11 Things That Weight Around 30 Kilograms (kg)

30 kilograms or 66 pounds is the amount of fats and oils the average American eats annually. Didn’t need to know that?

Well, there are many reasons why anyone would want to know what weighs 30kgs.

Maybe you are on a weight loss journey, and mere numbers on the scale just aren’t doing it for you anymore. Or perhaps you need the information to work out postal fees when sending or receiving a parcel. Whatever the reasons may be, this list of 12 everyday items that weigh around 30kgs or 66 pounds could come in handy someday.

1. Server rack

Server rack 30 kg

A rack or cabinet that houses your servers is the foundation of a state-of-the-art data lab. It promotes efficient airflow and security and enables quicker equipment moves.

While there are server racks that weigh as much as 100kgs, an average home server rack is precisely 30 kilos. This size is designed to secure your data centre in a room where floor space is limited.

2. A pair of big speakers

pair of big speakers 30 kg

As electronic and digital devices get smaller, so do speakers. Unfortunately, bigger and heavier speakers still produce clearer, stronger, and more powerful sound despite technological advancements.

The biggest loudspeaker weighs 33 to 35 pounds which means a pair is approximately 66 pounds or 30kgs. This weight depends on the materials used as heavier speakers produce more powerful sound.

3. A 10-year-old child

10 year child 30 kg

Every child is different in every way, including weight. However, the average 10-year-old weighs between 25 and 30kgs depending on their sex, genetics and lifestyle.

In general, girls are heavier than girls at 32 kgs while boys are 30 kgs on average. Children whose parents are heavier tend to be heavy as well.

4. An adult Dalmatian

Dalmatian 55 lbs

Dalmatians are beautiful, spotted muscular dogs with the most loving personality. They are playful, interactive and enjoy the company of humans a lot.

But exactly how big can a Dalmatian get? Well, Dalmatians reach adult size at 16 months of age and weigh about 30kgs. At this age, they stand between 19 and 23 inches which is about knee length of the owner.

5. Male Giant otter

otter 30 kg

Sea otters are the densest animal on planet earth, with around 500,000 hairs per square inch. For this reason, they do not have an insulating layer like other marine mammals, as the dense fur is enough.

Otters live in water that ranges from 35 to 60 degrees F and eat 25percent of their body weight each day. Wondering how heavy they are? The largest river otter is a male giant otter that is 30-34 kgs while the females are 22 to 26kg.

6. Double radiator

Central Heating Radiator 65 POUNDS

Radiators are the oldest and most effective way to heat up a home. Unlike the radiators found in old homes, today you can find flat panel radiators that are simple, modern and very efficient.

Besides being more aesthetically appealing, the flat surface also means less weight at only 30kgs for double flat-panel radiators. The flat panel radiators are available in a wide range of heights and lengths to suit the needs of your home.

7. Queen size box spring

Queen size box spring 30 kg

Many components make up a bed, including a mattress, headboard, bed frame and box spring. Each of these parts contributes to the overall weight of the bed, which should be around 59 kgs for a queen-size bed.

While all other parts can vary significantly in weight depending on the material used, the average weight of a queen size box spring is 30kgs. Of course, smaller beds like singles will weigh less than this.

8. Baby crib


Knowing the weight of your baby crib will come in handy if you need to move it. On average, most portable cribs weigh around 30kgs, while stationary cribs tend to be heavier at around 50kgs.

This weight does not include the mattress, box spring or any other bedding and toys. Seeing that 30kgs is still not light, you may need to take apart the pieces when moving the crib to another room or have a two-man team move it.

9. Male bear cub


Did you know that bears are omnivores (eat both plants and animals)? During fall, bears must add animal fat to their diet in preparation for winter.

At birth, a young black bear weighs only 8 ounces while a brown bear cub can be one and a half pounds. One year later, the male cub is about 30 kgs while females are a bit lighter. Adult male bears go up to 270kgs while females go to 200kgs.

10. Mountain Reedbuck

10. Mountain Reedbuck 30 kg

The Mountain Reedbuck is a peculiar species of antelope that lives in the rocky and mountainous terrains of South Africa.

They are known for their accurate weather forecasting because when bad weather is nigh, they turn the reedbucks turn their backs towards the direction of the heavy rains and wind.

You can easily recognize them by a round bare spot under their ears and the curved horns with rings. A full-grown mountain reedbuck weighs 30kgs. Mountain reedbucks are shy and nervous animals so they live in herds of five or more mature females and one male.

11. Garden bench

Garden bench 30 kg

Like most furniture items, the weight of a garden bench can vary in weight depending on what it’s made of. This could be soft or hardwood and even metal.

A good strong bench made of hardwood weighs around 30kgs and can withstand any weather outside. Those made of softwood and no reinforcement can be as light as 10kgs. On the other hand, hard steel or iron benches can be as heavy as 50 kgs.

Originally posted on September 17, 2021 @ 9:01 am

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