Top 10 Heaviest Pokemons of all Time

If you are a fan of animation movies or games, then you must love the Pokemon series. Over the years, we have seen different sizes and shapes of Pokemon.

Some of them look extra huge, others tall, while others are small. However, the weight as we know it does not always equal the shape or size of an object. But for some Pokemon, their mass has matched their size. Therefore, we came up with this article to show you which Pokemon are the heaviest of all time.

1. Heavy Metal Copperajah

This giant steel elephant takes the lead, and its weight is double the weight of a normal Copperajah. It is at the top of the competition for the heaviest Pokemon of all time. Heavy Metal Copperajah can take up attacks that are weight-based and use them effectively. It weighs 1330kg or 2866lbs.

2. Celesteela

Another heavy weight is Celesteela from Generation VII. It is the largest beast of all Ultra Beasts, and it is also referred to as the ‘Launch Pokemon.’ Somehow, Celesteela resembles Princess Kaguya from the tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

The unique name originated from celestial, steel, and star, which means star in Latin. Celesteela stands as the tallest Pokemon and weighs 999.9 kg or 2204.4lbs. This weight is heavier than a grand piano.

3. Cosmoem

Cosmoem comes in to tie with Celesteela in terms of weight. It is one of the smallest Pokemon measuring only one-tenth of a meter tall. But, this is a perfect example of the phrase, ‘big things come in small packages.’

This heavy Pokemon tends to lose weight when it evolves, and it weighs 999.9 kg or 2204.4lbs. Because it’s too small yet too heavy, Cosmeon is not able to feed.  In addition, it looks like a blue orb with a cosmos picture in the center.

4. Eternatus

Eternatus is a Pokemon that plays in two games’ stories. It is one of the tallest Pokemon and weighs 950.0kg or 2094.4 lbs. It measures 65 feet long in its normal state. When it evolves, it becomes even bigger, almost seven times the size of the warlord. The legend of its existence is derived from the Pokedex, which states that Eternatus was ‘inside a meteorite that fell 20,000 years ago.’

5. Mega Metagross

Mega Metagross has an animal that resembles the shape of king Crub. It is the most intelligent Pokemon, and it functions just like a supercomputer. It can handle advanced calculations due to its simple brain and it weighs 942.9kg or 2078.7lbs.According to Pokedex entry, Mega Metagross has a few techniques when it comes to defeating the opponent.

‘When it knows there is no chance of winning, the Mega Metagross tends to dig the claws on its legs into the opponent’s body then starts to countdown, ready for a big explosion.’

6. Mudsdale

This particular Pokemon is a pure-Ground breed that was initially known as Mudbray. It is not a legendary Pokemon, but its weight of 920 kg qualifies it to be ranked among the heaviest Pokemons. 

It was first introduced in Generation VII of the Pokemon main series. At level 30, Mudsdale can evolve. It may not look much to weigh the said amount of 920 kg, but its legs and heavy eyelids do the trick.

7. Primal Groudon

Groudon has a standard form that measures up to 11 feet tall, and it is a pretty large Pokemon. Groudon tends to grow up to 16 feet in its Primal form and weighs 950.0 kg or 2094lbs. It is measurably taller than a double-decker bus and it is a mascot for third-generation Pokemon games. It is said to have the ability to lower sea levels and expand continents.

8. Guzzlord

 Just from the name, you can already guess what this particular Pokemon does. It is a beast that can devour whole buildings and mountains, and it does not leave any droppings. It weighs 888.0 kg or 1957.7lbs, and it falls under dark dragons. Its height of 18 feet gives it the best chance at height to achieve its goal. According to the Pokedex entry, it is a rare beast that lives on earth.

9. Stakataka

This particular Pokemon was introduced in Generation 7, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. With a weight of 820 kg, this Pokemon looks like the Mega Steelix. It has great defense at the same time, its speed is atrocious.

This Pokemon may look like it’s unbreakable, but it has three weaknesses, two of which are fighting and ground. If you target these well, then you will be able to cause enough damage.

10. Melmetal

Last but not the least in weight is Melmetal. It weighs 800.0 kg or 1763.7 lbs. This Pokemon has the best defense system and a legendary attack technique. It is slow but on the other hand, offers a double iron attack and the strongest defense.

Its body is made of liquid metal with hexagonal nuts keeping it in one shape. When its life finally comes to an end, it falls apart and melts into Meltan.


Knowing the weight of Pokemon will give an entirely different view of these creatures the next time you interact with them. It is amazing how sometimes a Pokemon may seem too small yet weigh too much. Getting to know the weight of Pokemon is educative and fun, and we hope this article brightens up your day.

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