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16 Things That Weigh Around 3 Tons

Have  you ever wondered how heavy 3 tons is? More numbers like 3000 kg’s or 6000 pounds are not always helpful. It can be difficult to imagine how big something that heavy will be.

Below is a list of 16 things that weigh around 3 tons to give you a better idea or frame of reference. Some of these things might be obvious. But the scale of something is not always a true representation of its weight. There are a few things on this list that you might not expect:

  1. Blue whale’s tongue
  2. Baby blue whale
  3. 333 cases of beer
  4. White rhinoceros 
  5. Fully loaded elevator
  6. Ford F-250
  7. The biggest dolphin (orca)
  8. Albertaceratops
  9. A couple of hippopotamuses
  10. Larson 274 Cabrio day cruiser boat
  11. The Charging Bull
  12. This Russian limousine
  13. The hay that a herd of cows will eat in a day  
  14. Carbon dioxide emissions per person per year to stop climate change
  15. The water in a large hot tub
  16. FWD Model B 3-ton US Army Ammunition Truck

Knowing the weight of some things you see everyday might make you look at the world a bit differently. There are a few more fascinating facts about the things on this list that don’t weigh in at 3 tons. Take a look below to find out more. 

1. Blue Whale’s Tongue


The blue whale is the largest animal to ever exist. So large, that just its tongue weighs 3 tons! A blue whale can eat up to 4 tons of krill every day. 

Baby Blue Whale

After being in its mother’s womb for a year, a blue whale is born weighing in at 3 tons and measuring up to 25 feet (7,6 metres). For the first year of its life it puts on 200 pounds (90 kg’s) a day just by drinking its mother’s milk. 

333 Cases Of Beer


7992 cans, or 333 cases, of beer weigh 3 tons. If the beer were in bottles, that would be 182 cases or 4363 bottles. That’s not much considering that at Oktoberfest the equivalent of 811 764 cases of beer is consumed every year on average. 

White Rhinoceros


Between the black and white rhino, the white rhino is heavier. There have been reports of individuals weighing more than 3 tons, but 2,5 tons is more common.  The white rhino is also less aggressive than the black rhino. 

Fully Loaded Elevator

The bigger the building, the heavier the elevator. In a skyscraper, a fully loaded elevator could weigh 3 tons. Including the elevator itself. 

Ford F-250


The average F-250 comes in at just over 3 tons. The F-Series has been in production since 1948, and has been the top selling vehicle in the USA since 1981. 

The Biggest Dolphin (Orca)

The orca, or killer whale, is actually the largest dolphin species on earth. Females are smaller than males and can weigh 3 tons.



Discovered in Alberta in 2001, Albertaceratops was a 3.5 ton herbivore. It was 19 feet (5.8 metres) tall. It’s name is roughly translated as Alberta horn-face. 

A Couple Of Hippopotamuses

Strangely, hippo’s can’t swim or float. Because of their weight, they just stand or walk on the bottom of the river or lake. They are also considered to be the most dangerous animal in Africa because of their aggressive and territorial nature. 

Larson 274 Cabrio Day Cruiser Boat

It includes a cabin and a bathroom for a day of fun on the water. And you will be able to tow it with that Ford F-250.

The Charging Bull


The bronze sculpture in New York’s financial district, weighing in at just over 3 tons, was originally placed illegally outside the New York Stock Exchange. It was removed by the New York Police Department and eventually placed in its current location a week later. 

This Russian Limousine

The ZIL-41041 is a class of limousine that was used by leaders of the Soviet Union. It is reported that Vladimir Putin had one built in 2012.

The Hay That A Herd Of Cows Will Eat In A Day


The average size of a herd of cows in the US is over 200. If they eat 26 pounds of hay each every day, it would take 231 cows to eat 3 tons in one day. 

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Per Person Per Year To Stop Climate Change

According to this study, if every person in the world produced only 3 tons of carbon emissions a year, climate change would stop getting worse. The global average is currently at 4,5 tons per person per year and the US average is 17,5 tons per person per year.

The Water In A Large Hot Tub


No wonder you need a strong deck for a hot tub. 1 litre of water weighs one kilogram. So a 3000 litre (660 gallons) hot tub comes in at three tons when full. That’s before any people even get in. And a hot tub of that size would fit 7 or more people. 

FWD Model B 3-ton US Army Ammunition Truck

Ordered by the US Army in 1912, both the chassis weight and the loading capacity of this truck were 3 tons. It was designed specifically to haul artillery guns. 

So there you have it, 15 things that weigh about 3 tons. Some may be obvious, but hopefully a few of them make your life more interesting.