List of The Heaviest to Lightest Snakes in The World

How heavy is the largest snake in the world? Before answering this question, you need to understand that there are more than 300 snake species and there is a lot to consider when researching.

Snakes are always fascinating especially with their body structure, massive sizes, and some with powerful venom that can kill a human within a few minutes.

Some of the biggest snakes are usually collected and placed in zoos, but there are many still hidden away in the forests. Some of the longest snakes also count among the heaviest and some are quite small that they can fit in the palm of your hands.

If you have always been curious about these snakes, this list covers the heaviest through the lightest to ever live on earth.

1. Reticulated Python

A reticulated python is one of the longest snakes globally and can weigh an impressive 595 pounds, making it the heaviest snake on the planet. Female reticulated pythons grow to a maximum length of 29 feet (8,8 meters), weighing approximately 595 pounds.

The name is “reticulated python” because of the black and brownish-yellow scales which give it a distinctive look. They are commonly found in marshes and rainforests in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

2. Green Anaconda

2. Green Anaconda

The biggest snake in the world is the green anaconda which can grow up to 30 feet long weighing more than 550 pounds.

This is especially true for the female species which tend to grow longer and heavier than their male counterparts. Such heavy snakes are rare to come along and their main habitats include the Amazon rainforest and Brazilian swamps.

These snakes are carnivorous and squeeze their prey to death before swallowing them whole.

3. African Rock Python

African Rock Python

In the African savannas and grasslands, you will find a 16-foot rock python that weighs nearly 250 pounds.

These snakes feed on large-size savanna animals like antelopes, warthogs, crocodiles and can invade nearby homes to eat goats or dogs.

The African rock python has powerful muscles that allow it to wrap itself around the prey to suffocate them. Some of these species can grow up to 24 feet long in certain environments.

4. Burmese Python

Burmese Python

Burmese pythons are native to China and parts of Southeast Asia. However, due to zoos and collectors shipping these animals from various parts of the world, they have grown in population within America too.

A Burmese python can weigh over 200 pounds at about 23 feet long. The Burmese python, like all others, also suffocates its prey by wrapping its body tightly before finally swallowing them.

These snakes are used for food and skin which raises concerns about their protection and possible extinction.

5. Indian Python

Indian Python

Indian pythons are known to be some of the longest snakes spanning over 20 feet long. These snakes also pack some weight behind their colorful scales, weighing over 150 pounds.

These snakes mostly feed on birds and small mammals and are widely found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Indian pythons are vulnerable reptiles and are widely hunted for their skin and food.

6. Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictor

The Boa constrictor can grow up to 13 feet long which closely equals the size of a king cobra. However, the Boa constrictor is much heavier, weighing around 60 pounds.

A newborn Boa constrictor can span around 2 feet which makes this species one of the largest snakes in the world. The Boa constrictor is found in South America especially in rainforests.

7. King Brown Snake

King Brown Snake

The King Brown snake ranks among some of the longest snakes in the world, but it is a bit lighter than some of the heaviest long snakes.

At 11 feet long, the snake weighs a mere 13 pounds which allows it to move freely in Australian grasslands. It is quite venomous and its multi-colored scales allow it to camouflage within its environment to easily target its prey.

8. Black Mamba

Black Mamba

Black Mambas are some of the longest crawling reptiles and can grow up to 14 feet long. These venomous snake species are found in various parts of Africa especially in grasslands.

A typical Black Mamba weighs nearly 3 pounds which allows it to move swiftly at higher speeds.

9. Peter’s Thread Snake

Peters Thread Snake

The Peter’s thread snake is one of the lightest snake species weighing only 0.7 ounces at approximately 7.9 inches long. This thread snake is quite unique and it is pretty hard to tell where the head or tail is when immobile.

These snakes mostly live under rocks where they feed on termites. The Peter’s thread snake is mostly confused for the burrowing asp, only that the latter is highly venomous than the former.

10. Texas Blind Snake

Texas Blind Snake

The Texas blind snake is mostly confused for an earthworm considering they grow between 3.9 and 10 feet in length.

These small snakes weigh around 0.5 ounces. And are common in deserts and dry places where it can protect itself against the hot sun.

They mostly hide under rocks and logs in suburban areas. This snake is one of the lightest snakes and one of the popular burrowing snakes that feed on earthworms. Termites, ants and insect eggs.

11. Barbados Thread Snake

The Barbados thread snake is a recent discovery and ranks as the smallest and lightest snake worldwide. An adult snake can grow up to 3.9 inches long while weighing about 0.2 ounces.

The snake was discovered in Barbados and mostly lives under rocks, eating ant larvae and termites. The snake is quite small and can curl up on the US quarter comfortably.


Both small and large animals contribute to the wildlife ecosystem that people are curious about. We can see that the heaviest snake is hundreds of times bigger than the lightest snake. All these species have different size specifications owing to their habitats and feeding habits.

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