9 Things That Weight Around 400 Kilograms (kg)

Our world is filled with various items. Material, people, animals, and even ideas that occupy space and are weighty. However, it is normal for us in our human experience, to often wonder about these things. Especially other objects in our universe.

As humans, our curiosity piques when we study other things around us. We want knowledge of distance, time, height, and of course, weight. And then we have a desire to understand the relationships between these concepts and our physiological actions, particularly,  how they affect us in the universe.

In this Article, we curate a list of things that weigh 400kg and some curious facts about them.

1. Grand Piano


The first item on our list is the grand piano. The grand piano is a highly esteemed musical instrument and can be costly.

They are also very weighty, grand pianos usually weigh 400-450kg and can last several years. Some of the largest grand pianos carry up to 30 tons of tension.

2. Horses


Horses are one of the most popular asses in the world. Part of their popularity is because they can be domesticated and can be used for sporting events.

There are also wild horses that are stronger than regular horses. Most horses, especially Arabian riding horses and their similar breeds usually weigh about 400 kilograms.

One would expect that the fairly big weight of the horse will affect its movement but this is not so. Horses are still one of the fastest terrestrial animals and can run up to 88km/h. 

3. Telephone Pole

Telephone Pole 1000 lbs

Telephone poles are big poles used to hold wires and utility lines above the ground for easy connectivity.

Even though they seem to be lost in antiquity, they can still be found in most European countries. The standard telephone poles weigh about 400kg and are usually 40 ft tall.

4. Two Dumpsters

3 yard dumpster 250 kg

A 3000lbs capacity dumpster, much like the ones we keep outside our homes or stores, weighs exactly 200kg. Two of these will weigh exactly 400 kilograms.

Dumpsters are used for collecting and saving dirt, they serve public places, factories, and industries. Owing to how big they are ordinarily and how much weight they add whenever they are filled, dumpsters usually have wheels attached to them for easy mobility. 

5. Hooded seals

Hooded seal 400 kg

Also known as the crested seal, and popular for its skin color which is a mixture of silver and grey, these arctic seals are 2 meters in length.  For an aquatic animal, these types of seals are quite big and their males weigh 400kg while the females about 300 kilograms. 

6. Northern sea lion

sea lion 400 kg

The northern sea lion is sometimes referred to as the steller sea lion and is mostly found in the northern pacific.  The average adult size of this animal is 400 kg.

The sea lion can live up to thirty-three years, and has been noted in some cases to feed their offspring at the same time it is feeding. . Unfortunately, the northern sea lion is an endangered species of sea animal.

7. American Bison


The American bison is more commonly called the Buffalo. The  American bison is an animal that is popularly bred in North America.

This animal, especially its female, has a standard average weight that ranges from 350-400 kilograms. The American has a slightly shaggy coat which is similar to domestic cattle and mainly feeds on grass, which contributes to its weight. 

8. Manatee

Manatee 500 kg

A close relation to the elephant despite its slight resemblance to the seal, the Manatee weighs from 400kg. Manatees reside in the water fully and are majorly herbivorous. 

9. American crocodile


Amongst the four variants of the crocodile, the American crocodile is the most popular. It is mostly found in places like Florida and Mexico This reptile can measure up to 60 meters in length.

They also pack a hefty punch in bulk, as they usually weigh between 400kg to 450kg.  Surprisingly, the American crocodile has a relatively small diet compared to its size. Their diet is usually made up of turtles, snails, and crabs.

Originally posted on September 17, 2021 @ 10:08 am

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