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14 Common Items That Weigh About 75 Pounds

Whatever our motive to learn about items weighing around 75 pounds or 34.01kg is, we can have lots of fun in the process. 

When compiling the list below of common items weighing this amount or thereabouts, we considered mostly medium-sized objects.

More often than not, the weight of things will be determined by the materials in which they are made.

Additionally, the size of the items affects how much the object weighs – the bigger it is, in many but not all cases, the heavier it will be. 

1. Small Sofa

Although a fairly heavy yet spacious sofa is ideal, single folk can make do with a less cumbersome couch to relax on.

Two-seat sofas weighing around 75Ibs or 34.01kg are often very comfortable with a sturdy metal or wooden frame providing stability.

Small sofas can be anything from 30Ibs up to about 80Ibs depending on the size and what it’s made from. 

2. Wood Bookcase

Bookworms after a new bookcase may want to think about how much the item they choose weighs.

Many wood bookcases fit in the range of bookcases weighing about 75 pounds

Wood bookcases at least 31 x 44 x 182cm are often about 30kg in weight, especially those that have at least 4 shelves and a wax finish. 

3. Single Bed

When considering single beds that weigh around 75 pounds, we thought about the weight of the frame first. 

If we take into account that many single mattresses weigh around 17.5kg, we can roughly work out how much the frame weighs.

The average single bed with a metal or wood frame and including its mattress weighs from 25kg to 40kg.   

4. Chest Freezer

Chest freezer

Just how heavy a chest freezer is will depend on its size and the materials from which it is made. 

There are plenty of chest freezers weighing around 75Ibs or more – ones around 85 x 70 x 50cm or larger tend to be in this range.

Chest freezers with a metal back and steel door are amongst the heavier models – the weight of the components make a difference too. 

5. A Collection of Pound Coins (sterling)

Lots of people save their change by collecting different denominations for specific jars.  

As a one pound coin (sterling) weighs 9.50 grams or 0.34 ounces, it doesn’t take long to collect a considerable amount of weight in these coins.

To amass 75Ibs or 34,019 grams in weight though, coin collectors will need to have about 3,580 coins, which is a fair amount of cash.  

6. A Bunch of Smartphones

There are many sizes of smartphones with components that are heavier or lighter than other models. 

We can, however, work with an average weight of 80-200 grams with the ideal weight of smartphones, according to polls, being 140-170 grams.

With this information, we can say that about 425 down to 170 smartphones will make up the weight of 75 pounds or thereabouts.  

7. Workbench


Workbenches come in various shapes and sizes with some being bigger and heavier than others.   

Benches made from softwood or MDF and 900 x 3000 x 900mm in size usually weigh around 75Ibs.

Workbenches in the medium – heavy duty range can weigh anything from 40Ibs to a hefty 200Ibs.  

8. 34 Bottles of Wine (1-litre bottles)

As one litre of wine is about a kilo in weight, it’s not difficult working out how many 1-litre bottles of wine make around 75Ibs.

A total of 34 bottles of wine, give or take, will come to around 34kg – we must consider the weight of the bottles. 

A medium-sized wine fridge may not have this many bottles of wine but a well-stocked cellar could. 

9. Basketball Stand

Basketball Hoop

There are many quality basketball stands with a heavy base for proper stability. 

Basketball stands weighing around 75 pounds are plentiful – popular models are made from alloy steel and include wheels. 

How far the stand can be adjusted in height will affect the overall weight – some can go up to 10ft. 

10. Tumble Dryer

Although a tumble dryer weighing 75 pounds or 34.01kg won’t be all that tricky to carry, you won’t want to move it around too much.

A medium-sized dryer with a 10kg max load could weigh from 30kg to 60kg and more. 

Tumble dryers that weigh about this much are usually around 85 x 60 x 60cm in size. 

11. Bouncy Castle

backyard bouncy castle

Many of the options in bouncy castles will be made from fully waterproofed PVC and nylon.

Bouncy castles roughly 400 x 240 x 350cm tend to weigh in at about 75 pounds. 

Slides and other fun features do add to the overall weight as well as anchor pegs and storage bag. 

12. Electric Mountain Bike

BionX D500 Mountain Biking

From a range of around 25kg to about 45kg, some electric mountain bikes weigh about 75Ibs. 

If we include the battery and motor, we can easily get to around 75Ibs or 34.01kg. 

Electric mountain bikes with 28inch wheels often have an aluminium alloy frame. 

13. 6-8 Person Tent

Many people love camping – some have much more spacious tents than others though. 

Tents suitable for 6-8 people and around 72 x 33 x 33cm will provide plenty of space for a small family or group of friends. 

Family-size tents with fibreglass or steel poles could be from 20kg-32kg. 

14. Tempered Glass Dining Table


Glass dining tables with a tempered glass top will usually range from 20kg to about 35kg in weight. 

Metal legs and a wooden frame will often add to the overall weight quite significantly.

Strong tempered glass does weigh quite a bit but is a good idea for these types of dining tables.