10 Things That Weight Around 250 Kilograms (kg)

It’s general knowledge that everything on the surface of the earth has weight. However, as humans, whenever we are interacting with these things every day, we don’t take their weight seriously or recognize it especially when they are not heavy objects.

Can you give a random guess of several objects that weigh around 250 kilograms? I bet you can’t.

Well, this will no longer be the case at the end of this article as we will be sharing a list of things that weigh 250 kilograms which are around 550 pounds. 

1. 3 yards of Dumpster

3 yard dumpster 250 kg

A dumpster is required wherever humans live or work so that such an environment will stay clean. Dumpsters come in different sizes, and the 3 yards dumpster is approximately 250 kilograms.

They are very efficient for their size, and they have wheels for transportation from one place to another as well as a lid. 

2. Alligator


Alligators are prominent members of the reptile family, and their size is one of the reasons why this is so.

Male alligators weigh as much as 250 kilograms, and their females weigh slightly less. This is because the male alligator grows at a faster rate than its female counterpart. 

3. Vending Machine 

Vending Machine 250 kg

Indeed, vending machines are everywhere, but one of the rarest sights in life is to see a vending machine being transported. Vending machines are almost always stationary because of how heavy they can be.

A vending machine weighs around 550 pounds, and some can weigh even more.

4. Male Grizzly Bear


Grizzly bears are one of nature’s biggest works. They vary in size, and their size is mainly determined by the place where they are bred, but most times, a male grizzly bear weighs about 250 kg while the female grizzly bear weighs between 130-180 kilograms. 

5. Sport Motorcycles

sportbike motorcycle 180 kg

Anywhere in the world, sport motorcycles are always a delight, especially in the hands of expert riders.

They serve a wide range of purposes in different industries; policemen use them in enforcing justice, motorcycles are used in the food industry to deliver food, and they are also used for sporting events.

Motorcycles, especially the cruiser, weigh precisely 550 lbs. 

6. Baby Grand Piano

baby grand piano 250 kg

As their name implies, grand pianos are usually so big, but it’s not all grand pianos that are grand.

Baby grand piano is not as big in weight and size as the grand piano, even though it still gets the job done.

Baby grand pianos are always an excellent option for people that want to play or learn the grand piano but find them too expensive.  

7. Lion

Asian Lion 150 kg

The African lion is a living thing whose maximum weight is 250 kg. The lion is a predatory animal with a natural ability to hunt down fellow animals.

The lion’s weight is an additional advantage for its predatory endeavors, and it helps it to survive in the jungle. 

8. Pygmy Hippopotamus


The pygmy hippopotamus is a variant of the regular hippopotamus, and it can be found in Africa. This type of hippopotamus is much smaller in size and looks cuter than the usual hippopotamus.

They weigh between 450-600 pounds, and they are primarily found in swamps in African countries. They remained unknown to other continents and countries for an extended period. 

9. 55-gallon Drum of Oil

oli drum 350 lbs

Some mathematical calculations will be required to arrive at the entire weight of a 55-gallon drum of oil.

The whole weight of a 55-gallon drum of oil is 250 kilograms, and here’s how the number came to be; an empty drum weighs about 20 pounds while each gallon of oil weighs around 8 pounds.

Putting all these together account for a total weight of 250 kilograms. 

10. Giant Clam 

Giant clam 250 kg

Even though it doesn’t look like one at first glance, the giant clam is an animal with an outstanding weight. It’s an aquatic animal with bright color characteristics that are easily noticeable.  One of the enormous giant clams ever known weighed around 550 pounds. 

The weights of things are always fascinating, and several objects around us have different unexpected weights. You should take out some of your time to check the weight of things around you. I’m sure you’d be surprised at some of your discoveries.

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