How Much Does a 12 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Boat Weigh?

Do you have a fishing boat, or are you interested in owning one? Fishing boats are great assets if you live around water bodies where you can fish.

Aluminum fishing boats are the best you can ever get because they are lightweight, reliable, and long-lasting. You can consider fiberglass boats if you have a few bucks to spare. When shopping for a fishing aluminum boat, you must consider the category and weight.

Depending on your fishing activities, you can use a Jon, V-Hull, or Multispecies boat. Even though these aluminum boats are built with the same material, the weight varies from series to series.

Different constructions mean different boat weights. Today, we will look at these boat categories and how they compare their weights by brand.

Average Weight of 12-Foot Aluminum Boats

On average, a 12-foot aluminum boat should weigh around 170 pounds. Lighter boats like the Jon and Bass boats can weigh anywhere from 100-200 pounds. Other heavily built 12-inch aluminum bass boats can weigh up to 700 pounds depending on the manufacturer. Multispecies boats may also be considered heavy, with an average weight of 230 pounds.

These lightweight boats can be used as rowboats or powered with a motor attached to the rear for more power. This type of build makes them the best recreational boats for fishing. Even though these boats work well in freshwater, 12 feet-long boats are enough to cruise the ocean shore. When buying these boats, you should consider the trailer weight to confirm that your vehicle has enough power to tow it.

Understanding Boat Weights

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Boat weights come in different labels, and the first step is identifying the weight categories as follows.

Dry Weight

The boat’s dry weight is the mass indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions. The weight only entails the vessel without the engine, fuel, equipment, passengers, and trailers.

Wet Weight

Wet weight includes the weight of the boat with its engine full of fuel. It would help if you also considered this weight because some motors may carry plenty of gas, making your boat heavier.

Package Weight

This weight category includes the weight of the boat with its engine full of fuel and on a trailer. This is the weight you need to tow when transporting the boat. The trailer size also impacts the vessel weight and length.

The Average Weight of a 12 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Jon Boat

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A 12-foot aluminum Jon Boat weighs an average of 170 pounds, based on the average hull weight of 110 pounds and average engine weight of 60 pounds. These flat-bottomed aluminum boats are light enough for fishing because they ride through the waves easily. The average width of these boats is around 60 inches, and the weights may vary across manufacturers. Common aluminum Jon boat brands include;

Jon Boat BrandWeight
Alumacraft 12-Foot Jon Boat105 lb.
Lowe L123290 lb.
Waco Jon 143288 lb.
Tracker Topper 1236126 lb.
Smoker Craft 1232120 lb.
G3 Boats 1236144 lb.
Pelican Intruder 12127 lb.
Lost Creek 12 Foot90 lb.

The Average Weight of a 12 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Deep V-boat

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Deep V aluminum boats are built with a wedge-shaped hull from the bow to stern and a more projected deadrise. These are the best boats for fishing in large water bodies with rough conditions. The slightly deep hull provides better ride qualities and maintains sustainability. The average weight of a Deep V aluminum is around 180 pounds.

Deep V-Boat BrandWeight
Coleman 12-ft V Hull128 lb.
Lund A 12164 lb.
Lowe V 1260164 lb.
Crestliner 1260L164.5 lb.
Legend 12 Ultralite167 lb.
Launch V-Hull112 lb.
Topper 1236220 lb.
Mirrorcraft 4652110 lb.

The Average Weight of a 12 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Bass Boat

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12-foot aluminum bass boats are small boats used for fishing bass and other panfish. These boats are constructed lightly for use in freshwater bodies like rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

These boats have motor engines that contribute to their overall weight. In addition, they also have built-in swivel chairs that allow casting in any direction inside the boat. The average Bass boat weighs roughly 200 pounds, but most manufacturers tend to build them lighter.

Bass Boat BrandWeight
Jonnyboats Bass 100771 lb.
Lowe L1240107 lb.
Sun Dolphin American 12110.23 lb.
Pelican Intruder 12 Fishing Boat126.75 lb.
Lund Boat WC-12205 lb.

The Average Weight of a 12 Foot (ft.) Aluminum Multi-species Boat

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Aluminum multispecies are great for fishers fishing for various species of fish. These boats are constructed with versatility and reliability for successful fishing expeditions in different parts of the water.

Multispecies boats feature a semi-V-shaped hull with a deadrise for stabilizing the boat in shallow waters and big waves. The average weight of a 12-foot aluminum multispecies is about 220 lb.

Multispecies Boat BrandWeight
Crestliner 1261 Outreach203 lb.
Nitro ZV 19143 lb.
Crestliner 1250200 lb.

Factors Affecting the Weight of a 12-Foot Aluminum Boat

When looking for a 12 feet aluminum boat, there are a few things you need to understand about the weight. The build material contributed too much weight, the additional seats, and extra materials. However, there is other essential stuff that will either make your boat heavier or lighter. They include;


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The outboard motor significantly impacts the weight of the boat. Therefore, please include it in your calculations to determine the towing and water weight.


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Fuel plays a big role in your boat’s towing weight and weight in the water, so you should be aware. Diesel weighs around 7.1 pounds for each gallon while gasoline 6.1 pounds for each gallon.

Whether your boat is diesel or gas-powered, you should understand how it affects the weight. For example, 12 feet aluminum boats have fuel containers holding between 3 and 6 gallons of fuel.


When estimating the overall weight of your aluminum boat, consider the weight of your gear. Your boat becomes heavier if you have a lot of fishing/hunting equipment. These could add around 100 pounds.

Understanding the weight difference between various brands of 12-foot aluminum boats would help you pick one that meets your fishing needs. Before buying a particular brand, you must read the fine print to understand its specifications. This helps you not overload your boat and only carry a specific load. If you prefer modifying boats, you can buy a slightly lighter one to add other elements to attain an average weight. 

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