7 Things That Weigh Around 400 Pounds (lbs)

Interested in items that weigh 400 pounds (181 kg)? Well, merely looking at a thing does not expressly give an idea how much such a thing weighs. This is why our piece on the list of things that weigh 400 pounds provides you with adequate data. Stay tuned for a memorable experience as you read through!

1. One Million Dollars stacked in Five dollar bills

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Surprising, isn’t it? Money is a renowned unit of exchange globally, and the United States of America’s dollars have demonstrated unflinching stability. Many persons both within and outside the United States love to run most transactions using the United States dollars and keep money in this currency.

Stacking One million dollars together using 100 dollar or 10 dollar bills doesn’t amount to 400 pounds. However, with five-dollar bills, you get an accurate weight of 400 pounds.

2. A Gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla 150 KG

The Gorilla has always been classified as an important player in the evolution of humans by science. While there are opposing views on this, the fact that these mammals behave like humans cannot be shoved aside most of the time.

These include standing upright like humans, omnivorous nature, and lots of other similarities. Many factors influence the weight of a gorilla such as age, feeding. However, an adult gorilla comfortably weighs 400 pounds regardless of the few disparities that may exist. 

3. 2020 Honda CBR600RR

sportbike motorcycle 180 kg

Sportbikes are one of the coolest motorcycles for thrilling rides. The Honda CBR600RR is one of the most notable with a nice build that’s easy to drive.

This sportbike has a 599cc engine, with a 4.8-gallon tank and fuel-injected carburetor. All these coupled with its adjustable suspension and ABS account for a weight of 400 pounds. With about 12,000 dollars, you get this bad boy with a weight that ensures your safety when you take a speedy ride.

4. A Lion


Lions are popular for the courage and poise with which they operate. Naturally, these mammals have no predators above them on the food chain and retain their place as one of the strongest cats that exist. The predatory prowess of lions is aided magnificently by their body build. Lions are 4.6 to 8.3 feet long depending on the age and sex.

To effectively trap down a prey, their weight of 400 pounds comes in very handy. While male lions weigh higher to about 550 pounds, female lions retain the 400 pounds level. Hence, they have just the right body to hunt properly.

5. Kawasaki Ninja 650 2024

Another sportbike for the lovers of speedy rides! The Kawasaki Ninja 650 has many features that make it an exceptional pick amongst sportbikes of its caliber. It has a cool 649cc engine that produces 48.5 pound-feet of torque and a 4 gallons gas tank with a fuel-injected carburetor.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 2024

These parts of the Kawasaki with its 17-inch tires, disc brakes, and dual-piston calipers all account for a curb weight of approximately 400 pounds (421 lbs for the non-ABS version). Moreover, the Kawasaki is very affordable at around USD 8,500. Hence, it fits the description of a budget-friendly sportbike to keep you safe.

6. A Reindeer


Reindeers are one of the first animals that got domesticated. They belong to the family of deers with elks and so on as close siblings of the reindeer. They are one of the first animals that got domesticated by humans about 2,000 years back.

Moreover, Reindeers are natural herbivores that feed and travel in groups. They are usually 28 to 53 inches tall and 5.9 to 6.8 long. In terms of weight, the Reindeer boasts of weighing 400 pounds. 

7. Four Bags of Cement

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Cement is a proven and indispensable building material in many nations. Its popular packaging unit is using bags and a bag weighs 100 pounds. Hence, stacking together four bags of cement amounts to a total of 400 pounds. For material with such building significance, it’s expected that the cement is dense enough.

Curious to test this out? Try lifting a bag of cement today and see how much it weighs! Moreover, exposure to air hardens cement over time which leads to a stony nature that can increase the weight.

The list of items that suit these criteria is quite endless and cannot be covered in just a single article. Nevertheless, in the business of supplying you with pure facts, we’ve highlighted easy things that you see in your environment very often which meet the 400 pounds weight limit. Stay tuned for more content like this!

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