The 12 Heaviest Tractors in The World

When you hear agriculture, what comes to mind? In most cases, it’s farm products, but let’s not forget the machines used on the farm.

They are big machines used to cultivate, plow, sow and harvest crops. In general, the bigger the machine, the more the efficiency allows wider implements installations.

Where there is wider implementation, more ground is covered at one go. The question is, which are the ultimate giants in size and weight? Here are some of the heaviest tractors in the world.

1. Big Bud 16V-747

Big Bud 747 worlds largest tractor

Big bud 16V-747 weighs 135,000 pounds and is 28ft long, 20ft wide. The machine uses a Detroit diesel 16 cylinder and a two-engine which can produce 1,100 horsepower.

It uses a Detroit diesel tank carrying 1,000 gallons, and its hydraulic tank can carry 150 gallons. Big Bud was built in 1977 by a Northern Manufacturing facility in Montana and is renowned as the world’s heaviest tractor.

2. AGCO Challenger MT975B

AGCO Challenger MT975B has one of the widest frames and is 24ft long and 16ft wide. It’s a 4WD tractor that weighs 60,000 pounds and is powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine.

In addition, it generates a horsepower of 570 through a powershift 20-gear transmission and runs on a 390-gallon fuel tank. Although it is smaller in size, it boasts of being among the heaviest tractors.

3. Buhler Versatile 610DT


Buhler’s versatile 610 DT weighs 54,000 pounds.

The behemoth is powered by a 650-horsepower engine and has an engine named Cummins QSX15 T4F. The machine is available in either wheels or chains.

4. Big Roy 8-WD Versatile Model 1080

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This machine weighs 52,000 pounds and is powered by a 600-horsepower engine. Its engine is 30ft long,22ft wide, and 11 ft tall. The machine is an eight-wheel-drive tractor with four axles.

In addition, it is fitted with a 120-degree camera that is dustproof to convey pictures of its drawbar to the cab’s control panel tv monitor. Big Roy tractor also has a 550-gallon diesel fuel tank and is powered by a 6-cylinder engine.

5. New Holland T9.670

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The New Holland T9.670 is a product of an American agricultural engineering group.

The machine has a two-stage turbocharged engine. The tractor weighs 50,800 pounds at maximum and can reach a horsepower of 648. In addition, the tractor length span is 25ft,12.4ft tall, and its frame is 3.7 feet wide.

6. John Deere 9620RX

john deere 9620rx 4k plowing field 2019 tractors crawler

The machine is powered by QSX15, a Cummins 6-cylinder in-line engine. The engine can produce a horsepower of 670 and weighs about 50,000 pounds.

With this weight, it makes John Deere 9620RX the best tractor in the John Deere machines. It has four to eight valves and has an electro-hydraulic clutch and a rear RPM of 1000 (1.75).

7. Upton HT14/350 2WD

Upton HT14/350 2WD is a two-wheel-drive tractor and ranked as one of the most powerful in the world. It weighs 50,000 pounds and is fitted with 20-ply earthmovers tires.

In addition, this machine has a rear axle of 65,000 capacity. Furthermore, Upton HT14 has a Cummins 14.0.6-cylinder engine that has a horsepower of 350. Lastly, over 80% of its 25-ton weight is carried on the rear.

8. Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620

4k case ih steiger 620 quadtrac crawler tractor 2020 tractors plowing field

The Steiger Quadtrac 620 is manufactured by CNH Industrial. This machine has an engine of 12.9L with a maximum engine output of 682 horsepower. In addition, it has a PTO power of 473.

It weighs between 48,780 and 60,145 pounds. Additionally, the tractor has a maximum speed of about 23 miles per hour. The one thing that distinguishes it from others is its four-crawler drive.

Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620 has a 12-volt system and an alternator rating of 240 amps. Lastly, it has a cooling system for a hydraulic fan drive.

9. Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 540 CVX

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Case IH has several types of tractors. However, the manufacturer boasts of having some of the world’s strongest. The Quadtrac 540 CVX has a CVXD transmission and a six-cylinder engine.

Its engine can be electronically controlled and has a displacement of 12.9litres. The tractor’s maximum engine capacity at peak performance is the horsepower of 613 and weighs 47,780 pounds.

Although it’s a heavy tractor, it’s the first continuous variable tractor to get to a maximum speed of 25 miles an hour from a standstill.

10. Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 600

As mentioned earlier, Case IH tractors have several tractors with different capacities. Another brand on the list is Quadtrac 600.

This tractor has a horsepower of 600, is a quad track drive, and has a powershift transmission. Additionally, the tractor weighs 44,000 pounds and is powered by a 4a tier engine.

11. John Deere 9570 RT

It is another tractor that has made it to the list manufactured by Deere and Company. It’s a Cummins 15L and has a new and improved E18 powershift.

In addition, the tractor has an air cushion suspension system and a new command view III cab. The Deere 9570 RT is part of the 9RT series and weighs 40,740 pounds. Lastly, the 9570 RT has 18 forward and six reverse gears.

12. New Holland T9.645

CNH Industrial manufactures this tractor. It weighs 40,000 pounds, is powered by a two-stage turbo engine, and can reach a horsepower of 638. As a result, it can also be used as a bulldozer that can move tons of soil every day.

It’s said that bigger is better. So that means bigger machines can meet the requirements and finish the job. All the above machines are used in the agricultural sector and have displayed high engineering skills.

So, they offer strength and effectiveness in the agricultural sector and now you know how much the biggest of them weigh.

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