How Much Does a Forklift Weigh? 12 Heaviest Forklifts in the World

You don’t need to be an engineer to appreciate the need for counterweights in order for forklifts to lift extremely heavy weights safely.  

Heavy forklifts are put to use in a variety of industrial settings such as factories and ports as well as outdoors on construction sites, for example.

But of course, just because the manufacturer may have got the counterbalance system right, it doesn’t mean to say that the machine is going to work efficiently. 

How much does a forklift weigh? Forklifts will vary in weight quite a lot. The average weight of a forklift is 9000 pounds (4,082kg), and when we say average weight, we mean what is called the service weight or overall weight of the truck. 

The following list of the 12 heaviest forklifts in the world is more of an overview of the  super-heavy forklifts being used today rather than a definitive list of the actual 12 heaviest forklifts across the globe. The service weight in kilograms is approximate. 

  1. Kalmar DCG720-10 LB – 93,500kg
  2. Konecranes SMV 65-1200 B – 90,000kg
  3. Hyster H52.00XM-12 – 76,000kg
  4. Kalmar DCF 520-12 –  63,000kg
  5. Versa-Lift 100/140 –  60,000kg
  6. Svetruck 52120- 60 – 60,000kg
  7. Taylor X650L – 47,000kg
  8. Fantuzzi FDC300RR – 45,000kg
  9. Kalmar DCF 80-45 E6 – 37,000kg
  10. Hoist F500 – 31,297kg
  11. Tider TD250 – 25,000kg
  12. Sany SCP130A – 16,490kg

Forklift trucks are invaluable machines within an industrial environment and construction projects of all sizes. 

If you’re having trouble sourcing the service weight of a lift truck you’re interested in buying, remember that its service weight is usually around 1.5 to 2 times heavier than the lifting capacity. 

1. Kalmar DCG720-10 LB – 93,500kg

Reigning from Finland, the hugely impressive Kalmar DCG720-10 LB is used in all kinds of work environments – both indoors and outdoors.  

And with an overall weight of 93.5 tons (206,132Ib) and a lifting capacity of about 72 tons (158,733Ib), there’s no wonder that this beast is in the number one slot of our comprehensive list of the heaviest forklifts in the world.  

Engine power at 285kw and lifting height of 4 meters makes this formidable forklift difficult to beat.    

2. Konecranes SMV 65-1200 B – 90,000kg


Yet another super-heavy forklift from Finnish manufacturers. 

The Konecranes SMV 65-1200 B is put to work by proud operatives in airport terminals, shipyards, and many other workplaces. 

Weighing in at an impressive 90 tons (198,416Ib) or thereabouts and a lifting capability of about 65 tons or 143,300 pounds, these mean machines are capable of completing whatever task is asked of them.   

3. Hyster H52.00XM-12 – 76,000kg

The first American truck on our list of mammoth forklifts, the Hyster H52.00XM-12 is without question, justified to be included in our list of the heaviest forklifts in the world. 

The service weight of the machine is 76 tons (167,551Ib) and is capable of picking up materials weighing around 56 tons (123,458Ib). 

With fork length at 3.5 meters and lifting height at around 4 meters, stacking lots of far-reaching goods on this powerhouse truck is straightforward. 

4. Kalmar DCF 520-12 – 63,000kg 


Found being put to good use in a number of work environments such as large warehouses and scrapyards, the Kalmar DCF 520-12 is a magnificent machine. 

The overall weight of this huge unit is 63 tons (138,891Ib). It is easily capable of lifting objects weighing around 115, 000 pounds – roughly 52 tons.   

5. Versa-Lift 100/140 – 60,000kg

This UK-based manufacturer has provided us with a very capable forklift in the super-heavy division. 

The Versa-Lift 100/140 weighs around 60 tons (138,000Ib) ,give or take a few pounds and can be loaded up to 140,000 pounds depending on the fork-reach status.   

6. Svetruck 52120-60 – 60,000kg

Our Swedish entry in this list of the heaviest forklift trucks is placed at a respectable sixth place. 

The Svetruck 52120-60 uses its 60 tons (138,000Ib) in service weight to be able to reach out with a nominal load at COG of around 52 tons (114,640Ib).   

7. Taylor X650L – 47,000kg

This American manufacturer of heavy industrial lift trucks has got plenty to be proud about with their Taylor X650L used in industries including steel, wood, and concrete. 

An impressive 47 ton service weight or 103,617 pounds and lift capacity of 65 tons (143,300Ib) makes this machine a worthy list contender. 

8. Fantuzzi FDC300RR – 45,000kg

The Fantuzzi FDC300RR – a powerful forklift from Italian manufacturers, can be utilised to carry out a wide range of lifting tasks. 

It weighs about 45 tons (99,208Ib) and can reach out to around 3 meters with a 66,139 pounds capacity load.  

9. Kalmar DCF 80-45 E6 – 37,000kg

Our third installation from this Finnish giant in massive forklifts, the Kalmar DCF 80-45 E6 can be seen being used to lift massive containers and loading all kinds of materials . 

With its decent 37 tons (81,571Ib) in weight to help it achieve lifts of up to 8 tons or around 17636 pounds (nominal load at COG), this machine is a real team player.   

10. Hoist F500 – 31,297kg

A leader in material handling equipment manufacturing, Hoist has given us the F500 for a wide range of industrial needs.  

Weighing about 31 tons (68,343Ib) and being able to lift up to about 23 tons (50,706Ib), this very handy equipment is popular with companies throughout the world. 

11. Tider TD250 – 25,000kg

Our first Chinese-Built forklift fitting into our super-heavy fork truck list for across the globe is the compact and powerful TIDER TD250. 

The service weight on this strong and robust truck is 25 tons or 55,115 pounds.  

12. Sany SCP130A -16,490kg

Even though at 12th place, this American offering in our list of the heaviest forklifts from around the globe is still impressive.

Weighing around 16.5 tons (36,376Ib), this machine is easily capable of lifting materials up to 28, 600 pounds with a 24-inch reach.   


Originally posted on July 20, 2020 @ 9:23 am

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