10 Vehicles That Weigh Around 26000 lbs (pounds)

Vehicles are a very important aspect of everyday living. They play an indispensable role in the movement of persons from one place to another. This spurs lots of interest in the capability of a vehicle in certain regards.

Recently, the weight of cars has become a prominent question on the minds of many. You might ask what makes the weight of a vehicle so important? The reasons are numerous and range from functions to safety. 

In this article, we discuss 10 – 15 vehicles that weigh around 26000 lbs. Most of these are heavy-duty vehicles for transporting cargo by road over long distances. Stay tuned to learn more!

1. 2022 Freightliner Class M2 106 

2022 freightliner 26000 lbs

This vehicle, though very recent, has a very heavy body frame. At a glance, it’s easy to tell that the Freightliner is capable of carrying lots of heavy items at once with its magnificent cargo bed space.

This big boy has a diesel l9 engine that generates 350hp with a wheelbase of 179 inches. All these add up to its weight of 26000 lbs. 

2. 2015 International DURASTAR 4400

The Durastar remains a great option if you need a vehicle that can get any job done.

It has an impeccable Cummins ISB6.7 engine and High Strength alloy wheel that is flawless against any terrain. With a 128 base wheel, the International DURASTAR 400 weighs 27000 lbs. 

3. 2006 Ford Cab Chassis

The Ford Cab Chassis not only provides a comfortable seating capacity but a cargo bed capable of towing other vehicles around 4000lbs.

This vehicle is a rear-wheel drive with Cummins diesel l6 engine and steel body that accounts for a weight of 25,500 lbs.

4. 2009 International Bus

2009 International Bus 26000 lbs

For a vehicle that houses lots of persons, it’s only right that it has a great weight to keep them safe on impact. The 2009 International Mini Bus doesn’t disappoint in this regard with its Diesel international engine, lengthy metal build.

These features alongside others like cruise control, 5th wheel hitch, telescopic steering wheel add up to a weight of 27500 lbs. 

5. 2011 Ford f750 Dump Truck

2011 Ford f750 26000 LBS

After several years of demonstrating unmatched dexterity, the Ford clearly stands out in the production of heavy-duty vehicles.

The 2011 f750 Dump Truck has got you covered with its 14 ft 6-inch bed, Cummins ISB engine, and 5 person seating capacity. All these can clearly explain the Ford F750’s weight of 24,500 lbs.  

6. 2002 Sterling M7500 ACTERRA Crane Truck

Sometimes, you might desire the stability and convenience that comes with using a crane truck over the crane itself. The 2002 Sterling M7500 Acterra Crane Truck has proven to be effective here.

Its 45-gallon tank, 15 x 96 flatbed, and caterpillar 3126E engine are some of the factors influencing its weight of 26000 lbs. Its wheelbase, 18 inches length, and solid metal body equally play their parts.

7. GMC C6500 Service Truck 2007

The GMC C6500 not only does your heavy duty for you but provides a comfortable environment with an effective air conditioning system.

Its height of 10ft 2 inches, width of 8ft 8 inches, 7.8 liters 6 cylinder engine influence its weight of 26,001 lbs.

8. Chevy Silverado 6500MD 2020

Chevy Silverado 6500MD 26000 lbs

The Chevrolet Silverado 6500 MD  has the right package of features to suit your heavy-duty needs.

Some notable features of this car include its Duramax 6.6L Diesel Turbo v8 engine(diesel compatible), Rugged Duty Service Transmission, 3700 GCWR, electric brake controllers, heavy-duty transmitters, cruise control.

All these magnificently contribute to its weight of 24,500 lbs.

9. International MV607 Car Carrier 2021

The International MV607 Car Carrier 2021 is a recent build with an outrageous towing capacity. It provides a comfy bed for towing vehicles where necessary.

Some amazing features that contribute to its overall weight include its Aluminum wheels, stainless wheel hub, 6-ton capacity steel bed, ABS brakes, 6.7l straight 6 Cylinder Cummins 6cyl Diesel engine.

Its engine generates up to 325hp and it weighs 25,900 lbs.

10. 2019 PETERBILT 337 Car Carrier

PacLease - Apex Linen Service 3

The 2019 PETERBILT337 has a stable and commanding build. Its 102 inches wide  6-ton capacity steel bed, 3500 lbs wheel lift, aluminum blade rails all aid the car carrying capacity of the Peterbilt 337.

These features alongside a Paccar PX-6 6.7l I6 325hp 520 lbs torque engine add up to its weight of 26000 lbs.

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