16 Boats That Weigh Under 5000 Pounds

There are many different sizes and shapes of boats. It can be hard to figure out details about boat weight estimates on your own as well.

If you’ve been curious about boats that weigh less than 5000 pounds, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn interesting facts about boats that are below 5000 pounds!

1. Hunter 33

The Hunter 33 is an American sailboat that was made for the first time in 1977. It was designed by John Cherubini.

The design was first sold by the company as the Hunter 33, but it is often confused with the 2004 Hunter 33-2004, which was also sold as the Hunter 33. The weight of this boat is 4100 pounds.

2. O’Day 25

The O’Day 25 is an American sailboat that can be pulled behind a car or truck. It was made by C.R. Hunt & Associates.

It is a small keelboat for recreational use that is mostly made of fiberglass and has some wood trim. It has a masthead sloop rig, a rudder that hangs from the stern, and a fixed centerboard or fin keel.

It weighs 4,007 lb (1,818 kg) and has ballast that weighs 1,825 lb (828 kg).

3. Glastron 205 GTS

Depending on the owner’s preferences, this bowrider boat is available in three distinct color schemes. It is 20’6″ in length and holds 32 gallons of gasoline. The combined weight of these features is 3000 pounds.

4. Cobalt 23SC

This boat is a bit longer than the Glastron, with a total length of 23’2″. Because it can fit twelve people, now you can have a larger party on the beach!

All of your friends and family will be able to join you on your Cobalt journey! It only has a curb weight of 4,200 lbs.

5. Stingray 215LR

For simple boarding, the Stingray 215LR has a side-entry walkway, bow and stern boarding ladders, and a spacious cockpit.

This bowrider falls somewhere in the center of the Cobalt and Glastron family tree, with an overall length of 21’11”.

At 2,000 pounds, it’s lighter than the Cobalt, but it still has one less passenger capacity than the 23SC.

6. Stingray 250CS Mid-Cabin Cruiser

The 250CS is a total of 25 feet long, so there’s a lot of room to move around on deck. The 66-gallon fuel tank means you won’t have to fill up as often.

It can easily hold up to ten people, so you can take some of your closest family and friends out on the water and relax. It is 4850 pounds heavy.

7. Parker 750 Cabin Cruiser

The Parker 750 Cabin Cruiser is a great boat because it weighs a healthy 4,100 pounds.

Once you’re out on the water, you can stretch out on the deck, which is about 24 feet long. It can also hold up to seven people, so invite some friends to go fishing at night.

8. Cruiser C-Dory

This 22-foot cabin cruiser is perfect for someone who doesn’t need a lot of company on the water.

It can only hold up to four people at a time, which is great for a small group of friends or a small family. It only weighs 2,600 pounds and has a fuel tank that holds 46 gallons.

9. Tahoe 1950

The 2019 Tahoe 1950 is 19’5″ long, which isn’t so big that it’s hard to handle but also isn’t so small that it’s uncomfortable on longer trips.

Even though this deck boat doesn’t look very big, it can easily fit up to ten grown adults. It has an average fuel tank that can hold forty gallons at a time. This boat weighs 3,135 pounds as well.

10. Tahoe 215 Xi

Having 10 people on a deck boat could be too many. Isn’t a boat party incomplete without at least a dozen guests?

Even so, the 2019 Tahoe 215 Xi can hold up to twelve people at a time while just adding a few hundred pounds to your boat’s weight differential. It’s 3350 pounds heavy.

11. Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX

The Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX for 2019 has all of the features you’d expect from a party boat. There’s a lot of deck space (it’s a total of twenty feet long) and seating for nine people aboard this boat.

And it’s just 1,495 pounds, so it’s really light!

12. Regency 250 LE3 Sport

This 27’5″ pontoon boat can fit 14 people. It has a 52-gallon fuel tank, unlike the Sun Tracker, so you can keep your group on the water.

The greater weight from more space is a downside. However,  It’s still below 5,000 pounds. It weighs 4500 pounds.

13. 2019 Avalon Excalibur

You may want to consider the 2019 Avalon Excalibur if the Regency is still too small. The deck area is ample since it measures 29’3″ in total length.

There’s room for up to sixteen people on this pontoon boat! Also, it meets desired mass with a weight of 4900 pounds.

14. Macgregor 26

Macgregor 26s were last manufactured in 2013, yet this is a yacht that will survive for decades to come. A total length of 25’10” makes it a powerful vessel in its own right on the ocean.

It sleeps six people, so you can take the entire family out and maybe even an additional buddy or two. For added convenience, it weighs in at a little over 2550 pounds.

15. Hunter 260

In terms of total length and weight, the Hunter 260 is somewhat larger than the Macgregor 26.

However, it can carry two more people than the Macgregor while only gaining 450 pounds. It weighs in at 3000 lbs.

16. Catalina 250

The Catalina 250 is just five feet shorter in overall length than the Hunter 260, but it is also 1200 pounds heavier.

Hunter 260, on the other hand, has double the capacity for freshwater storage, but only half the passengers. This boat weighs 4200 pounds when it’s dry.

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