10 Things that Weigh Around 300 Pounds (lbs)

A pound is a unit of weight used mainly in Britain, America, and other countries where English is spoken. It is also used interchangeably with lb or lbs. One pound is equal to around 0.454 kilograms. A pound of something is a quantity of it that weighs one pound.

From the above definition, you can easily tell that although a pound is not up to a kilogram it is not so far off. 

For this piece, the major focus will be placed not just on pounds but on items and things around us that weigh about 300 pounds. 

Are you thinking about what might weigh 300 pounds already?  Read till the end and find out the interesting items you never knew weighed 300 pounds. 

1. The 2017 NCR Leggera Bike 

Motorcycles generally vary in terms of weight and this is as a result of different materials used in their production and their different designs.

There are certain key components of motorcycles that add to their weight, they include; the engine, the panniers, and the fairing. While an average motorcycle weighs 600 pounds, the 2017 NCR Leggera weighs around 300 pounds and it comes with a V2, four-stroke engine that produces 90.0 HP (65.7 kW) @ 7750 RPM. 

2. Refrigerators 


It is common knowledge that refrigerators are heavy, but the question is, how heavy are they? An average refrigerator weighs 250 pounds. However French door refrigerators, which are often regarded as one of the heaviest types, weigh 305 on average. It is important to note that the weight of a refrigerator is greatly dependent on its size, type, and ice dispenser.

3. A three-seat Sofa 

sectional sofa 110 kg

When shopping for furniture, it is important to know its weight so you can prepare for moving the item. A couch is no different. A common three-seat couch weighs around  300 pounds and 45 cubic feet.  Larger sectional couches can weigh much more up to 1,500 pounds.

4. A pool table

Pool table 350 lbs

One mistake most people make is using snooker, pool, and billiards interchangeably and referring to them as the same. While this is not incorrect, it is also not correct. The major difference lies in the size of the table and the number of balls used in the game. Even though they are closely related and have even evolved from one another, they are different types of cue sports. 

The size of a pool table greatly varies and this primarily depends on the material it is made of and its size. Home pool tables, which are basically for casual pool play, weigh from around 300 pounds to 1000 pounds as the case may be, depending on what materials they’re made of. 

5. The 3D printed car 

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Some time ago, a startup in England produced a car whose frame is made of only 3D parts. The vehicle is known as the Chameleon and it weighs 300 pounds. It can go 45 mph, and it has no emissions. It was designed in a matter of months and the cost of building is around $13,000. The manufacturers believe that soon the car will change the way people commute. 

6. NFL Player, Will Pericak

Most NFL players are heavyweight, which is most times are criteria to qualify as a player in the first place. Will Pericak is a veteran NFL player born on December 30, 1989, in Boulder, Colorado with a height of 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) and a weight of 300 pounds. He has played for several teams in his career in the guard position and he has had an amazing career. 

7. An old upright Piano 

Untitled design 15 1

A piano might be the heaviest of all the popular musical instruments in the world, and also one of the largest musical instruments featuring thousands of parts. 

So, how much does a piano weigh? The average piano weighs around 300 – 500 pounds. While most upright pianos weigh between at least 300 – 500 lbs, and larger upright pianos weigh up to 900 lbs.  The parts that majorly contribute to the overall weight of a piano are; the piano casing, metal strings, cast iron plate, hammers, piano legs, piano lids, soundboard, etc. 

8. Cast iron bathtub 

We all just use our bathtubs but nobody wonders how much it weighs. A cast iron tub is heavy. How do you think it carries the weight of more than one person? I know you haven’t thought of how much these pretty things can weigh, but we are here to give you an answer.

The bathtubs that are made from cast iron can weigh around 300 pounds or sometimes more.  Acrylic bathtubs weigh less, but the cast iron bathtub is durable and withstands heat better. The Alcove cast iron bathtubs are Tupi typically 60 inches long, capable of holding 32 gallons of water and weighing 320 pounds on average.

9. Gorillas

Untitled design 12

Going by the theory of evolution and even by some characteristics Gorillas exhibit it is safe to say that they are closely related to us humans. The gorilla weighs around 300 pounds on average. Specifically, they weigh about 308 pounds. However, certain gorillas can weigh way more than that, as some can reach up to 440 pounds.

10. A newborn elephant


Elephants are heavy, so it only makes sense that a baby elephant would be big to an extent too. However, an elephant doesn’t stay at 300 pounds for a very long time because they grow a lot before they become adults. But a newborn elephant, such as you’ll see at a zoo, weighs around 300 pounds at its very early stages.

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