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11 Things That Weight Around 750 Grams (g)

Items that weigh 750 grams are many. In fact, you interact with these items daily without even knowing. For you to stop wondering, here is a list of things that weigh 700 grams. Here are some items that weigh 750kg.

1. Sliced bread


One slice of white bread weighs 25 grams. That means a whole sliced white bread with 30 slices will weigh 750 grams. However, some bread may contain some crunchy bits, which would weigh more. This is also the same for sourdough bread. 

2. Butter

3 1/4 cups of butter weigh 750 grams. While cooking, it would be wise to measure your weights rather than cups considering other factors such as the room temperature and the quality. If you decide to use 700 grams of butter, there is a lower chance of anything going wrong. 

3. Oranges

If you find you are supposed to buy oranges weighing 750 grams, you may need to know how many grams one orange has. One large orange is 184 grams, a medium one is 131, and a small orange is 96 grams. Therefore if you decide to pick large oranges weighing 750 grams, you may grab 4. For the medium oranges, you will need 6, while if you want the small oranges, pick 8. 

4. Chocolate bars

One bar of chocolate weighs 200 grams; therefore, three and a half Cadbury Dairy Milk weighs 750 grams. So, if you want to make chocolate chip cookies, you can add 750 grams of chocolate bars and have a good time. 

5. 750 ml of water

Water covers 98% of the earth, and out of this, 95% of it is salty while the other 3% is fresh. The 3% is what we use at home and in industries. Water is essential to the human brain and blood as it regulates the body’s temperature. This is why you keep drinking water for dehydration. 

One liter of water is equivalent to 1kg, so 1ml is approximately 1gram. Therefore, 750ml weighs 750 grams. 

6. 2 Cans of Coke

Most people like to enjoy coke, a popular carbonated soft drink from Coca-Cola Company. One coke can weighs about 385 grams, and two of them make over 750 grams which are still under this category. 

7. Kittens

A kitten 7-8 weeks old weighs 750 grams. However, when 2-3 weeks old, they weigh about 225grams; for them to be 700 grams, you might need to weigh three of them. 

8. Bullfrogs

An American bullfrog can weigh 750 grams when mature. However, when little, they weigh around 10 grams. Hence, 75 tiny bullfrog babies will weigh 750grams. 

9. Snails

Edible snails weigh about 45 grams when fully grown. Since they are eaten in some countries, they are given diets to make them larger and tastier. If you have a land snail weighing 45 grams, you will need 17 of them to make 750 grams.  

10. Socks

A pair of socks, in particular ankle socks, weighs 35 grams. This means for you to have socks weighing 750 grams, you will need 22 pairs. This is important if you are a retailer or you sell socks wholesale. Additionally, you get to know whether your socks are lightweight if people are complaining about it. 

11. Spoons 

One metal spoon weighs around 25 grams. Therefore, for you to have 750 grams, you require 30 spoons. In most cases, one set of spoons contains four of them; hence, 30 spoons will give you seven sets of flatware and two spoons.

It is essential to know this if you have guests coming over to your place, and you need to add some sets of spoons to make everyone equal. 


Weight of things is essential. But that does not mean you should know the weight of everything you have. But it’s a great way of judging things, especially the health of you and your animals.