10 Things That Weight Around 45 Grams

Do you ever look at small items in your house and wonder how much they weigh? If not, you should start today. It is fun to estimate the weight of stuff before measuring them, but it also helps you get used to measuring weights. For example, how heavy are ten teabags? First, estimate and then weigh them.

To get you started on this wild adventure, we have listed 10 small items that weigh around 45 grams. Some are individual items, while others combine two or three of the same item.

1. Pancakes

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Pancakes are a universal breakfast favorite all over the world. They are easy to make, deliciously light, and you can eat them with anything. What you may not know is that pancake calories don’t fall in line with weight loss goals, especially if you rather them with syrup and butter.

A small 4-inch pancake weighs around 45 grams and contains 74 calories. 14 grams of those are pure carbs, while you get only a small amount of protein at just about 2 or 4 grams.

2. 10 Sheets of Paper


Office copy paper, also known as ‘20 lb bond’ or ‘50 lb uncoated text’, is the blank paper we use to print and photocopy documents. A rim of this paper comes with 1000 sheets weighing 10 lbs.

If you convert that to grams, each sheet weighs 4.5 grams, and ten sheets weigh 45 grams. However, there exists a thicker type of paper that is more opaque and heavier than standard office paper.

3. Golf Ball

golf ball

With technological advancement, there is no telling how much a simple golf ball can change. For that reason, the USGA has set guidelines regulating the design and construction of golf balls.

One of those standards is weight, which must be 45 grams. The heavier the ball, the less it can be slowed down by air resistance so that it will fly further. The USGA also regulates the gold balls size, velocity and symmetry.

4. Two AA batteries

aa batteries

A standard AA battery is a single cell cylindrical dry battery used in remotes, small flashlights and other electrical novelties. Because of their popularity in flashlights, AA batteries are also called penlight batteries. One alkaline AA battery weighs around 23 grams, and they are sold in pairs, making the pack 45 grams. However, lithium AA batteries weigh less at 15 grams each, while rechargeable Ni-MH cells are around 31 grams.

5. CD Case

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In 2007, the sale of CDs stood at 200 billion pieces. This was before CDs were overthrown by digital means of storing data. To ensure your CDs stayed in tip-top shape, we used CD cases which you can still find today somewhere in the house. A small light CD case weighs around 45 grams, while a bigger one is at least 90 grams.

6. 3 Bic Pens

The mass of a Bic ink pen remains the same no matter what scale you use. One ink pen weighs approximately 15 grams, which means three pens will add up to 45 grams. But how much does the ink inside the pen weigh exactly? The only way to know that would be to measure the material used to make the pen and deduct it.

7. 3 Empty Soda Cans


How many cans of soda can you have in one day? According to a new study published in the Journal of International Medicine, drinking two cans of soda or more a day increases your chances of dying from digestive disorders. Once you down one can of soda, what is left is 0.5 ounces worth of empty can. In other words, three empty cans of soda weigh exactly 45 grams.

8. Glass Beaker

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A glass beaker is a simple container used for stirring, mixing and heating liquids in laboratories. It is made of high-quality borosilicate tubing, which is heavy and designed for tolerance.

Most heavy-duty beakers are made for tough handling conditions, including mechanized washing. While different sizes of glass beakers weigh differently, a 100 ml borosilicate glass beaker is approximately 45 grams.

9. Mini Pocket Knife

There are over 101 uses for small pocket knives, including opening a package, cutting someone free from a seatbelt inside a burning car and eating fruit. While everyone should have one of these knives on their disposal, you will mostly find them on hikers, military people and campers. The foldable knife is small enough to fit in your pocket and also very light, at only 45 grams at most.

10. Airpods

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Unlike traditional earbuds, the design of ear pods is dictated by the geometry of the ear canal, making them more comfortable to wear for a long time. In addition, the speakers inside the ear pods are designed to maximize sound output, which means you get high-quality audio throughout.

They also include a built-in remote that allows you to adjust the volume and control the playback with a pinch of the cord. Despite these advantages, ear pods are extremely small and light at only 45 grams or less.

Originally posted on September 17, 2021 @ 10:10 am

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