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Robin Haines

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Robin is our contributing editor, he has a psychology background and a Masters of Education. Through his career he has enabled individuals and organisations flourish through change, lightening stuff that can weigh heavily on people’s minds. His natural curiosity, love of research and joy in learning something interesting about everyday things have found a perfect outlet on

Contributing Authors

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Niklas Lampi

Nilklas is an entrepreneur who has authored and created many websites that that have significantly benefited his audience. He has a great love of helping and entertaining people about everything from important to less important stuff. With a keen sense of humour lateral thinking he is able to craft articles that surprise you into seeing the world in a new light.

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Other Wonderful Writers

Weight of Stuff has over five staff and freelance authors who, for the time being, desire to remain anonymous for now. We humbly thank them for their efforts to make this publication a joy to explore. All articles on this website are governed by our editorial policy to assure quality and accuracy.

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