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What’s The Weight of McDonald’s Burgers?

McDonald’s Burgers attracts many customers, but the question a lot of people ask is what they contain. Forget about the rumors and read on to know more about the burgers weight and what’s actually inside them.

What’s the weight of McDonald’s burgers? The average weight of McDonald’s burgers are 210 grams (7.4 oz). The burgers are made by combining one or two 45 gram ground beef patty(s), 3.5 grams of ketchup and other ingredients including dill pickle, mustard, and rehydrated onions which are available on a grilled bun.

McDonald’s Hamburgers

McDonald’s makes many various types of hamburgers. What follows is a list of the most common McDonald’s burgers and their respective weight.

Quarter Pounder


Weight: 220 grams or 7.75 ounces

The Quarter Pounder comprises of 45 grams beef patty which is equivalent to 1.6 ounces. Quarter Pounder doesn’t have mustard or is served without mustard. It is referred to as Royal Cheese in other parts like France.

Quarter Pounder also comes in other variants like Double Quarter Pounder which includes two beef patties of the same weight adding up to a total weight of 165 grams or 5.8 ounces. It was also expanded into three other variants in 2013 rendering them available in 3 other small varieties of Angus Burgers.

Big Mac


Weight: 240 grams or 8.5 ounces

Big Mac is another signature sandwich by McDonald’s and was introduced in 1967. It consists of two 45 grams or 1.6 ounces ground beef pattys. It also features other ingredients like sauce, lettuce, pickles, cheese, diced onions inside a sesame bun plus an extra middle bun. The weight of the ground beef pattys is the uncooked weight.

The additional bun is referred to as club layer and separates the beef patties. In 2017, another big-sized counterpart of Big Mac called Grand Mac was introduced into the line. Recently they also brought in another called Bacon Big Mac.

Big N’ Tasty


Weight: 206 grams or 7.3 ounces

Big N’ Tasty, or simply Big Tasty weighs about 206 grams or 7.3 ounces. It was introduced in 2001 and has beef patty, ketchup, diced onions, leaf lettuce, and cheese mayonnaise. They are all grilled together.

Big N’ Tasty has various names in different countries. For instance, in most parts of Canada and Slovenia, it is called Big Xtra. In Australia, it is McFeast Deluxe and in South Africa is called Quarter Pounder Deluxe.

Double Cheeseburger


Weight: 173 grams or 6.1 ounces

Double Cheeseburger is another burger that has two 45 grams beef patties (grounded), 3.5 grams ketchup, rehydrated onions, mustard, and 2 dill pickle slices. It also features two cheese pieces in the bun. Most Double Cheeseburger has mustard except those served in parts of New York City.

In summary, the average weight of McDonald’s burger is 110 grams although there are other configurations that weigh more. The ingredients used include beef patty (45 grams), ketchup (35 grams), onions, regular buns, mustard, and slices of dill pickle. Other types of McDonald’s burgers include Big Mac, Big N’ Tasty, Quarter Pounder, and Sirloin Third Pounder which is the biggest and heaviest of all.

The complete list of ingredients in McDonald’s hamburgers

The burgers contains carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The total amount of carbohydrates contained in the burgers is on average 32.2 grams with dietary fiber making about 1.4 grams. Starch and sugar make up to 6.9 grams. Proteins constitute about 13.0 grams per serving while total fat is 9.8 grams. Cholesterol makes about 28.4 mg and the rest are vitamins and minerals. Sodium is about 480 mg. Calcium is about 4%, and iron is 15%. Vitamins A and C constitute 2% each.

Beef Patty

The beef patty used in the hamburger 100% inspected and has no extenders and fillers. The beef patty is seasoned using black pepper and salt.

McDonald reported that they no longer use pink slime in beef patty. There were speculations that most of their beef is obtained from CAFO cows. These are not healthy for consumption. The company revealed that they fully replaced frozen beef with fresh beef. Fresh beef not only tastes better but also has high nutritional content.

The beef is said to come from Canadian farms. It is cooked in different grills with sensors that help determine the right cooking time for each beef which renders them high quality. The beef also has an 80/20 lean-fat ratio. It means that all their burgers contain about 20% fat before they are cooked.

Regular Bun

The regular bun is made by mixing enriched flour which comprises of malted barley flour, folic acid, and niacin. They are also mixed with bleached flour wheat, riboflavin, and folic acid and water. Sugar, soybean oil, canola oil is also used together with wheat gluten, ammonium sulfate, salt, and calcium sulfate and carbonate. Dough conditioners are also added together with other ingredients.

The list of ingredients used in making the regular bun is quite long. The bun contains about 150 calories in a single serving. The calorie breakdown includes 75% carbohydrates, 12% fat and 13% protein. One bun weighs 52 grams and comprises of 2 grams fat, 140 grams sodium, 5 grams protein, and 28 grams carbohydrates. Dietary fiber makes about 1 gram, while sugar is 5 grams.

Most of the grains like wheat not only provide carbohydrates and proteins but also acts as bulk to the beef patty. They also provide texture to the hamburger but changes based on the grain type used.

Although some of them appear healthy and tasty, some claim that it might contain artificial additives. For instance, the high level of fructose corn syrup may not be natural. The enriched flour also poses some criticisms and the refined flour can be hard for some to digest.


Mustard includes ingredients like water, distilled vinegar, turmeric, mustard seed, spice extracts, salt, and paprika. Most of the ingredients used in making mustard are quite familiar to most people but maybe the spice extracts part. Most restaurants in the New York City serve burger without mustard. The burger is sold as either double or triple burger depending on your preference.


Ketchup contains ingredients like tomato concentrate which is obtained from purely ripe tomatoes, high fructose corn syrup, water, distilled vinegar, natural flavor from vegetables, salt and corn syrup. Ketchup makes about 3.5 grams of the burger. There have been claims that the corn used can increase the chances of obesity.

Pickle slices

The ingredients utilized in making pickle slices in hamburger include salts, calcium chloride, distilled vinegar, water, cucumbers, potassium sorbate, alum, Polysorbate 80, turmeric extractives and natural flavors obtained from plants. The potassium sorbate used acts as a preservative.

Pasteurized processed American cheese

This includes milkfat, water, salt, sodium citrate, cheese culture, sorbic acid, color additives, lactic acid, milk, soy lecithin, and enzymes. Chopped onions are other ingredients that are used in McDonald’s hamburger list. They are natural and safe.

Related Questions

What constitutes the highest weight in McDonald’s burger?

Beef patty constitutes the biggest part of hamburger with a weight of 45 grams or 1.6 ounces. This is about 41% of the entire burger. The beef patty is obtained from fresh beef from Canadian farms. It is also free from additives or fillers. Other hamburgers contain up to two beef patties. The beef patty is seasoned with salt and pepper then grilled

What are the nutrients found in McDonald’s burger?

McDonald’s hamburger contains nutrients such as fat, calories, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamin A and C, calcium, and iron. It also contains sugar which makes about 6 grams. The fat in the hamburger contains up to 70 calories out of the total 250. Carbohydrates are the leading source of calories in McDonald’s burger.

What is the total weight of fats contained in McDonald’s Cheeseburger?

The total fat in McDonald’s cheeseburger has a weight of 9.8 grams per one serving and includes saturated fat which make approximately 3.1 grams, 02. grams of poly-unsaturated fats, and about 3.3 grams of monounsaturated fats. Trans fatty acids weigh about half a gram. The total fats make about 8.9% of the nutrients in the burger.


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