How Much Does a 17 Foot (ft) Aluminum Boat Weigh?

Aluminum fishing boats are available in different sizes and designs, making them suitable for a wide variety of fishing scenarios.

However, their sturdy construction makes them best suited for fishing in shallow waters, near shore, and in reservoirs, impoundments, and rivers where there is a greater chance of colliding with stumps, rocks, or the riverbed. 

In contrast to a fiberglass boat, an aluminum fishing boat may only sustain minor damage in the event of an accident. For the same reason, a small aluminum boat may be preferable for inexperienced sailors, as it is less likely to sustain damage. 

A small aluminum fishing boat, such as a 12-foot model, can be rowed with oars, driven by a very small portable gasoline or electric outboard motor, and transported without a trailer. Two people can easily transport and launch this aluminum fishing boat onto even the tiniest of lakes or rivers. It is ideal for fishing, hunting, and trapping in remote areas.

A standard weight for all 17-foot aluminum boats is hard to determine due to the wide variety of aluminum boat types, manufacturers, and models. But after a lot of investigation, we’ve determined that the typical weight of a 17-foot aluminum boat is between 500 and 1700 pounds.


Types of Aluminum Boats 

There are four main types of aluminum fishing boats namely:

  • Jon Boats
  • Deep-V boats
  • Bass boats and 
  • Multi-species boats. 

In subsequent paragraphs, we’ll closely examine these types of aluminum boats and most importantly the average weight of a 17ft aluminum boat with regard to these different types

Average Weight of a 17ft Aluminum Jon Boat 

Effective, long-lasting, and of excellent quality, that is how you best describe Jon boats. Having an elevated bow fisher shooting deck and effortless maneuverability, you will have no competition on the sea. Jon boats come in a wide range of sizes because of variations in construction methods and material use across manufacturers. The average weight of a Jon boat, according to our findings, is 700lbs.

However, here’s a table showing different but similarly popular 17ft Jon boats and their varying weights. 

Name Weight 
2022 Tracker GRIZZLY 1754 JON670 lbs 
Lowe L1852MT Aura416 lbs 
Excel boats F-4 Pro Hull 1754560 lbs
Crestliner 1760 RETRIEVER JON690 lbs
Xpress 1756 VJ weight460 lbs 
G3 GATOR TOUGH 17 CC780 lbs

Average Weight of a 17ft Aluminum Deep V-boat

Buster S aluminium boat

Deep V aluminum boats are constructed to offer the sturdiness and wave-slicing capability essential for navigating rougher seas. They have a moderate deadrise at the stern and a steep one up front, making for a boat that can ride out bigger waves without tipping over. 

In addition, for protection, while traveling through rough seas, they feature roomy, deep cockpits.

According to our findings, the average weight of a 17ft Deep V-boat is 1500lbs. 

However, below is a table comparing the weights of many popular 17-foot Deep V boats of differing construction.

Name Weight 
Lowe Fishing Machine 1800 SC1668 lbs
Ranger’s VS1782SC REATA1680 lbs
Smoker Craft’s 171 Pro Angler XL1350 lbs 
OUTFITTER V177 T940 lbs 
G3 Angler V178 F1080 lbs 

Average Weight of a 17ft Aluminum Bass Boat 

Bass boats for freshwater fishing have a lot to offer. For the same amount of power, their smaller size and lower weight mean they cost significantly less than their fiberglass counterparts. 

They may be less complicated to launch, and you won’t have to worry about waxing a gel coat. Accident repairs are also typically less expensive.

The average weight of a 17ft Aluminum Bass boat is 1200lbs.

On the other hand, below is a table comparing the weights of some widely used 17-foot Aluminum bass boats.

Name Weight 
Lowe Skorpion 17 Aluminum Bass Boat670 lbs 
Ranger RT178C Aluminum Bass Boat1,170 lbs 
Crestliner XF 1791, 190 lbs
Bass Tracker Pro 17970 lbs 
2022 Smoker Craft Pro Angler 172 XL1,305 lbs
Nimble NITRO® Z171450 lbs 

Average Weight of a 17ft Multi-Species Boat 

Anglers interested in pursuing a wide variety of fish species that inhabit a wide range of water environments will find multi-species fishing boats to be an excellent choice. To ensure the success and enjoyment of every fishing trip, multispecies boats are built with the utmost versatility and utility in mind. 

Most boats designed to accommodate multiple species of fish have a semi-V hull with a moderate deadrise, which aids stability in a wide range of water conditions, from shallow to large lake waves. In contrast, bass boats typically feature mod-V hulls, which are flatter at the bottom and have a lower profile to get you closer to the water. 

While specific models and brands might affect the weight, studies suggest that a 17-foot aluminum multi-species boat typically weighs somewhere about 1000 lbs. We have compiled a list of common multi-species boats and their respective weights in the table below.

Name Weight 
2022 Alumacraft Voyageur 175 Sport Base
1,070 lbs
Starcraft Boats Superfisherman 170 Multi-Species Fishing Boat1,273 lbs 
Lowe® Boats Stinger 175C1,055 lbs 
Lund Boats 1775 Adventure Sport1,185 lbs  

Why Have an Aluminum Fishing Boat?

Aluminum fishing boats are lightweight and sturdy. Due to their light design, aluminum boats can access smaller, shallower fishing locations than other boats. Aluminum boats are low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant, and can last 40 years. They’re 40% lighter and cheaper than fiberglass. 

Aluminum absorbs impact energy, preventing damage (but is cheap to repair) – perfect for fishing in shallow rough water. Aluminum doesn’t burn, isn’t impacted by UV rays, and is 100% recyclable.

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