12 Things That Weigh Around 80 Pounds (lbs)

It is safe to say that as you carry out your daily activities, you come across a few things that weigh 80 pounds. When converted into kilograms, 80 pounds is only 36.2, which is not significantly heavy. It is not easy to weigh such amounts by lifting, but only through accurate measurements. If you want to know more about things that weigh 80 pounds, this post will do it for you.

1. 80-pound Barbell


When you walk into a gym, you will find equipment of various sizes, shapes, and materials. Barbells are some of the most commonly used for heavy lifters or people who are into resistance training. There is a particular fixed dumbbell that weighs 80 pounds, with each side weighing 40 pounds.

This is good for beginner lifters who are starting heavy lifting and building their stamina.

2. A Truck Wheel

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Trucks mostly use heavy wheels that can hold all the down pressure exerted by the heavy loads. These wheels are built from heavy rubber and with seven layers that make them weighty. Some truck wheels weigh 80 pounds. Due to their weight, some fitness enthusiasts do use them in some workout routines.

3. A 10 Gallons Water Bottle

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Water makes up a bigger portion of the universe, and we all know how important water is in our daily lives. Water can fit in any container and assume different shapes, meaning that it can also be weighed. A gallon of water weighs roughly 8 pounds which translates to 80 pounds for 10 gallons. So, if you want a clear picture of how heavy 80 pounds is, try carrying around 10 gallons of water.

4. A Big Dog


Ever since the domestication of dogs, they have become a significant part of human lives. In fact, 5404 million households in the US have dogs. A dog’s weight may vary depending on the breed, age, and gender. Male dogs are likely to weigh more than female dogs when they hit adolescence. For big dogs such as Bluetick Coonhounds, American Foxhounds, Bull Terriers and this would mean that a big dog can gain weight up to 80 pounds.

5. A boxing bag

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Boxing punching bags are usually heavy, and this is what makes them a good choice for trainers. The weights may differ depending on an individual’s training level. However, most trainers recommend that beginners and intermediate boxers use an 80 lb bag. In other cases, intermediate and heavyweight boxers can use bags as heavy as 200 pounds.

6. A Baby Rhino

Rhinos are among the biggest and endangered animals on earth. An adult rhino can weigh between 1700-3000 pounds and eats over 120 pounds of vegetation a day. A female rhino only gives birth to one calf, which weighs around 80 to 88 pounds. However, in some cases, they give birth to twins but the weight will largely be the same.

7. A Fiberglass Canoe

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Fiberglass canoes are lightweight and durable, making them a better choice for people who like canoeing activities. On average, a fiberglass canoe will weigh 80 pounds which makes it very efficient and effective. The durability of the canoe is because of the smooth gel layer, which makes it resistant to knocks and scratches.

8. 2 Bushels of Gooseberries

A bushel of gooseberries can weigh 40 pounds when it is not dried and with the stems intact. This means that two bushels of gooseberries will give you a total weight of 80 pounds. Gooseberries are found in many countries worldwide, and they exist under different names.

9. 16 Bricks

Bricks have been used since the old days for building purposes. In some parts of the world, bricks are still the standard building materials. They are strong, readily available, and can quickly be built from clay. A classic clay brick measuring eight by two inches weighs 5 pounds. To get 80 pounds from a stack of bricks, you need to have 16 bricks at your disposal.

10. 2 Female Bulldogs

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Bulldogs are known for their medium-size, muscular body and wrinkled face. They might not be the biggest dog breed, but they still carry some weight in them. A mature female bulldog, for instance, can weigh up to 40 pounds on average hence you need two female bulldogs to get 80 pounds. Male bulldogs may grow bigger and weigh over 50 pounds. If you have a bulldog and you do not know how much it weighs, this might help.

11. An e-bike

A standard bicycle can weigh between 17 and 80 lbs depending on what type it is. The lightest of them are the road bikes that weigh 17 lbs. On the other hand, mountain bikes weigh slightly over 22 pounds, and e-bikes are considered the heaviest at 80 lbs. This is because e-bikes are built with extra safety features such as built-in batteries, which add to their standard weight.

12. Two Sandbags

A sandbag should weigh roughly 40 pounds when packed and sealed. The bags may appear small but don’t underestimate their weight. To get 80 pounds from sandbags, you would need two 40-pound sandbags. The maximum load limit for a pickup truck is 1,000 pounds which means you need 30 sandbags to load a pick.


Knowing the weight of things around you can be exciting and also satisfying. From the list, you can see many things weigh 80 pounds, and you have come across them, whether at home, school, or work. You can even try lifting some of these things to feel how heavy they are.

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