11 Common Items That Weigh About 2 Ounces (Oz)

Many items weigh about two ounces; things that you probably have around your house right now. You may be astounded by the everyday objects that weigh this much, from something as small as an ink pen or envelope to a large-sized egg great for making delicious omelets.

Here’s a look at several items that weigh about two ounces.

1. Two compact disk cases


An everyday item that weighs about 2 ounces is a compact disk case. It’s a small plastic disc that’s used for data storage where digitized information is stored in the metal-coated pits that are read using a laser.

It has packaging made of polystyrene that protects the compact disk from scratches and other external damage. If you have a CD case either at home or in your car, it weighs about an ounce meaning 2 would weigh about 2 ounces.

2. 20 Ping Pong balls

A ping pong ball is used in table tennis, a game played by two or four players. The game is also called ping-pong so named after the ball, which was named after the sound it makes when hit by the paddle.

These lightweight ping pong balls are slightly different depending on the manufacturer, but a standard ping-pong ball weighs about 0.095 ounces meaning you would need about 20 ping-pong balls to get 2 ounces.

Ping pong balls are also used to play beer pong, a game played with two teams where players compete by throwing ping-pongs into the opposing teams’ cups. When a shot is made, the losing player must drink from the cup, and the game ends when the winning team removes all cups from the losing team. 

3. Four empty soda cans


Are you a lover of Soda? If so, you may have some empty, used soda cans lying around your house.

When full, a soda can weigh about 12 ounces, but it weighs 0.5 ounces when empty. This is because it is made of aluminum. The next time you want to easily measure what 2 ounces feels like, grab four empty soda cans. 

4. Twelve sheets of copy paper

Office copy paper comes in sheets of various sizes. For instance, 500 sheets of bond paper measuring 17” by 22” weighs 20 pounds.

This paper is cut into 4 to create the A4 size papers you probably know, making a single 500 sheet ream of A4 paper 5 pounds. This means that a single sheet of paper weighs about 0.01 pounds or 0.16 ounces. Therefore 2 ounces would be equal to about 12 sheets of paper. 

5. Two regular envelopes


While you might not have empty soda cans or ping pong balls in your home, you most likely have an envelope or two lying around in your office or home library.

Envelopes are used to send letters or documents to a specific destination using postal mail. An envelope weighs about an ounce; therefore, if you wanted to weigh two ounces, you would need two envelopes. 

6. Two AA batteries

Despite the emergence of newer, better technologies, nothing can erase the need and usefulness of batteries. From powering small devices to cars and large equipment, the applications for batteries are boundless. There are as many types of batteries as there are uses for them.

Most of the electronics used at home use electric or rechargeable. However, AA batteries are still used to power things such as television remotes, torches, alarm clocks, smoke detectors, etc. A single AA battery weighs about one ounce making 2 batteries equivalent to two ounces. 

7. Twenty-two pennies


Pennies have been in circulation for a long time. In the beginning, they were made purely from brass, which is 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc; they weighed about 3.11 grams or 0.109 ounces.

However, this changed due to the rising cost of copper, and in 1983 the first pennies minted weighed about 2.5 grams or 0.088 ounces because they were made from 97.5 and 2.5 percent zinc and copper, respectively. To make 2 ounces, you would need about 22 pennies.

8. Two light bulbs

Thomas Edison created the light bulb in 1880, and while he didn’t come up with the whole concept, his invention of the light bulb was the first proven, practical and affordable form of home illumination.

Over the years, the light bulb has evolved, taking different shapes and designed to suit everyone’s needs. An average 60W bulb weighs 1.2 ounces; however, light bulbs’ weight may vary depending on their shapes and size. 

9. Two slices of sandwich bread


A loaf of bread weighs about a pound or 16 ounces. If it has 16 slices, this will make each slice about 1 ounce. If you had two slices in hand, they would weigh roughly two ounces. Since bread slices come in different types and sizes, the weight may vary a little.

10. A large egg

Generally, a large-sized egg weighs around two ounces; however, many factors can affect the weight of an egg, such as its size, from small and medium to large, and what type of egg it is.

Aside from being a yummy food, eggs have many other uses, from making facial and hair masks to leather cleaner and a hangover cure. So beloved are eggs that they even have a holiday dedicated to eating them, well chocolate versions anyway. It’s no surprise that the Easter egg hunt is always a crowd-pleaser.

11. 3 fountain pens


Fountain pens have been a beloved writing instrument for many years. From writing simple documents to signing revolutionary ones such as the declaration of independence, you can find references for fountain pens everywhere.

The mass of an ink pen is the same despite whatever instrument you use, but it varies slightly depending on the brand, if the cap is on and if it’s full of ink. Most fountain pens weigh anywhere between 0.4 to 0.7 ounces (11 to 20 grams). You would need about three 0.7 oz. fountain pens to make 2 oz.  

As you can see, several everyday items weigh close to or precisely two ounces. Next time you need to measure out two ounces quickly, you can use these items as references. While some might not be precisely this much, at least they will give you what 2 oz. feels like.

Originally posted on November 17, 2020 @ 11:31 am

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