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11 Things That Weigh Around 8 Grams (g)

Have you ever imagined how heavy 8 grams is? As you go through your day, you interact with different-sized items with varying shapes and materials. Because of how light they are, you rarely pay attention to their weight unless it is marked on the package. After all, how often do you ask yourself how much a coin weighs? In this article, therefore, we are going to list a few items that weigh 8 grams.

1. Signet Rings

Many people know signet rings to be expensive since they are made from gold, silver, and other precious materials. These rings were used in ancient times by kings and other leaders to mark documents.

When you walk into a jewelry store, you will find these rings in different sizes, shapes, and some with a bit of modification. In terms of weight, an average signet ring will weigh 8 grams if it does not have any unique additions.

2. A pair of earrings

Earrings have been used for beauty purposes for more than 7000 years, and they still play a crucial role in fashion. Earrings are made from different minerals such as gold, silver, diamond, copper, among others. They come in different shapes and sizes, which leaves the average pair of earrings weighing 8 grams. If you have earrings with you, you might want to weigh them and see what figures you get. Most likely, it will be within the range of 7-10 grams.

3. 2 USB Cables

USB cables are used widely to transfer data from devices such as computers, mobile phones, cameras, etc. They have become so popular in households and offices due to their efficiency. A single USB cable weighs 4 grams when not connected to any device, which means that you will need two USB cables to get 8 grams.

4. Phone Case

Protecting your smartphone is the first thing you need to do when you buy a new phone. There are many types of phone cases made with different specifications to meet your needs. Plastic cases are very common among people who prefer minimalistic and straightforward cases.

A typical plastic case can weigh 8 grams, especially the clear ones. Remember this the next time you are shopping for a new phone case.

5. Brass House Key

Most keys are made from brass, and even the ones with silver colors are brass coated with nickel. You can only realize this once you cut them open. Brass is a light metal, which is why most of these keys are light. One brass key can weigh 8 grams. However, some may be heavier by 1 or 2 grams. If you have any keys lying around your home and are curious to know the weight, this is an excellent place to start.

6. 4 Soda Bottle Caps

A soda bottle cap is made from high-density polyethylene and polypropylene that makes them pretty light, with the average bottle cap weighing roughly 2 grams. Therefore, to get 8 grams, you need to have around four.

7. 8 Japanese Yen Coins

The early Japanese yen coins were made from silver, and when the mineral became expensive, they resorted to using cheaper and lighter metals. The newer yen coins are made of nickel-brass, which is why a single coin weighs around 1 gram. To accurately get 8 grams from measuring the Japanese Yen, you need eight coins. Interestingly, the Japanese Yen note also weighs one gram so you would still get 8 grams if you have eight notes.

8. Women’s Gold Ring

Wedding rings are sold in different sizes and shapes, and this is because they are made from different materials. Women’s wedding rings are usually made 2 or 3 grams lighter than those of men, and they tend to be thinner or with embellishments. The average weight for a woman’s wedding ring is 8 grams while that of a man will be either ten or eleven grams. Next time you see a ring on a woman’s finger, you will know how much weight they are carrying around.

9. Thumbtack

The thumbtack, also known as drawing pin, was invented in 1900 by Edwin Moore, who described it as a handle pin. Later, Johann Kirsten invented the flat-head pin, which is commonly used today.

The handle on the pin is made from light plastic, metal, or wood, and the pin is made from stainless steel, tin, or brass. Both these materials weigh only 1 gram on a single drawing pin. If you want to measure 8 grams of thumbtacks, you need to get 8 of them.

10. Newborn Rat

The gestation period of rats is between 21-26 days, depending on the species. This means that a female rat can birth to six litters in one year, with close to 18 pups. Newborn rats are usually pink when born, and they look so tiny, weighing only 8 grams. Some are lighter than a nickel at birth, but they gradually increase in weight as they feed and grow. When mature, they weigh an average of 350 grams for males and females weighing roughly 250 grams.

11. 8 Pen Caps

You have probably used pens for some time now, and they always have caps on them. But have you ever wondered how heavy the pen cap is? A typical pen cap weights 1 gram which is a small contribution to the 20 grams an average pen weighs. To get 8 grams, you need to weigh eight pen caps. So do not throw out caps before you do this experiment.

Many things weigh 8 grams, but the ones listed here are the most common and readily available items you are likely to find in your house. So, before you throw away that bottle cap or pen cap, be sure to measure their weight and see if you get eight grams.