How Much Does a 14 Foot (ft) Aluminum Boat Weigh?

When planning to sail into the water to fish or for sports, there are many things you should pay attention to before picking a boat.

First, you must consider the type of water body you will be cruising, the amount of load you want to carry, your boating experience, and the boat’s weight. Unfortunately, most boat riders rarely pay attention to boat weights, and ignoring such information could set you up for trouble.

Luckily, we will be looking at the average weight of 14-foot aluminum boats to give you an idea of what lies ahead. Aluminum boats are the lightest of all categories and are the most popular option in the market.

14-foot aluminum boats are versatile and can be used to accomplish various missions. For example, boats in this category are used for fishing, duck hunting, or enjoying the evening with friends. So without further ado, let us dive into the details.

14-Foot (ft.) Aluminum Boat Average Weight


14-foot aluminum boats weigh between 200-800 pounds on average, considering there are different categories to consider. Some of the boats under this category include Jon boats, Bass boats, Deep-V boats, Mod-V boats, Multi-species boats, Utility boats, Ski and Fish boats, Crappie boats, and Sports boats.

These boats are light enough for one person to launch them into the lake. In addition, they are easy to control when traveling across different water bodies. The Jon Boat has a flat bottom, the lightest of the 14-foot aluminum boats. Following Jon boats, we have the Deep-V boats, which are typically Jon boats with a deepened hull.

While these boats are built with versatility, they can only carry an average of 685 pounds. You should therefore consider the maximum weight capacity before sailing. The weight of 14-foot aluminum boats is broken into four classes.

Dry Weight

The manufacturer includes this mass of the boat in the instructions manual. It is the boat’s total weight without the engine, fuel, passengers, equipment, and trailer.

Wet Weight

When the engine is added onto the boat and fully fueled, it makes up the boat’s wet weight. To avoid going beyond the weight limits, the wet weight helps you pick the motor size for your boat.

When calculating the total engine capacity, consider that each gallon weighs roughly 6 pounds. So a fuel tank that holds 50 gallons will add more than 300 pounds of mass to your boat’s dry weight.

Package Weight

The package weight is your boat’s weight with a fully packed engine on a trailer. This weight plays a big role in determining the tow weight for your vehicle when transporting the boat. Your choice of the trailer depends on the length and weight of your vessel.

Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity indicates the load your 14-foot aluminum boat can handle. Manufacturers always include the number on the capacity plate.

Before carrying extra passengers or equipment on your trip, refer to the capacity plate first. This ensures you stay within load limits to prevent your boat from overturning or capsizing.

Average Weight of a 14 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Jon Boat

Jon boat, Grassy Pond

On average, a 14-foot aluminum Jon Boat weighs roughly 197 pounds. This is the dry weight without the motor and fuel. It can carry around 610 pounds of load, including people and equipment. The 14-foot aluminum is easy to navigate in almost all lakes.

You can also use them for watersports and longer fishing trips. They can carry up to three passengers, making it a great vessel for fishing expeditions with family and friends.

The average Aluminum Jon Boat is around 57 to 70 inches wide. This allows you to carry two more passengers on your boat. These boats also have a higher horsepower rating that could reach around 20hp, with some having 25hp engines. In addition, they can reach top speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour.

Examples of 14-Foot Jon Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Waco Jon 1432 Series104 lbs.
Alumacraft 1436 Jon Boat82 lbs.
Lowe L1436 Jon Boat185 lbs.
Track Topper 1436 Jon Boat162 lbs.
Smoker Craft 1436 Jon Boat185 lbs.
G3 Boats190 lbs.
Lost Creek Jon Boat145 lbs.
Crestliner 1436 Jon Boat180 lbs.
Lund 1448 Jon Boat260 lbs.
Lund 1440M205 lbs.
XpressBoats 1440D258 lbs.
WeldCraft 1444RS260 lbs.
StarCraft 1436185 lbs.
Alweld 1336CJ360 lbs.
PrinceCraft PR 1436 L145 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 14 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Deep V-boat

A 14-foot aluminum deep-V boat can weigh up to 220 pounds at about 80 inches wide. It is built with a deeper hull that can slice through huge water waves while maintaining stability on extensive lakes and rivers. The sharp deadrise at the bow ensures a moderate angle to keep your vessel stable when riding through stubborn waves.

