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12 Things That Weight Around 70 Grams (g)

Everything you interact with has its mass, but have you ever juggled the thought of items that weigh 70 grams? You might be amazed to find out how many objects in your daily life weigh this much.

If you want to know what items weigh 70 grams just for fun or purchasing purposes, we will provide a list of such items. Please find out how fascinating it is to have such items within your proximity.

1. An Egg


One of the everyday items in your kitchen is an egg. But before you make your favorite omelet or toast, have you ever paid attention to its weight?

Eggs are protein-rich foods that have a lot of uses in the house. Many factors determine the weight of an egg, such as the size and type. An average big egg weighs roughly 70 grams. Next time you want to feel how heavy 70grams is, lift an egg from the tray.

2. 30 Pennies


Pennies have been used as means of exchange for a very long time. The materials used in making these coins contribute to their lightweight. A mix of copper and zinc, both light materials, makes an average penny weigh 2.5 grams. So, if you come across a bunch of pennies, know that 28 of them will give you 70 grams.

3. 40 Playing Cards

A standard pack of poker cards has 52 cards, and this translates to a weight of around 88.4 grams. It is theoretically believed that the reason behind 52 cards is that each represents a week of the year. Each playing card weighs roughly 1.7 grams, so for you to calculate 70 grams, you need to have 40 playing cards.

4. 50 Paper Clips

Paper clips are available in different sizes and materials−an average paper clip weighs approximately 1.4 grams. Paperclips have been part of the office equipment for a long time, and it is essential to have some around you. If you are at home or in the office and trying to determine how much 70 grams feel like, take 50 paper clips in your hand.

5. 65 jelly beans

Jelly beans come in different colors, and every manufacturer has different sizes for them. The mix of sugar, pectin, and corn syrup leaves a single jelly bean weighing 1.10 grams. The next time you are trying to consume 70 grams of jelly beans. You need to pick 65 of them to be sure about how much attention you are paying to your diet.

6. 17 Dice

A die is widely used by board game and casino players. Likely, most people who play dice games frequently do not know how much it weighs. There are varied sizes of dice available, and the average-sized die weighs nearly 4.10 grams. To get a total weight of 70 grams, you need to have 17 dice for accurate measure.

7. 14 pieces of paper

A ream of paper is necessary for an office, and various sizes of paper serve different purposes. A singular sheet of 8.5” by 11” weighs 5 grams with a thickness of 0.1mm. To calculate 70 grams from a typical office paper, you need exactly 14 pieces.

8. 2 slices of bread


Bread is sold in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the ingredients and processes involved in the preparation, some will be heavier than others. Taking an average loaf of bread that weighs 400 grams, with each slice weighing roughly 35 grams, you will need two slices of bread to make 70 grams. If you are on a meal plan, trying to limit your calories intake—this method works.

9. 5 Compact Discs


You have some compact discs stashed somewhere, and maybe at some point, you were curious to determine their weight. The disc is made from light polycarbonate materials with a thickness of 1.2mm. Most standard discs weigh 14 grams, but there are some which seem heavier. When you take five compact discs from your collection, you will be carrying 70 grams in your hand.

10. 2 phone cases

You might have used phone cases of different materials and sizes before, but have you ever paused for a minute to think how much it weighs. Probably not many people have tried it yet, but we can give you some insight. Silicone phone covers tend to be heavier, and one can weigh 35 grams. The weight of two silicone phone cases, therefore, is 70 grams.

11. 7 wedding rings

Wedding rings come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. An average women’s ring should weigh between 1 to 10 grams. This means that wedding rings are generally lightweight, and to get a weight of 70 grams, you need 7 wedding rings, each weighing 10 grams. You can pay attention to the figures when you visit the jewelry store.

12. 10 graphite pencils

Various pencil types are available for use, some made from plastic or wood, while others have different lead grades. The standard weight of an unused pencil with the eraser intact should be between 6-7 grams. It takes 10 pencils to get a total of 70 grams, the regular #2 writing pencil that is easily accessible.

Many items weigh roughly or exactly 70grams around you. Next time you are looking for a 70gram item for reference purposes or getting the idea of things, the items on our list will be of the essence. We did not add many other things to the list that you can try to find out in your free time.