb tacks

 A regular thumb tack weighs around one gram. This weight is for the standard thumbtack without any embellishments and with a circular cap. So it follows that seven thumb tacks will weigh approximately seven grams.

10. A pair of eyebrow tweezers

The weight range of eyebrow tweezers is quite broad, depending on the material used. Tweezers start at 7 grams and may go as high as 20 grams. The usual materials used are plastic and stainless steel, but some have unique designs incorporating ceramics and other materials.

Typical dimensions are 36mmX4mmX3mm though there can be variations. The lightest tweezers are made of plastic and are about 7 grams.

11. Seven standard birthday candles

You may not have paused to think about the weight of a candle as you sang happy birthday to your loved ones. However, the standard 2-inch long candle is about a gram. Therefore, seven candles weigh seven grams.

12. A pair of cufflinks

These stylish accessories can weigh anywhere between 4 grams to 15 grams. They are available in two standard sizes, 0.5 inches by 0.5 inches or 1 inch by 1 inch. Those made of gold are heaviest, while those made of stainless steel are not as heavy. The lighter cufflinks are made of silver and other alloys.

13. Standard Postcard

Postcards are very popular, especially those with famous landmarks or landscapes. Size can be A5 or A6, and their weight can range from 7 grams to 13 grams. The weight varies with the size and kind of paper used. So a standard A6 postcard can be estimated as 7 grams.

14. Seven sticks of gum 

The sticks of gum we refer to are the traditional sticks of gum that are individually wrapped and not the modern compacted type. Each stick weighs about a gram, so seven sticks will weigh seven grams.

Now you can use common everyday items to help you estimate seven grams, or in cases where an item weighs a gram, you can go as high as you like.