The deep-V aluminum boats also have deeply curved cockpits with flattened floors for proper balancing. Riders and fishers can stay safe through the waters with the rear or central control systems. A typical 14-foot aluminum deep-V boat has a carrying capacity of about 800 pounds and can accommodate four people, with benches and chairs as seat options.

The extensive length of these boats also ensures that anglers can cast their lines at any side of the boat without worrying about it toppling over. In addition, 14-foot aluminum deep-V boats are propelled with outboard motors weighing over 60 pounds, which would determine the average wet weight.

Examples of 14-Foot Deep-V Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Alumacraft V-Series V14230 lbs.
Lund SSV-14285 lbs.
Crestliner 1469 Outreach285 lbs.
Crestliner 1461 Outreach194 lbs.
Voyager Discovery Deep-V165 lbs.
PrinceCraft Fisherman 14201 lbs.
Lowe V1460194 lbs.
Lowe WV1470285 lbs.
MirroCraft 4604175 lbs.
MeyersBoat Super Pro 14 II208 lbs.
Tracker V-14 Deep V234 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 14 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Bass Boat

14-foot aluminum boats are the best for fishing bass in both fresh and brackish water. These boats can be used in lakes, swamps, reservoirs, and large rivers. On average, a 14-foot bass boat can weigh around 350 pounds. These boats closely resemble Jon boats, only that they do not have benches as seats. They can either have swivel chairs or fixed chairs for carrying extra passengers.

Four chairs are for carrying passengers, while two swivel chairs on the front and rear are used for casting lines. These chairs can add around 80 pounds to the aluminum hull. A 14-foot aluminum bass boat has a carrying capacity of roughly 1200 pounds which is great for extensive fishing tours. The floor space can carry a lot of equipment and still leave room for carrying fish.

Bearing that Bass fishing happens in shallow, slow-moving water, bass boats have either flat bottom or mod-V hulls to keep you floating. With the heavy motor on these boats, they can reach speeds of up to 60 mph.

Examples of 14-Foot Bass Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Lund WC-14 Overhead285 lbs.
Lund 1400 Fury500 lbs.
StarCraft SF 14245 lbs.

The Average Weight of a 14 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Multi-Species Boat

The average 14-foot aluminum multi-species boat weighs about 500 pounds. A multi-species fishing boat is typically a bass boat with a semi-V hull. They also have glass visors to prevent visual obstruction and higher sidewalls to prevent water from splashing into the hull at high speed. Multi-species boats are used for fishing different fish species and also for sports.

Considering their extensive construction, these boats carry up to five people. They are great for rowing with kids, friends, and family, with carrying capacities up to 1300 pounds. In addition, they can carry around 230 pounds of equipment and more than 300 pounds of fish.

They can also remove or add extra seats to manage the overall weight. This boat gives riders comfort and confidence since they can slice through waters at higher speeds without destabilizing. With such a heavy boat, you can expect it to have a motor weighing 120 pounds, and when fueled to a full tank, the boat can weigh 860 pounds.

Examples of 14-Foot Multi-Species Boats and Their Weights

Boat Brand/ManufacturerWeight
Alumacraft Escape CS 145604 lbs.
Alumacraft Tiller 145251 lbs.
Tracker Boats Super Guide V-14640 lbs.

When looking for a 14-foot aluminum boat, pick a size that suits you. While the length may be equal across all boat classes, the widths may differ. Some manufacturers build their boats wider than others with more space, so be sure to pick one that gives you freedom and room to maneuver. Understanding boat weights also ensures you stick within capacity limits to avoid overloading.

The weight of the boat you choose should also be influenced by the level of water you wish to travel on. Even though Jon boats have flat bottoms, they cannot float on all water bodies. Some of these boats are only reserved for calm freshwater bodies, while some can be used both in freshwater and in the ocean. Check your location and make the right choice.

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