10 Vehicles That Weigh Around 3500 kg (kilogram)

In recent times, the weight of vehicles has become a very important aspect which many more people are interested in. With lots of vehicles of different sizes and services getting pushed out by various manufacturers, it is great to have an idea of which ones fit your criteria. 

Many factors directly influence the overall weight of a vehicle. Looking to get a solid build that meets a 3500 kg mass? This piece on 10 – 15 vehicles that weigh around 3500kg provides you with just the options you need. Now let’s dive right in!

1. Vauxhall Movano 28 CD

Vauxhall Movano 7000 lbs

If you want just the right build to get swift deliveries made, the Vauxhall Movano 28 CD is a great vehicle to consider.

The Vauxhall Movano is a medium-size van with 4899m in length, 2253 height, and a width of 1990. With a towing limit of 2000kg and a gross payload capacity of 985kg, the Vauxhall Movano weighs around 3000kg.

2. Ford Transit 2.0 350

Ford Transit 7000 lbs

The Ford Transit 2.0 350 not only provides you with amazing options for your towing needs and a great seating capacity. Work in comfort and style with this amazing boy.

One important thing to note about this vehicle is its payload capabilities. The Ford Transit weighs around 3500kg and its rear end provides a very large cargo space. You can transport almost any type of cargo in this van.

3. Volkswagen Crafter 2.0 CR35

2018 Volkswagen Crafter "Enexis"

Volkswagen passes as a pioneer manufacturer of outstanding vehicles that span many decades. Its Volkswagen Crafter 2.0 CR35 is one of its remarkable productions.

This car offers a stable all-around vehicle with a spacious cargo trunk and amazing legroom in its seating spaces. Its long wheelbase, roof height of 2798mm, maximum load length of 4,885mm all make cargo carriage seamless for this vehicle. Moreover, its weight of 3500kg provides stability and safety on impact.

4. Renault Master LWB

Renault Master 7000 lbs

Renault provides you with top-notch flexibility. You get to choose your wheel drive type and make conversions that suit your personal needs.

Also, the Renault has three wheelbases and roof heights specially provided to suit your cargo moving needs.

The 2019 Renault Master LWB has a maximum payload capacity of 1607kg. Its weight of 3500kg helps it stand firm against any kind of terrain or impact situations.

5. Peugeot Boxer

VOSA Peugeot Boxer

The Peugeot’s production of amazing vehicles goes as far back as the 19th century. And in recent times, we have had more comfortable and durable builds from this manufacturer.

The Peugeot Boxer is one of these and has amazing features like a 4035mm wheelbase, 158 mm ground clearance, and a 2198cc diesel engine. The Peugeot Boxer, like a boxer, efficiently resists harsh terrains and impact with its weight of 3500kg.

6. Mercedes-Benz 314CDI FWD

HKPF MB Sprinter 314 AM8672

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that reeks of nothing but class. The Mercedes-Benz 314CDI though has a bigger body frame than the Mercedes Sedan and SUVs, it provides lots of comfort for you and cargo loaded in it.

The Mercedes-Benz 314CDI FWD is 207.36 inches long, 78.46 inches wide, and 95.78 inches in height.

With a weight-to-power ratio of 15.1 kg/hp and a weight of 3300kg, the Mercedes-Benz 314CDI FWD comfortably transports cargo over long distances.

7. Citroen Relay 35 

Citroen Relay 35 7000 lbs

The Citroen Relay 35 has a 2.2-liter engine that generates up to 100hp and this helps it effectively carry out its heavy functions.

With a length of 5413mm, 2524mm height, and 2050mm width, this vehicle efficiently carries a 1390 kg payload. Also, it has a towing limit of 2000kg and weighs 3300kg. 

8. Fiat Ducato Multijet

Fiat Ducato 120 MultiJet Cargo 2011

The Fiat Ducato Multijet is a great van for your cargo-carrying activities. It has a gross payload bed of 1155kg and it weighs 3200kg.

More interesting is its towing limit of 2000kg. You can trust this vehicle on rough terrains and against high impact. 

9. Nissan NV 400 LWB

2017 Nissan NV400 "Witte Kruis"

A list of vehicles isn’t complete without the Nissan in it. The Nissan NV 400 LWB provides a great business companion with features like its engine, convenient 3 seater provision, rear parking sensors, and so on.

Moreover, its rear parking sensors and weight of 3050kg help this car maintain its stability on any terrain.

10. Ford F450 Super Duty Crew Cab

2018 F450

Ford never disappoints with its heavy-duty trucks and the F450 has been a great model for years now.

This car has a very efficient V8 475 hp engine, a length of 266.2 inches, and a towing capacity of 24200 pounds. Moreover, the Ford F450 Super Duty Crew Cab weighs 3800kg and is flawless against rough terrains.

Originally posted on September 3, 2021 @ 9:04 am

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