14 Cars That Weigh Around 2000 lbs (Pounds)

There is a stack of components that make up the weight of cars including the most important part of all – the engine. 

But many components and systems that add to the weight of cars have become lighter over the years as manufacturers strive to make greener vehicles.  

In some cases, drivers reduce the weight of their vehicle by removing some of the heavier gadgets. 

Drivers with an old car may replace an outdated air conditioning compressor for a start – those things are heavy. 

Some people remove dated gear in their car such as an ancient stereo system with heavy wiring. 

This list of 12 cars that weigh around 2000Ib or 907kg features heaps of parts and systems.

1. 1999 Ford Fiesta Zetec


With a curb weight of 2010 pounds or 912kg, this compact car with 4-5 seats is a 3-door hatchback. 

It has a length of 150.7 inches and a width measuring 64.3 inches, which gives a fair amount of space for passengers. 

The 10.6-gallon tank on this 5-speed manual doesn’t add much to the weight of this car with a top speed of 167km/h. 

2. 2002 Renault Clio II

Renault Clio II (2002 - 2008)

This is a 3-door hatchback with 4-5 seats that has a curb weight of 1984Ib, which is around 900kg. 

The 1.1-liter 4-cylinder engine remains faithful to the main theme of this model – less is more.  

Its 5-speed manual transmission takes the vehicle up to a top speed of 170km/h. 

3. 2001 Citroen Saxo SX


Simply oozing style, this hatchback with a 5-speed manual gear system weighs in at around 1895Ib or 860kg. 

To fill the tank up on this small vehicle with 3 doors and 5 seats, you’re going to have to put around 11.9 gallons in. 

The relatively light 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine pulling a frame of 146.4 inches long and 62.8 inches wide is capable of reaching 175km/h. 

4. 2002 Peugeot RC Spades


Most of the weight on this set of wheels is in a mid-position of the 169.3-inch long car with a 70.9 inches width.

This weight comes from its 2-liter engine using a 6-speed manual transmission to pull its curb weight of 1984 pounds. 

Its lightweight and compact dimensions allow it to get up to around 230km/h. 

5. 1988 Dacia 1210 Fastback

1988 Dacia 1210 2000 lbs

The curb weight of this popular 5-door hatchback from Dacia is also 1984Ib or around 900kg.

It has a length of 173.4 inches and is 64.4 inches wide, which provides some room for passengers. 

And its 4-speed manual transmission provides speed control for this 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine. 

6. 1994 Vauxhall Corsa TD LS

1994 Vauxhall Corsa LS

The turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine on this light but solid car adds to its curb weight of 2050 pounds or 930kg. 

The length of the hatchback is 146.8 inches – and 63.3 inches covers the entire width of this compact vehicle. 

You’ll need 12.2 gallons of fuel to fill the tank, which is plenty to enjoy its smooth 5-speed manual gear transmission. 

7. 2005 Hyundai Atos Prime

13 - Hyundai Atos Prime en Zamora

There’s not too much addition in weight from the 1.1-liter 4-cylinder engine – the curb weight of this car is 1949 pounds or 884kg. 

The same could be said for the body -the length comes to 140.4 inches and the width is around 60 inches. 

But this 5-door hatchback with between 4 and 5 seats can get up to 146km/h. 

8. 1989 Fiat Uno Turbo D

1989 Fiat Uno 2000 lbs

The front-mounted 1.4-liter turbocharged engine takes most of its weight of 2006 pounds or 910kg to the front of the vehicle.

Its modest length of 145.2 inches and 61.5 inches width provides legroom and space in the trunk.

You can get 10.6 gallons of fuel in the tank – something you may do before attempting to take it up to its 168km/h top speed. 

9. 1984 Seat Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza (1984-93)

As this car weighs just 1984Ib, it’s easy getting the 4-cylinder 1.2-liter engine up to its max speed of 151km/h.

Measuring 143.2 inches long and only 63.3 inches wide, you can park the car in the city without too many issues. 

The 13.2- gallon tank adds a significant amount of weight to this 5-speed manual.  

10. 2003 Kia Picanto 


The curb weight on this Kia car is just 1922 pounds or 872kg, which makes it easier to reach its top speed of 152km/h.

This front-wheel-drive car comes to only 137.6 inches in length and 62 inches in width.

It only takes 9.2 gallons to fill the tank of this 4-5 speed automatic. 

11. 2012 Skoda Citigo

Skoda Citigo 2000 lbs

As its name suggests, this small vehicle at 140.3 inches in length and 64.8 inches wide is perfect for driving downtown. 

It has a curb weight of 2048 pounds or 929kg and a small 1.1-liter 3-cylinder engine. 

The 5-speed manual gears take this tiny car up to a surprising 160km/h top speed.  

12. 2002 Nissan Moco T 

2002 Nissan Moco T 2000 lbs

Weighing 1984 pounds or 900kg, this 4-speed automatic can get to decent speeds with its tiny 0.7-liter engine. 

The length of its sedan body is 133.7 inches and it has a width of only 58.1 inches.

Filling the tank takes 7.9 gallons of fuel and there’s still some space for friends despite its relatively small interior.

13. Alfa Romeo 4c 

Alfa Romeo 4C

If the Alfa Romeo 4C was human, then it would be a super hot model.

With an impeccable exterior, the car still manages to find itself in the lightweight league weighing just 1973lbs, and runs at a top speed of  258km/h (160mph).

14. Smart Fortwo

Smart fortwo 52 mhd cabrio

The Smart Fortwo is a subcompact microcar and its first design was introduced in 1998 at the Paris motor show.

Currently, in its third generation, the Smart Fortwo has undergone a lot of modifications to fit modern-day trends and designs, but one feature that remains constant along its sleek design is its lightweight. The car weighs just 1940lbs.

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