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8 Things That Weigh About 14 Tons

14 tons is approximately 12,700.6 kgs or 28,000 pounds. This is not the kind of weight you can lift physically, but it’s not surprising that there are some items that weigh this much.

In this article, we pique your curiosity and talk about 8 items that weigh 14 tons.

1. Two Tyrannosaurus Rex


The weight of this carnivore was between seven and eight tons. Through improved technologies like X-ray imaging, scientists were able to understand more about Tyrannosaurus rex.

Its name means king of the tyrants’ lizards, and its massive body is around 40 feet (from the snout to the tail).

It’s known to be the most ferocious predator that lived on earth, 68 million years ago. The jaws were vast and robust such that they could crush a car, and the teeth were sharp.

The Tyrannosaurus rex dominated the forested river valleys in Western North America, which were its primary inhabitants.

It preyed on living animals and scavenged carcasses. Surprisingly, the tyrannosaurus ate themselves too, and it used to swallow its food whole. Its life expectancy was around 28 years.

2. Four Albertaceratops


An Albertceratops was an animal that lived in a ridge 83.5 million ago to Maastrichtian.

The animal was an herbivore and believed to weigh around 3.5 to 3.8 tons and a height of 5.8 meters. It had short brow horns and over the nose was a bony ridge.

Nothing much is known about this animal, but it reproduced by laying eggs. The paleontologists found two different specimens collected from the internet.

3. Fourteen Live Oak Trees


The live oak tree is a shade tree that is native to America. It is graceful and grows up to 18.5 meters tall. The branches can spread up to 36.5m wide; the crown is symmetrical, rounded, and dense. Its leaves are thick, and they hang on the tree until spring, when they yellow and fall.

This beautiful tree can live for a hundred years if well maintained. Apart from the beauty, the tree is strong and rigid, though vulnerable to oak wilt disease. Oak wilt disease is spread through infected pruning tools and insects, so if you can identify such early, then the tree can survive for long.

Live oak trees can grow in any soil though acidic loamy is preferable. Before planting, identify a spacious space in your yard because it is wide, as we said before. When it’s young, ensure that you prune and leave just one trunk. An additional tip prunes it regularly until its third birthday.

4. Twenty-eight Grand Pianos


You want your music to come from inside, then consider a grand piano. The sweetest sound you can get from music is from a grand piano.

It is made from various components designed to create a perfect instrument that serves every musical situation.

So whichever occasion you need good music, a grand piano fits the cut. Whether it is raining, sunny, the grand piano withstands every weather pattern because it is made from natural materials like wood and felt.

To crown it all, a good pianist matches the occasion. Anyway, one grand piano weighs around 0.50 tons.

5. Eight Cars


An average car weighs around 1.8 tons, making 14.4 tons for eight vehicles. The first steam-powered vehicle was designed in China around 1672 and was 26 inches long. Surprisingly, it couldn’t carry either the driver or passenger.

Years later, after so many attempts, cars were mass-produced and introduced to the world. The transport sector is believed to make the highest air pollution, noise pollution, and climate change. But most countries have banned older gasoline-fueled cars to reduce pollution.

In the 21st century, cars controlled by voice have been seen though not common. But at a more profound thought, maybe, they will become more extensive as the technology advances. Electric cars seem to be the next big thing too. All in all, modern controls of cars are standardized.

6. Fourteen Walrus


There are two walrus species, namely Atlantic and Pacific, and they both occupy different areas of the Arctic. Walrus grow up to 3.6 meters long and weigh around 1 -1.5 tons. They have big tusks used for hauling out of the water and for self-defense.

Walrus can live up to forty years and live in shallow waters. You can identify an old walrus from the scars incurred during mating season. Mothers are very protective of their offspring, and they have been seen cuddling them, especially when they are threatened. They hardly give birth, so it is natural to protect their young ones.

They use the Ice Sea for feeding and nursing their young ones. They don’t like noise, and since there has been climate change in recent years, walrus face a massive threat of extinction.

7. Fourteen Asian Wild Water Buffalos


The Asian wild water buffalos are huge with round chests and short legs, weighing 1 to 1.2 tons. Males are more significant, and they are identified with the size of horns which is smaller than that of the females. Both males and females are black, but mature males have a dark color.

They are diurnal and nocturnal animals and mostly graze in the morning and evening. They mostly walk-in an uncontrolled group of 10 to 30, and at times, they reach up to 100. The male prefers staying in bachelor herds of like ten members.

When it is hot, they love having a mud bath. Apart from cooling their bodies, this mud eliminates insects and parasites stuck in their bodies. They feed on grass, the bank of the trees, and roots. They are polygamous, and their mating season is in October. Their females give birth to one calf weighing around 40 kilograms.

8. Fourteen Liberty Bells

The Liberty Bell

It was previously known as Statehouse bell or Old State House Bell, commissioned in 1752 by the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly.

In the 19th century, it acquired a crack, and the story behind that is it cracked while ringing after the death of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835.

However, after World War II, the National Park Service was given the bell’s custody as a sign of the cold war. It has been featured on coins, stamps, and corporations have used its name and image.

I know you are amazed just as I am, but these are a few things and animals weighing 14 tons. I hope you have learned something new.