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10 Common Items That Weigh About 7 Pounds

Just by taking a quick look around the house or office, we are bound to come across a plethora of things we see often that weigh 7 pounds or thereabouts. 

However, learning about items that weigh around 7 pounds or 3.17 kilos won’t make you more powerful even if they do say that knowledge is power. 

Below is a comprehensive list of 10 common items that weigh around 7 pounds.

When compiling this list of things weighing about 7 pounds, we were determined to give our readers a good cross-section of items with weight-relevant features.

By doing so, we think visitors to this site can make more sense of why items we see every day that may not look all that heavy are actually heavier than we at first thought.  

1.Indoor Plants

Of course, not all indoor plants will weigh about 7 pounds – things like the material of the plant pot, the actual size of the plant and its species will often determine this factor. 

Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult working out which plants for the home or elsewhere can be easily moved around as part of our efforts to improve the home decor.

Indeed, the last thing any house-proud person would want when trying to put their indoor plant in a place more exposed to light is to end up pulling their back out.

2. Table Lamps

Most people will consider how much a nice-looking table lamp they have just spotted online actually weighs before making the purchase. 

The main reason for this is trying to avoid too much heavy lifting when establishing the most suitable spot for their latest decor item.

Homeowners that look for cast-iron table lamps that weigh about 7 pounds appreciate that they may wish to try the lamp in another part of their home at some point.  

3. Wall Mirrors

Just like all the items on this list, how much wall mirrors weigh will often depend on a number of factors, the material the frame is made from being the main one.

One reason why some people like to hang heavy wall mirrors is that they tend to be of a more classic looking design.

Heavy-framed wall mirrors with an exquisite style may be a bit heavy when first mounting but are definitely worth the effort.

4. Footstools

Again, the main contributing factor to the weight of footstools comes down to the material it’s constructed from.

In addition to this, the actual size of this comfort-enhancing item of furniture will determine just how much it weighs.

Some of the heavier designs of footstools found online today tend to be quite large in size which can be really handy if you plan on sharing it with your other half. 

5. Cordless Drills

DIY fanatics won’t always be all that worried about how much a cordless drill they are interested in actually weighs.

However, if we are going to be holding the drill above our head for long periods, getting a cordless drill that is less than 7 pounds in weight would be wise.

Then again, determined home improvers that wish to buy a more robust cordless drill with a large battery may opt for drills ranging in the 3-4 kgs region or about 7 pounds. 

6. Fish Tanks

As many people looking to get a fish tank won’t care too much about where they put it at home or in the office, the weight of the fish tank shouldn’t matter all that much.

That said, getting the tank to your desired location in the home or work area in the first place is something to consider – fish tanks weighing 7 pounds can be cumbersome. 

However, as long as the fish tank we choose, regardless of its weight, is of good quality, all should be well in the world. 

7. Wood Toilet Seats

As most people will not need telling, it’s the material of the toilet seat we choose that makes all the difference regarding how much the seat and lid weighs. 

Sturdier toilet seats made from wood do tend to be quite a lot heavier than the plastic versions, especially hand-carved ones. 

But to be fair, it’s usually the wood toilet seat options that are more likely to last a long time compared to the less durable designs using man-made material. Most wood toilet seats weigh about 7 pounds.

8. Rice Cookers


Although it’s not too difficult sourcing very lightweight rice cookers, some of the more popular models are around 7 pounds in weight. 

In contrast to the much lighter plastic versions of these common kitchen essentials, stainless steel rice cookers often feel quite heavy even when they are empty.

But once you’ve decided on where in the kitchen you’re going to put a stainless steel rice cooker, it’ll probably be moved only now and again such as when being cleaned. 

9. Steam Irons


There are actually stacks of steam irons easily sourced on the internet that weigh a lot less than 7 pounds. 

But it’s the more useful of steam irons with a detachable water tank that can be around 7 pounds in weight and that’s when they aren’t full of water too. 

Even if doing the ironing gets you down, picking up one of the bulkier models of a steam iron with a detachable water tank will at least give you some exercise on your arms. 

10. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaner-7-Pounds

Whether we like it or not, completing household chores such as doing the vacuuming is a task we simply can’t get out of.

But as long as the vacuum cleaner we’ve got is around 7 pounds or less, at least we won’t be too exhausted when lifting it around the house.

By not spending too much time going up and down the stairs, a relatively light and bagless vacuum cleaner can be easily wheeled along the floor.