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9 things that weigh Around 750 Pounds (Lbs)

Seven hundred fifty pounds translates to 340.2 kg, which means you won’t be lifting this weight off the ground any time soon. Most of the comparisons we have for this weight are in the form of animals. Since there are different specimens of animals whose weight we cannot independently ascertain, the animals mentioned will be used to merely paint a picture.

1. Male and Female Lion


A fully grown lion can weigh around 450 pounds, and it needs every ounce of this heft to protect its pride (family) and territory. However, lions can grow to as heavy as 600 pounds though this is usually in captivity. Female lions or lionesses weigh around 300 pounds.

They do most of the hunting, and they operate in groups called prides. Once the hunt is done, the female steps aside for the lion to get the first pick of the prey, thus the saying “lion’s share.”

A lion and a lioness can have a combined weight of 750 pounds. They are indigenous to Africa, but you can see them in select zoos.

2. Domestic donkey

Donkeys have been working diligently by man’s side, from as early as making the Great Pyramids. Despite getting an undeserved reputation for being stubborn, they can carry as much as 200 pounds and drag carts carrying much more.

Their weight can fluctuate depending on the amount of water they have taken, as they can survive for spells without water. A fully grown, well-fed, and watered donkey can tip the scale at 750 pounds.

3. Three fourths as heavy as a grand piano


A full-fledged concert grand piano weighs about 990 pounds. Yet, such a masterpiece can last as long as 75 to 100 years with proper care. This longevity means it can even be passed down generations as a family heirloom. Three-quarters of a grand piano’s weight is roughly 750 pounds.

4. Four and a half beer kegs


A full half-barrel beer keg made of stainless steel weighs around 160 pounds and carries up to 15.5 gallons of beer. The empty keg container weighs only about 31 pounds. Four and a half beer kegs come to around 720 pounds which can be enough to host a small gathering of your friends and family on Super Bowl Sunday.

5. Half a cow

A mature Holstein or Friesian cow weighs around 1,500 pounds, so 750 pounds is about a half of that. One of the most famous Holstein cows (christened Pauline Wayne) was a resident of the White House during President William Howard Taft’s tenure (1909-1913). It was a gift from the senator from Wisconsin and was the primary source of milk for the first family.

6. Four times as heavy as a Kangaroo


These natives of Australia can weigh as much as 190 pounds. An adult male Red Kangaroo can weigh upwards of 190 pounds. These fascinating marsupials can leap as far as 9m (30ft) and as high as 3m (10ft) in a single bound. Their young ones are called joeys and are carried in a pouch by their mother until maturity.

Four mature kangaroos will therefore weigh around 750 to 760 pounds.

7. A tenth of the weight of a blue whale’s tongue

Blue whales are the largest animals currently in existence. Imagine how massive they are if their tongues weigh 6,000 pounds. Thus, 750 pounds is about 0.13 times the weight of a blue whale’s tongue. This endangered species feed on tiny crustaceans called krill and cannot swallow anything larger than a beach ball.

8. 50 times as heavy as a bowling ball


Bowling balls can weigh between 6 and 16 pounds, but the fifteen-pound type is the preferred bowling ball among male bowlers. Bowling balls are all of similar dimensions, so what changes is their density. Note that bowling balls weighing less than 11.02 pounds will float in water.

Fifty bowling balls of the 15-pound type will weigh precisely 750 pounds.

9. 80 times as heavy as a domestic cat

The average weight of a healthy domestic cat (Felis Catus) should be in the 10 pounds range. Cats are well-known for always landing on their feet or the righting reflex as it is technically known. They can thus survive falls from incredible heights such as 20 m with no lasting injuries. However, don’t try this out in practice, as it is cruel to your beloved pet.

Seven hundred fifty pounds is about eighty times the weight of a domestic cat. So, in essence, 80 average domestic cats will weigh roughly 750 pounds.