12 Things That Weight Around 700 pounds (lbs)

Many objects have their weight recorded in Kilograms, but some parts of the world prefer to use pounds as a unit of measuring weight. In our daily lives, we are surrounded by heavy and light objects, and maybe at some point, you might want to discover the weight of these things. While some are easy to weigh around the house or at your workplace, some may need so much effort and time if you were to do it alone.

Here, we look into some of the things that weigh 700 lbs. read on to learn some exciting weight facts about objects around you.

1. A Vending Machine

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Vending machines are lifesavers in modern life. You can quickly grab a drink or snack without so much struggle. These machines are available anywhere around you, and they come in different sizes and shapes. An average vending machine with a height of 72 inches weighs an average of 700 pounds. Next time you are getting some chips at a vending machine, you need to remember this.

2. 2 ATMs

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The introduction of ATMs marked a significant revolution in the financial industry. People can easily withdraw their cash without queuing for hours at the bank teller. These machines come in different sizes depending on how much money they can hold and how much traffic they handle. Hence, some ATMs weigh around 700 pounds while others may weigh up to 900 lbs.

3. A V8 Engine

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Engines are the powerhouses for every vehicle. They are built in different shapes and materials to perform specific tasks. You can find a V8 engine running on petrol or diesel, and each of these is made from different materials to handle the combustion process. Most V8 engines, therefore, tend to weigh roughly 700 pounds.

4. A 14-20ft Sailboat

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The weight of a boat is calculated based on many things; you have to consider the build material, the sizes, and its functionality. Hence, most sailboats are not built heavier to allow them to sail through the ocean even with the slightest wind. 14 to 20 ft sailboats weigh 700 pounds, making them lighter than other boat types.

5. 5 Beer Kegs


A beer keg is made of stainless steel and weighs an average of 150.5 pounds, holding 15 gallons of beer. Kegs are very common in outdoor parties, and you can find them at your favorite chill spot around. While you might be curious about how many units of beer it holds, maybe you should know that, to get 700 pounds weight, you need to have five beer kegs.

6. 10 two-piece toilet seats

A two-piece toilet seat is something you can find in most households, and we all understand how essential it is to have one. Different manufacturers build their toilet seats to be unique and thus use different materials and shapes to attain perfection.

This means that you can find toilet seats with varying weights. However, most toilets weigh between 70 and 90 lbs. You will need nearly ten standard toilets to get 700 pounds.

7. 25 Gold Bars


The “London Good Delivery Bar” is the commonly held gold bar by central banks. The standard weight for this bar should be 27.4 pounds as required by international standards. Therefore having 25 gold bars can give you a weight of around 700 pounds. However, it is essential to mention that Mitsubishi Materials Corporation once built the largest gold bar in 2005, weighing 551.1 pounds.

8. A Bulldozer tire

Bulldozers are among the heaviest machines that operate on land, and this means every component is big and bulky. The wheel is built wider to allow maximum contact with the surface, and depending on the bulldozer grade, some tires can weigh up to 700 pounds. As heavy as it sounds, mining trucks have the heaviest tires, averaging 11,000 pounds in weight.

9. 2 Sportsbikes

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Motorcycles are built with different components and materials, which differentiate their sizes and weight from each other. To develop fully functional sportsbikes, manufacturers have to place the engine, the wheels, a strong frame, pistons, hydraulic disc brakes, etc.

Considering all these factors, one bike can weigh roughly 350 pounds. You, therefore, need two heavy-duty sportbikes to get a total weight of 700 pounds.

10. 110 Bricks


Bricks have been used for building purposes for a long time, and even today, some contractors prefer using bricks to build structures. Bricks are lighter, less expensive, and easy to transport compared to other building materials. A typical standard brick weighs between 6.4 and 7 pounds. If you need to weigh 700 pounds, you will need to have 100 bricks.

11. 35 20-pound Dumbbells

25 kg dumbell

It would help if you tried to keep fit to live a healthy life and manage your weight. This is why many people choose to go for morning runs or enroll in a gym for routine workouts.

Many people prefer dumbbells for workout purposes, and they have different weights to fit your workout needs. Hence, when you come across 35 20-pound dumbbells at the gym, understand they have a total weight of 700 pounds.

12. A Small Open Utility Trailer

An open utility trailer weighs a typical 700 pounds when it is not loaded. Some can vary in weight depending on the construction materials, features, width, axels, and other minor components. The open trailer in reference is a 10 feet trailer that is commonly used by people daily. Remember this next time you are towing your trailer behind a car.


Many things would have been covered on the list, but we believe the few we have mentioned are things you can easily come across. Maybe this list will spark your interest to find out more about heavy items around you.

Originally posted on October 8, 2021 @ 9:36 am

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